Alorhea Likos

Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Natural
Profession Body artist
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Morgin Riley Strength: 8 /30
Age: 26 (Flowerbirth 285 PC) Dexterity: 10 /30
Height: 5’7” Endurance: 8 /30
Weight: 130lbs Luck: 9 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Pansexual Deity Alignment: To Be Decided!
Hazel eyes sit with a typically narrowed gaze, sometimes appearing to glow gold when the light hits them properly. Rarely without makeup, Alorhea’s go-to style mimics native face paint, rather than elegant shadings to highlight her features. She wears a ring through her nose, as well as a stud under her bottom lip, and she usually as earrings that look far too heavy for any practical use. It isn’t uncommon that she will wear jewels that she will stick onto her face randomly just because she has the option.

Vibrantly colored hair falls below her waist in bright orange dreadlocks decorated with multicolored wraps and beads. Rhea takes pride in her hair, styling it in countless ways, but her favorite way to wear it is just loose down her back.

She is quite proud of her body, and she truly believes that her body is a temple. She decorates how she wishes, never allowing anyone to tell her how she should honor herself. Beautiful tattoos cover the young woman from neck to foot, blending styles and patterns seamlessly of the different artistic displays.

Clothing is also something she is absolutely shameless over. Modesty is a foreign concept to her. She has no problem walking in front of a crowd of people with nothing but a loin cloth on, but she can just as easily be covered from head to toe. There is nothing but her mood that dictates her clothing choices. The only constant is that her style is always free flowing and natural, usually created from materials she can find and handmade in her own time.

For how much time she spends in the woods and working with her hands, her skin is surprising soft. She wears a typically gentle expression, but when she feels threatened or has to protect the people she cares about, the girl with the warm heart shows her tiger stripes.

An outdoorswoman through and through, there is rarely a time when Rhea will be found living indoors. She has a house - technically - but it is primarily used for storage and emergency shelter during storms. Her main residence is in a tent in the woods that she put up and keeps her necessary possessions in. She finds communing with nature the easiest way to be at peace, and her lifestyle makes her always surrounded by nature.

She sees people purely, but Rhea is far from blind to the darkness that people have inside of them. While she sees the good in most, the moment she decides that someone isn’t worth saving is the moment she shows them why tigers are to be feared. The woman has very thick skin and it is difficult to hurt her genuinely, but if she lets someone into her inner circle and they betray her, it is nearly impossible to gain that trust back.

If you’re her friend, she will fight to the death to defend you. She has no enemies, though. Rhea believes that having enemies is wasting your own life on hate. Rather than hate someone, she simply casts them from her life and casts the feelings that linger from them into the wind.

A free spirit created from violence, Rhea knows the darkness, but chooses to live in the light. She doesn’t allow herself to be held down by anyone, nor will she allow herself to cater to anyone undeserving.

Alorhea was never knew her birth parents, having been abandoned as a toddler. She was raised by two attuned men who didn’t have a child of their own. From a young age, she was taught to embrace that which made her feminine and masculine.

She learned to hunt when she was old enough to draw a bow and became a spectacular archer. She learned how to cook and forage for food, as well as trap and track prey. Rhea was brought up in a well-rounded home, centered around loving who she was and what made her incredible.

Her adoptive parents unfortunately died when she was just a teenager, which was when she decided to become an attuned like her parents were. When she was granted the ability, she truly earned her tiger stripes, literally in her case.

Rhea left her home and ventured into the woods, making a home in the wilderness out of just a tent and whatever belongings she could take with her. She enjoyed the freedom that it gave her, and she had always felt much more at home in the woods than under a roof.

Never has she denied someone refuge, and some people even liked to stay with her for a few days at her little camp. Her doors - rather, tent flaps - are always open to whoever wants a friend.


Bengal Tiger



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