Edrei Launceleyn

the Rapacious

Basic Information
Level: 6
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Queen of the Hollowed Grounds / Rathskeller Owner
Primary Organisation ☆ Monster Hunters Guild
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Georgie Badiel Strength: 21 /30
Age: 22 (Flowerbirth 289 PC) Dexterity: 11 /30
Height: 5'7 Endurance: 30 /30
Weight: 130 lbs Luck: 3 /30
Gender: Hermaphrodite (visually female, has a penis and a vagina) Relationship Status: lol yeah right
Orientation: Pansexual Deity Alignment: FREY, FREY, FREY

{AT A GLANCE} untouchable | intimidating | leggy | graceful

Edrei's is a hard untouchable sort of beauty. Not one to spend an undue amount of time lingering on her physical appearance, she nonetheless ensures that she is presentable at all times for whatever situation she might find herself in. She isn't overly tall, but the length of her legs gives her the appearance of being much taller than she actually is, as does her near perfect posture. Not thin necessarily, Edrei's body is covered with lean quick-twitch muscle honed through years of training and a regimented eating routine.

Though her face is covered by steep angles and dark eyes, she can warp these features to look passably soft if the need arises. Generally though her expressions pass between unreadable and quietly judgmental. Edrei doesn't shy away from the wild untamed air that her abundance of hair gives her (other than in training or combat, when it is smoothly and tightly knotted against her neck), but instead leans into the aspects of her appearance that suggest to others that she isn't an open book to be thumbed through. Not ignorant of her unusual beauty, Edrei isn't opposed to using her non-standard looks to twist the hearts of men and women alike should that serve her purposes.

Edy will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. Is mostly a shit.

Life in Northaven, a summary

Northaven was not as advertised. Her family had all but crumbled and were apparently dying out. Having only been in Northaven a few weeks, Edy remained as she always was. However without Colbrandt’s oversight and with Zariah not being quite herself (with Cyton dying, Bea, and a new relationship with Neron), Edy perhaps let herself be a bit more of a destructive force than she normally would have.

    Notable happenings
  • Tries to hug Loren Launceleyn and starts WW3 in his townhome, but then becomes besties with him (jokes on you Loren, besties are foreeverrr)
  • Tries to violently force the family back together, sasses Zariah Launceleyn and is put into a mini-coma

    Notable relationships
  • Beatrix Launceleyn - family
  • Charles Hawthorne - bad influence & unlikely friend
  • Elyna ____ - patrol partner/not not a friend
  • Loren Launceleyn - family/bff
  • Neron Launceleyn - family
  • Sulis Launceleyn - family
  • Zariah Launceleyn - family
    Born to Baron Tarik Launceleyn (a grey magician), a respected member of the Launceleyn clan and his wife Baroness Oona (a powerful destruction magic wielder), Edrei's younger years were relatively uninteresting. Like all Launceleyn children, Edrei began her training in the family compound around the age of 6. Despite her impressive lineage and entitlement to all that the family had to offer, from a young age the girl showed little signs of true Launceleyn capabilities. As a child she demonstrated almost no aptitude for basic reasoning or a strong grasp of language when she was allowed to play with others. She would endlessly try to stick square blocks into round openings, ignoring any outside instruction on how she might re-think these decisions. While her kin were demonstrating an early aptitude for the magic in their veins, Edrei could be found doing such unseemly activities such as eating flowers, drawing pictures of rainbows, or simply staring at the sky. She appeared to have a soft heart and an even softer mind, and were it not for the budding indications of destruction magic and the Launceleyn name, there was almost nothing to tie her to the mighty family from which she hailed.

    Until her training began.

    Shockingly the doe-eyed child took to the rigors of the secretive family training methods like a fly to honey. Whatever vapidness had been billowing inside of her seemed only to have been looking for something upon which to affix itself, and once it had, the girl excelled at almost every task given to her. She became competitive with her kin but not cruel. Where she might have goaded outsiders, Edrei tried to encourage those she trained with to excel just as she was doing. They were only as strong as their weakest link, and Edrei wouldn't stand for failures to bear her last name. A near-perfect example of just how thorough and complete the compound's training could be when applied properly, Edrei is first and foremost a dedicated attendant to all of her family's needs.

    Edrei first demonstrated an aptitude towards destruction magic at the age of 13 during one of her training exercises. The young girl quite literally lit a fire beneath one of her cousins to try and get them to take the exercise more seriously (to the surprise of no one).

    Once her training was complete, Edrei increased the structure in her life that the training complex had provided. She woke the same time every morning for a run and light strength workout, implemented a diet that would serve her well in years to come both as a warrior and one day as a mother, and tried to increase the breadth of her knowledge when time permitted so that she might be a multi-tool for the Launceleyn's use, rather than merely a sharp blade.

    When Zariah was told offered to go through to the Settlement, the trajectory of the young woman's life similarly shifted. She began to accelerate her training both in terms of her magical usage but as a warrior as well. Whatever new world was going to be built, the Launceleyn's were going to have a hand in it and there was no way Edrei was going to wait around while her kin fought that battle alone. Once she deemed herself fit enough to be an asset on the other side, Edrei submitted herself to be a member of the Storm Guard and though she had to wait a great deal longer than she would have liked to, was selected to arrive during the second mini-wave due to the extra time she spent training both her body and her arcane abilities.


Edy's Moodboard

Random facts about Edy!

- Edy loooooooooooves being touched. Unless she's fighting you. And then she mostly just likes when her fist hits your face. - She is almost always a constant ball of sexual and explosive energy - She will always tell you what's on her mind - She likes being read to, especially if she can put her head against your chest to feel the vibrations of the words

  • Base Disintegration : Can break apart or explode people-created solid objects within 30m
    Type: Dark | Rank: Upgraded
  • Base Life Drain : Can negatively influence the life force of a living thing within 5ft
    Type: Dark | Rank: Basic
  • Fire Manipulation: Can create and control flames. Must be within a 30ft radius.
    Type: Dark | Rank: Mastered
  • Magic: Nightmare | Effects users in a 5ft radius. Makes them see images from their nightmares. Realness/terror is proportionate to Edy's END stat vs. theirs.
    Type: Dark | Rank: Basic

  • Items
  • Type: Light
    Magical Compass | This compass weakly points in the direction of rare mythical creatures and gives off a faint glow when one is within 30 ft

  • Type: Dark
    Mace of Many Things | A magical mace that when it strikes an opponent, does one of the following based on the roll of a d100 (as well as regular blunt damage). 0 - 10: Makes a 10ft cloud of butterflies, 11-20: Creates a ring of fire, 21-30: Turns whoever you have hit with it invisible for 1 post, 31-40: Causes thematic music to play in the background until the fight is over 41-50: Creates a piercing wail that makes concentration extremely difficult, 51-60: Causes a thunderstorm to appear overhead and rain to fall, 61-70: Splashes acid, 71-80: Causes the target to turn pink and sparkly, 81-90: Summons a pack of dire wolves to fight for 2 posts, 91-100: Triples the size of the target for 1 post

  • Type: Grey
    (1) Magical Door Token (Upgraded) | Tokens that open the secret entrances in the Launceleyn Manor. Will only work for those persons recognized as Launceleyn members.

  • Type: Grey
    Magical Crystal | What (abandoned) magic is cast at these devices, they can store the power and reuse it as controlled by the wielder.

    BOBI - Regular - Bobcat
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