Samuel Wordsworth




Age: 26 (Deepfrost 282 PC)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 10st
Race: Ascended
Nationality: Natural
Profession Bookmaker / Seller
Primary Organisation ☆ Loreseeker's Guild
Secondary Organisation
Face Claim: Domhnall Gleeson
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Relationship Status: Absolutely Smitten With Remi
Deity Alignment: The Voice
Sam is short but strangely lanky. He has ginger hair and bright gray/blue eyes and is covered in freckles. recently he has begun to grow out his beard more, which is also a bright copper and rather thick. He tends to stand with a shy, stooped posture.
Sam is nervous and awkward but well meaning. He tries his best to be kind but struggles with talking to people or dealing with conflict and often can panic, making him seem short and rude. He loves to read and learn and can relax if he is around someone he trusts.
Samuel was born in 282 in Caido to two parents who much preferred his twin sister, Evie. Samuel grew up largely ignored by his family and instead spent his time reading and putting love into the book copies he would create. His family did not appreciate this work, thought it beneath him. In order to 'improve' their son, his parents decided to take him to a New God's shrine and have him undergo the process to become an Ascended when he was a teenager.

While he did not want to have the transformation himself, Sam agreed to it with a hope it would make his family finally proud of him. But when he returned still very much the same person but only with some new abilities (and a hefty amount of depression at his lost senses), they were not pleased. Deciding to leave, Sam found himself working as an apprentice to a bookseller in the market at age 19, finding he liked the work as long as he didn't have to speak to people too much.

The bookseller who took him on has since died, and Sam inherited the stall. Now a little more confident he sells in the market during the day and works on books at night. He is known to be weird and quiet by the locals, frequently taking days off to make trips to Shrines to replenish his fluid.


  • Type: Light
    Sensory Upgrade | A patch which restores purpose and sensation back to the skin and other sensory organs.

    MIA - Regular - Ragdoll Cat
  • Level: 2
    Strength: 15
    Dexterity: 15
    Endurance: 16
    Luck: 6
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