Loren Launceleyn

Basic Information
Level: 7
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Primary Organisation ☆ Caido Medical College
Secondary Organisation

Either peace or happiness, let it enfold you

when I was a young man I felt these things were dumb, unsophisticated. I had bad blood, a twisted mind, a precarious upbringing.

I was hard as granite, I leered at the sun. I trusted no man and especially no woman.

I was living a hell in small rooms, I broke things, smashed things, walked through glass, cursed. I challenged everything, was continually being evicted, jailed, in and out of fights, in and out of my mind.

Character Information
Face Claim: Jonathan Keltz Strength: 12 /30
Age: 22 (Deepfrost 287 PC) Dexterity: 18 /30
Height: 5' 11' Endurance: 20 /30
Weight: 140 lbs Luck: 15 /30
Gender: Man Relationship Status: Single and not ready to mingle
Orientation: Pansexual Deity Alignment:
Unlike most of his family members, Loren is not attractive or put together. Mostly it’s due to a lack of self-confidence — after all, he shares the same features as his twin — but he’s also not as good at maintaining his looks. Indeed, his hair, a dirty blond, is usually wildly disheveled and he can usually be seen with stubble instead of clean-shaven or with a neat beard. His eyes are a pale, watery, blue, which usually lack any spark or clarity. He rarely smiles, though when he does it tends to look desperate rather than charming. Though he’s attractive enough under certain lights and when he bothers to make an effort, somehow his other features are fairly unremarkable, despite possessing the Launceleyn cheeks, chin, and nose.

His clothes are typically slightly wrinkled and rumpled and tend to hang too big on his frame; this is partially because he, unlike the other members of his family, is skinny and lanky rather than fit and muscular. Though he does his best to emulate the style and poise of his family members, he fails more often than not. His posture is poor, and he can usually be found in a slumped pose, with his shoulders hunched up. It isn’t so much that he dislikes physical activities, the outdoors, or exercise so much as in that, like everything else, he wasn’t good enough. Generally speaking, he looks rather distracted or distressed, but in a closed off way that subconsciously steers people away from him.

Don't underestimate him just because he's bookish. Loren might be standoffish and a bit awkward even at the best of times, but he's smart, stalwart, strong, and not afraid to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goals. He is fiercely loyal to the few he's chosen to care about (mostly his family, chosen or otherwise) and almost fanatical about their protection. Above all else, though, Loren is driven by his lifelong quest of learning. He truly believes that knowledge is power, and that the more information he is the better he is able to navigate the world.

Curiosity might be his strongest trait, but it is tempered by both patience and the willingness to wait and work for what he thinks is important. Those who think of him as quiet and reserved will often find themselves surprised by the depths of both emotion and fortitude he possess. While usually he fades into the background—by choice rather than by any fear of leadership—at the first sign of incompetence he will take charge.

For Loren’s whole life, all he could remember were three words: not good enough. Maybe that hadn’t been the only aspect of his childhood that should’ve mattered, but it was the one that loomed largest in his mind. Loren was born to Cyton Launceleyn and Morgana Launceleyn, two bluebloods of the highest order and members of the esteemed Launceleyn family. The younger of two twins, Loren grew up surrounded by magic. Unfortunately for him, unlike nearly every other member of the Launceleyn family, Loren’s magic bloomed late and weakly, at the age of five. It had first been expected that he'd never have magic and his life as a menial helper had already been planned. Though he was eventually placed with the other magical children, he never quite caught up to them or overcame that initial prejudice against him. Despite the intense training he and his siblings were all forced through, Loren’s magic never seemed quite up to snuff; even worse, he lacked even the slightest amount of illusion magic that seemed to be the art most prized by his branch of the Launceleyn’s.

Even that would’ve been a forgivable offense if the magic he did have had shown signs of growing or being powerful, but Loren had struggled to keep up with the gifts of the others and had never shown himself to be particular talented in magic or to be particularly clever with the skills he did possess. Maybe even that could’ve been overlooked, but Loren didn’t seem to be a good soldier or a good spy, so in the eyes of Cyton, Loren was basically useless. Try as he might, Loren couldn’t seem to improve in the abilities that seemed to matter. Loren certainly did try, throwing himself into his studies and his training with a single-minded abandoned that would’ve been worrisome if anyone had been paying attention. Despite that, it hadn’t worked and Loren found himself pushed aside for other, more valuable, members of the Launceleyns.

He grew up alongside his twin, but the two of them drifted apart when Neron received more and more attention and Loren grew more and more sidelined. His older brother Wyeth Chance was similarly praised and acknowledged by Cyton as both a skilled magician and a decent spy, and Loren found it difficult to approach him and not to become resentful. While he loved his younger sister Astra Launceleyn as much as every other family member did, he felt that he didn’t deserve to be in her presence, as she was her father’s favorite and Loren was Cyton’s least favorite. His mother Morgana may have loved him, but she died too young for him to have clear memories of her. He’d always felt awkward around Celeste and for her part, while she’d done her best, she couldn’t overcome the barriers between Loren and the rest of his family members. Aimless, with nothing to do and no one to spend his time with, Loren found himself spending more and more time around books.

Books, at least, wouldn’t criticize and tell him he was useless. Books could open up whole new worlds for him and provide him with information that he’d never been given before. Books could be his friends: he found himself reading everything he could get his hands on with a voracious appetite. It sadly wasn’t something valued by most, but seeing as nothing Loren did ever seemed to please his family and he was left to his own devices more often than not, Loren decided to provide his own education. He became decently well read in a variety of relatively random subjects, from history, to law, to magical theory, to science. It didn’t make him any less of a black sheep in his family, but it did fill him with a sense of accomplishment, something he didn’t get anywhere else.

Despite his isolation, he was still a Launceleyn and still his father’s son, so Loren was chosen along with the rest of his family to come through with the first wave. For most of that time, Loren had worked on Cyton’s farm, trying to curry favor with his father and not being trusted with any more sensitive tasks. However, when a position at the library had opened up, Loren had jumped at the chance. Here was his opportunity to not only break away from his father’s oppressive thumb but also to maybe finally prove his worth to his father, his family, and his community.


  • Base Summoning : Can summon 1 large or 2 medium or 3 small animals or a mythical creature of any size
    Type: Light | Rank: Mastered
  • Base Creation: Can create small non-magical items (up to 5 in a thread).
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic
  • Base Telekinesis: Can move small objects in a 5ft radius.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic
  • Base Healing: Can heal extensive physical wounds and mental afflictions
    Type: Light | Rank: Mastered
  • Magic: Summoned Souvenirs | When combined with mastered summoning, four times per season summoned animals can leave a piece of themselves behind that retains weak magical properties. Example: A Spark Bird feather that always burns, a unicorn horn that heals, etc.
    Type: Light | Rank: Upgraded

  • Items
  • Type: Grey
    Spectacular Spectacles [upgraded] | These glasses, which have a small chain attached that allows Loren to wear them around his neck when not in use and makes it more difficult for them to be removed, allow Loren to see through projected visual illusions. The enchantment works for anyone who wears the glasses. In addition, the glasses are made of materials that have been magically reinforced so that they cannot be broken or destroyed easily, not even with the use of other magic.

  • Type: Dark
    Krosis [upgraded] | A magical claymore. When placed in a defensive position in front of the body, and hit with a lifedrain or disintegration attack, the blade will instantly convert the magic into pure energy and then reflect the attack either at the user if left motionless, or in a new direction if the blade is swung. The latter is more difficult to do as it requires perfect timing on behalf of the wielder.

  • Type: Grey
    Boomerang Daggers | A set of three throwing knives. When thrown, they will always return to the user. Take care when throwing them all at once!

  • Type: Dark
    Feather Pouch | A pouch that renders the Spark Bird's feather safe while it is inside. (Made by Remi)

  • Type: Dark
    Feather of the Spark Bird | Provides a constant source of light, and can be used to start fires from even the most inflammable of objects and even in terrible conditions (rain, wind, etc).

  • Type: Grey
    Magical Amulet | When (abandoned) magic is cast at this device, it can store the power and reuse it as controlled by the wielder. (Made by Remi)

    ASTRA - Mythical - Luxere
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