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A bustling metropolis of clean and orderly streets, Stormbreak makes other regions seem feral and uncouth in comparison. Often swathed in mist until the early afternoon (or later, if it happens to be a cloudy day), there is an ethereal quality to the area that ensnares the senses, making it easy to lose your way.

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The Celestine
Rumoured to be made by Safrin herself, these gardens hug the southeastern edges of the city, dropping those who walk there into a gorgeous, star-filled twilight. Unique enclosures may be found throughout, containing various mythical creatures from around Caido. Whispers say that Frey places them in these enclosures when they become ill or injured, and visitors may enjoy their presence whilst they recover.
The Tower
At the centre of the City Area stands the Tower; an imposing gothic construction, it pierces the sky as an architectural wonder of columns, towers, courtyards, and maze-like walkways. Stormbreak’s seat of power, the Tower was destroyed shortly before the Second War, but has since been raised from the ashes to its former glory.
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The Spyglass
Perhaps the only structure to rival the Tower in height, Stormbreak’s observatory is a true feat of technological prowess. Situated to the northeast, the enormous telescope at its zenith winks in the light of the sun like a star in its own right, and can be seen from ground regions on clear days. The Spyglass is used not only to scan the skies for any airborne threats; it can also see far across to the Cordillera, right to Caido’s seat.
Judgement's Needle
Flanked on all sides by cells so that those serving their time can watch, the Needle is named for the large platform and the glittering spire that faces the open sky. Those who receive punishment - lashes from a whip, usually - must face the Needle, so they might see their own reflection as they repent.
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The Collegium
Learning never stops according to the Collegium. Whether a young student on their first day or a seasoned scholar, there is always more to do. Those in Stormbreak are welcomed here to receive study and make themselves of use to the city and the gods. Halls of residence also make up part of the Collegium, in case those who study are in need of a place to stay.
Pacifist Plaza
South of the Tower, this gorgeous square is so named because no violence is permitted within its borders (and that goes for citizens, criminals and the authorities, too). If the Tower is the brain, then the Pacifist Plaza is truly the heart of StormBreak; containing boutiques, inns, an outdoor market and several smaller temples dedicated to the heralds, come rain or shine, the Plaza is always full of activity.
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The Silk Houses
Every city has an underbelly, but Stormbreak’s is as elegant as any of its other districts. North of the Pacifist Plaza, the Silk Houses are home to taverns and tap houses, brothels, fight clubs and gambling parlours, and it is no secret that some of the best food and music in the city can be found here.
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Trinity Temple
An imposing structure of gothic magnificence rivalled only by its near neighbour, the Tower, the Trinity Temple is a cathedral dedicated to Caido and the Old Gods. Those who wish to know the gods more intimately are invited in through its archways, to further their understanding and their worship.
Eye of the Storm
Nestled between the Silk Houses and the Celestine, the people of Stormbreak have taken advantage of a rather curious phenomenon. Warm air drifting up from the ocean has become trapped within a copse of trees, creating an unexpected natural hot spring in the waters here. The very base of the spring has been magically altered to replace the earth with clear glass, giving visitors a view directly through the city and into the bottomless blue beneath.

City Area
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