Wessex Theskyra

the Wraith

Basic Information
Level: 4
Race: Ascended
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Nomadic
Profession Queen of the Hollowed Grounds
Primary Organisation ☆ Monster Hunters Guild
Secondary Organisation
Character Information
Face Claim: Robin Wright Strength: 18 /30
Age: 39 (Longheat 270 PC) Dexterity: 22 /30
Height: 5'8'' Endurance: 20 /30
Weight: Luck: 10 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Forever Single
Orientation: Bisexual Deity Alignment: New Gods
- Her body tells a story without any words; an ancient, intricate dragon tattoo coils in a simple circlet around her upper left bicep, the only marking on her body other than silver-gold scars.

- An athlete's body: powerful legs and arms. All hard lines and sharp edges

- Short pixie cut. Dark roots, blonde hair.

- Blue eyes

- Usually wearing some sort of basic leather armor, on her upper body, a scabbard for a knife and/or other pointy weapon, a bow/arrow sling across her back, and a forearm guard on her left arm.

- Often seen wearing a long, dark, hooded cloak

- Never wears dresses, rarely appears feminine

- Back is covered in scars. Long scar down her right thigh

- Wessex's personality fits her appearance: world-worn, cynical, fierce, and no-nonsense. Armed to the teeth and with as many emotional walls in place, if not more, she is not an easy person to get to know.

- Seriously dislikes Outlanders. Would not hesitate to hurt/murder one if she thought she could completely get away with it

- Though she works for the highest bidder, her word is her honor. She is dependable and loyal, almost to a fault.

- Arrogant, bold, often unpredictable. Likes to show off.

- Trying to come to grips with what it means to be an Ascended. At times privately unsure of her choice, but those moments are becoming few and far between

- Yearns for a companion

- Eager to find others of her kind

- Wessex has spent most of her life as an Accepted, only recently choosing to become an Ascended - primarily for the physical benefits and virtual immortality. Otherwise, Wessex's story is like almost every other Natural's story - a life of trying to eke out a living within the bubble, relying mostly on herself since she could wield a weapon. She's come close to losing her life several times, but each time stubbornness and sheer willpower seems to have brought her back.

- Family is dead, the only ones she mourns are her mother and younger sister

- Longtime mercenary/criminal/soldier/thief. Life is life. Felt she had to ensure her own survival in some way or another.

- Hardships in life contributed to her general disdain for the Old Gods


  • Magic: Signal Blocker | This chip blocks the biological signal from being sensed by the Spire Demon. While this chip is implanted the ascended is effectively invisible to the creature.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic
  • Magic: 20% Sunlight Resistance
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Items
  • Type: Dark
    Prosthetic Claws | Three sharpened blades made of an unknown lightweight metal have been embedded in the skin of Wessex's hands. By flexing certain muscles in her arms and hands the blades can extend and retract.

  • Type: Grey
    Optical Upgrade | Can see through god-created illusions such as the barrier around the Hollowed Grounds.

  • Type: Grey
    Greatwood Map | An extensive, colourful map of the Greatwood and its many pathways. It is strange - the map seems to warp and alter on occasion, even as you look at it. The routes never seem to be the same.

  • Type: Grey
    Optical Upgrade: Can translate written words regardless of the language. Eyes glow blue when in use. (OOC: Will translate two plot-related text per season.)

  • Type: Grey
    Manufactured Adrenaline | a syringe containing a daily dose of adrenaline. Can be used once per thread. Raises all stats by 1 for one post and increases an ascendeds other senses for the duration of the thread.

  • Type: Dark
    Bio Disruption Upgrade | A pulse that causes disorientation, rapid heart rate, dry mouth, dizziness, and an increased temperature in living creatures with a complex nervous system (humans, animals like dogs, horses, birds). Weakly effects creatures in a 10ft radius, symptoms are more noticeable the closer the creature is to the upgrade.

  • Type: Grey
    Monster Repellant | Will make the air hostile to the senses of any predatory monster-like creatures. Sufficient strength and mental fortification can overcome the effects of the spray. Works in a 30ft radius.

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