Jorseval Craik


Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Vagrant / Priest
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Dylan O'Brien Strength: 8 /30
Age: 26 (Leafchange 284 PC) Dexterity: 10 /30
Height: 5' 10" Endurance: 8 /30
Weight: 145 lbs Luck: 9 /30
Gender: Man Relationship Status: Devoted to the Old Gods
Orientation: Opportunist / Pansexual Deity Alignment:
Build :: Jory is, in the most generous terms, a bit rangy. His long-limbed frame is built by a mix of rough living and a chronic case of self-neglect that leaves him often looking a little worse for the wear. He doesn’t exactly always feed himself properly so along with a rather under nourished cast to his cheeks and collarbones, he has a difficult time putting on or keeping any real muscle. He suffers from frequent insomnia, giving him a natural pallor and perpetual dark circles under his eyes.

Movement :: Jory seems to only be able to master the two extreme ends of the spectrum when it comes to motion. For a majority of the time, he has and expressive and frenetic way of moving, complete with a rather extensive array of exaggerated facial expressions. In his rare contemplative moods, or when he’s being especially observant, Jory adopts an almost unnatural stillness that looks all the stranger on him by contrast.

Habits :: He can’t seem to stop himself from touching everyone and everything as his main form of investigating the world around him. He likes to “perch” on things: chairs, tables, walls, tree branches, you name it he’ll be on top of it.

Styling :: Standard issue ranger wear is his usual garb, perpetually disheveled, mud spattered and leaf strewn. Though he’s almost just as often shirtless and painted. His typical carried weapons include a recurve bow, and two hunting knives, worn behind his hips.
“You have all manner of vices and inconsistency is the cap.”

Devout :: A worshiper of the Old Gods with a special affinity to Mort, the God of Death. Believes the new gods are upstarts and usurpers of power; demigods at best trying to take advantage of the absence of the old gods.

Insouciant :: If it doesn’t concern the gods, Jory displays a cavalier disregard for just about everything: safety, society, self-care, the troubles of heretics, personal space, etc.

Hedonistic :: He is supremely self-indulgent and impulsive, will take any and all opportunities to find pleasure, whether in a bottle or in a body.

Mischievous :: He’ll interact with people when he wants, and mostly only for amusement but otherwise is perfectly okay with being a cryptic little blighter.

Obsessive :: When he does take an interest in anything it’s often a puzzle or problem to be solved and he attacks them with a fierce tenacity. He can become incredibly impatient when he wants something and angers quickly if kept waiting.

Reclusive :: Jory prefers to live in nature, eschewing buildings and most man-made things. Has never had a desire to be a functional member of society as service to the Gods supersedes service to his fellow man.

Talkative :: He has a talent and a liking for talking endlessly and still saying nothing at all.
Born and raised in the shadow of the Spire. No family to speak of. He's been living in the woodlands on his own a bit too long...
Jory's Moodboard
Jory Trivia
  • He is Illiterate
  • Rarely uses his full name, associates it with being yelled at as a kid




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