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Inner Quarter
The largest island within the Hollowed Grounds, the Inner Quarter is easily as large as all of Halo, and sits at the very heart of the region. Formerly a sanctuary for those trapped behind a magical barrier, the area boasts a surprising amount of knowledge and industry, from marketplaces and housing to guilds and farmland.

Near the Temple area, one can also find the following: Everlasting Bonfire | A large (10 square feet), open air bonfire stands in the centre of the Inner Quarter. Glittering with a rainbow of assorted gemstones, it requires no fuel to keep burning, and will not go out regardless of wind, rain, snow or any other adverse weather.

The Inner Quarter is also affected by the following: Dygra's Barrier | A faintly visible crimson barrier covers all of the Inner Quarter and its boards. Void flora and fauna cannot enter the area.

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Outer Brambles
A ring of broken islands decorates the Hollowed Grounds. Difficult to traverse due to the dense woodland and thorny brambles, the islands are nonetheless a good source of lumber, berries and game. Luxere in particular are common during Deepfrost, illuminating the Outer Brambles with an ethereal glow throughout the season.
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Outer Islands
Formerly a sprawl of grassland, this collection of small islands is scattered along the northwest of the Hollowed Grounds. The soil is fertile for those willing and able to till it, but space is understandably limited. With very little cover from trees or inclines, on a clear day, one might be able to see right across the islands.
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