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Sohalia Lumaris

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Sohalia had never before felt unsafe, and looking back, she had definitely done some things that were of a questionable nature. But now, after The Incident, she couldn't help but feel afraid when she was out and about in the city. Perhaps it was natural, but she hated it - hated the way that her skin prickled, like someone was always watching her; the way she glanced over her shoulder, shying away from strange men, looking twice to make sure it wasn't him. So today, she decided to escape the city proper and visit somewhere new, somewhere that was supposed to be beautiful, where she could (hopefully) let her troubles slip away.

It was only a few days since the attack, so her injuries were still fully on display as she hurried through the streets, stopping to make a few purchases, never quite looking the shopkeepers in the eye. They kindly asked if she was okay, she carefully lied and said she was, and then she went on her merry way, determined not to be ensnared by a deep conversation about what had happened.

She wore a loose, flowing blouse atop comfortable pants, her golden hair piled into a messy topknot that somehow managed to look intentional on her. She carried a bag containing her sketchbook, drawing implements, the rubies she'd mined with Jude and Hadama, and the jewelry-making supplies she had purchased from various shops. If she could just get away and focus on something else for a while...

So she meandered her way down to the Eye of the Storm, where she set herself up near the hot springs and began to pull out the various tools and supplies she'd purchased.
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