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Mateo Taliesin

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"Oh my gods, me," Mateo breathes, still grinning like an idiot as he reaches for the star clinging to his shin, only for it to shatter horrifically into pieces before his eyes. The scream that leaves his throat isn't all that loud, but it's a special kind of heartbreaking, and the botanist is left on his knees holding pieces of the sun a few bits of Walking Palm, his lower lip stuck out pathetically.

"I will never know beauty like this again," he wails. "You have taken it away from me." Gazing up at Flora, he finds her haloed in kaleidoscopic colours, her features seeming to warble and settle like she's trying to shift into another person. "I didn't know you were magic," he whispers, promptly reaching for her as if expecting a hand up.
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Flora Kaliesin
the Doubletake
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Gazing down at her big brother who was lamenting a glorified stick bug that had just tried to kill them, the Doubletake huffs with annoyance before softening. Mateo was her only sibling now, unless Remi and Ronin decided to make use of Phoebe's baby patch any time soon, or if her mother stopped being such a workaholic. And with that in mind, Flora reached down to press her fingers into his tangle of curls and scratch his head with her nails.

"No, no, the beauty is still there." She whispers softly, before groping for Mateo's hand to tug him to his feet. "Why don't it. Look, there are two pieces left. Do you have any jars in your bag?" Mateo had everything and then some in his bag, but she could confidently assume he'd have some botany...stuff amidst the makeup.

"Scoop it up and we can go back to our picnic and I'll tell you about my worst date."


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