Mara Easton

Basic Information
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Outlander
Profession Assassin
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Indiana Evans Strength: 8 /30
Age: 21 (Flowerbirth 289 PC) Dexterity: 14 /30
Height: 5'2" Endurance: 10 /30
Weight: 100lbs Luck: 3 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Demisexual Deity Alignment: TBD
Mara is a petite, little thing with an innocent glow to her - most of the time. She has wide, beautiful eyes of a stormy grey they are usually kept rimmed in black, making the actual color pop more than it would naturally. Her wavy hair is golden blonde and, coupled with her nearly flawless face, gives her a fairy tale princess type of look.

Her clothing is rather modest, considering she is literally covered from head to toe the majority of the time. She wears her black bodysuit regularly with knives concealed all over her person. Her signature, however, is the bright red cloak that she sports everywhere she goes. That signature earned her the nickname 'Red Wraith,' a title she’s quite proud of.

She numerous scars all over her body, making her difficult life very obvious. On her hands and arms, she has extreme acid burn scars that will likely never go away. She has two vertical scars on either side of her naval, as well as puncture scars on the front and back of both sides of her waist. On top of that, she just has several other smaller scars scattered randomly over her body.

Cold and calculating, Mara isn’t the kind of person you’ll usually find helping out an elderly person just out of the kindness of her heart. Nearly everything she does has a motive, including each word out of her mouth. She wouldn’t have been able to become the leader of an unwavering empire without being such.

She is typically quiet and soft spoken, but when you get on her familiar side, she is funny, boisterous, and incredibly sweet. It isn’t easy to get to that side of her, however.

Self doubt practically doesn’t exist in Mara’s mind. It’s a concept she doesn’t understand because she’s almost always positive of her decisions. Self loathing, on the other hand, is very prominent in her. She despises her life, but she knows that there’s no way back, so the only direction to go is forward. And once she sets her sights on something, nothing will get in her way.

Mara never knew her parents personally, at least not that she can remember. She was raised by a powerful dark mage. She was a stunning little girl, like she was taken right out of a child’s fairy tale, with golden hair and blue eyes and a radiating smile. Her family was a group of men and boys, from as early as she could remember. Before she was five, Mara had no idea of the nature of the Alliance.

In her time in the among the Alliance, she was given lavish clothing, expensive items from all over the world, and the best education money could buy. She lived better than the king, and all she had to do was accompany her Master on his jobs and walk beside him whenever he had visitors or used his magic. She didn’t know why this was, but she thought it a small price to pay for the quality of living she was given.

When she turned seven, she began training with the boys. Mara didn’t really want to fight, but she warmed up quickly to it, even passing some of the boys much older than she was. Over the years, she eventually passed them all.

Eight years old was her first kill. She hadn’t realized that she was training to become one of the assassins, only that she was receiving the same training. Master had never allowed her to go off on her own - she had never even been outside without someone watching her - so she would have never guessed that he would entrust her to become one of his elite.

When she was ten, she was sent on her first solo mission. She returned within a week with evidence of the kill and received praise from her Master. Her sense of worth was measured by her Master’s approval, so she was beaming when he was so pleased with her.

Mara trained well, her studies never suffering for it, and progressed quickly. By the time she was fourteen, she had surpassed every single one of the other assassins in the Alliance. None of them could last more than a few minutes in a fight with her, and she usually was able to disarm them within seconds.

By the time she was fourteen, her life also became a lot darker. Her Master decided that she was ready for him. He started visiting her at night, leaving her hollow and disgusted with herself after every visit. After this began, Mara started acting out, disobeying him and going off on her own high profile missions without his approval. She quickly earned the name 'Red Wraith' because of how many major public figures were taken by her blades with such an elegant brutality.

At fifteen, she was reading about bizarre magic occurrences outside of the typical kinds of magic, Mara read about the Easton family who had a lineage of strange magic users with powers that matched her own. She angrily confronted her Master about the discovery, and he confirmed it. After that, she became his slave, beaten and abused if she dared disobey him.

That lasted for a year and a half before she managed to free herself. She dosed him with a poison she created, paralyzing him but not dulling his senses. For the first time ever, she looked upon his face, removing his mask and glaring at the fear and anger in his eyes and he began to suffocate when the paralysis overtook his lungs. She watched him die and felt herself become free.

Mara became her own master and took over the Alliance. Many of the assassins didn’t like answering to a sixteen year old girl, but she proved without a doubt that she was a capable leader. On top of that, she began leading freedom campaigns, completely destroying the trafficking empire in her country and working with the neighboring kingdom to do the same.

She began traveling and unraveling the assassin organizations of the neighboring kingdoms by killing the leaders and making the assassins swear allegiance to her. By the time she was eighteen, Mara was leading an empire in the underworld across six kingdoms.

One day, during an undercover mission, she was stabbed. She managed to open a portal, trying to get back home to her castle, but something went wrong, and Mara ended up falling through the portal into a strange, new world.




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