Eloise Teralux

Basic Information
Level: 4
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Nomadic
Profession Philosopher / Pirate
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation
Character Information
Face Claim: Saorsie Ronan Strength: 15 /30
Age: 24 (Flowerbirth 285 PC) Dexterity: 14 /30
Height: 6'1 Endurance: 20 /30
Weight: 155 lbs Luck: 4 /30
Gender: Woman Relationship Status: forever alone
Orientation: Straight Deity Alignment:
Eloise is fairly tall for a woman, and while she is not necessarily thin, she isn't big-boned either. Inelegant and constantly clumsy, not much of Eloise' demeanor suggests the noble lineage that she bears. On any given day, her long hair is knotted in a braid or some other lazy attempt at keeping it out of her face. Clearly very little attention is given to it, though despite this it appears shiny, if not soft and touchable. Her eyes are a clouded dark-blue, hidden behind a swath of long and unpainted lashes. A natural rouge coats her cheeks at almost all times, painting over a smattering of freckles that haphazardly cover nearly every quadrant of her face. Uninterested in fancy adornments or the emphasizing of physical characteristics, Eloise most often is found in simple clothing which facilitates movement. Once upon a time in Northaven that meant wearing simple dresses or shifts to hide her status. Living on a ship however has significantly changed her attire, such that she's normally found in flowing linen to cover up her easily-burned skinned.
Resents her place in society | Heavy consequentialist leanings | Very unaffectionate and physically distant | Can be quite naive | Prefers to be alone/fairly introverted | Bizarre mix of progressive and conservative views | single and ready to mingle forever alone

Born a Blueblood, Eloise demonstrates almost no airs of authority or social dominance or prowess over others. Those she considers herself academically and philosophical wise and more clever than most, she finds the social structure of Northhaven fairly exhausting and without philosophical merit. Ever the literalist, Eloise is often confused by even the simplest of colloquial phrases (though often this comes across as an attempt to be difficult and pedantic), and thus prefers to speak little with those who do not share her academic and linguistic rigour.

Eloise possess certain psychopathic leanings, preferring to think in consequentialist terms even about highly emotional decisions. Rarely do her emotions play into her rationality except for one notable exception. Married extremely young to a man who was her complete opposite, Eloise found herself feeling the stirrings of a strong emotion for the first time in her life, and clung wildly to the feeling and to the man who incited it within her. A great many years her senior, Volterra was believed to be killed in an early raid of the city (he never returned, and his body was never recovered). Since that time, Eloise's heart hardened even more than it was previously.


Perhaps because Eloise was inquisitive and independent as a child, she inherited very few of her parent's personality traits. Born of two Magic Originals–a gentle man with a warrior's heart and a doting healer–Eloise resembles her Blueblood heritage in her physical appearance and magical abilities alone. These abilities manifested themselves at a fairly standard age, with Eloise finding that she vastly preferred projecting her thoughts into the minds of her parents, rather than speaking words out loud. She quickly began to test and experiment with the limits of her abilities, finding that the grey arts appealed to her mysterious nature as well as the magic budding inside of herself. Despite the fact that Eloise was quickly becoming more than simply adept at creating vivid illusions in the minds of others, she still struggled to deal with them on an interpersonal level. The irrationality of customs and platitudes made no sense to the girl, and so she retreated farther and farther into her own self.

It was during a rather routine stroll through the woods that Eloise first met Volterra as a child. She had been out trying to call a murder of ravens to herself when she had stumbled upon the onyx-haired boy. Although he was a common shapeshifter with a mind that couldn't possibly have been more removed from her own, they fell into an easy friendship that lasted and grew over the following years. Despite Eloise's reluctance towards relationships of any kind, she found that her hardened and often dispassionate heart had been softened toward (and by) her unlikely friend. Although Volterra was a number of years her senior, they were quickly wed. A fierce warrior by nature and breeding, it was no surprise that when the early attacks upon Northwind occurred, he was on the front lines. Despite his courage and training, Volterra was believed to have been killed mercilessly and anticlimactically in a relatively unimportant battle. Heartbroken, Eloise vowed to never allow herself to feel so strongly ever again.

Likely due to her distinct philosophical views on the world and her ability to distill complex issues into small and tangible morsels of information, Eloise was encouraged to become a teacher in The Settlement at the age of 23. Too young to depart during the first wave and still grieving the loss of Volterra, when the second wave came Eloise was eager to leave the world she had always known to gain a different perspective in a new one. Despite her often antisocial nature, Eloise has done her best to embrace her role as a teacher, finding it easier to communicate with those who at least have a mind open to learning.

Eloise suddenly arrives in Caido, but does not appear with the large group in the Hollowed Grounds.


  • Base Illusion: Can create 100% compelling and complex illusions within a 30ft radius.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Mastered
  • Base Telekinesis: Can move medium objects, in a 30ft radius
    Type: Grey | Rank: Upgraded
  • Base Creation: Can create small non-magical items (up to 5 in a thread).
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

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