Saiden Hali

Basic Information
Level: 4
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Pirate
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation
Character Information
Face Claim: Marlon Teixeira Strength: 12 /30
Age: 26 (Longheat 284 PC) Dexterity: 15 /30
Height: 6' 2'' Endurance: 18 /30
Weight: 180 lbs Luck: 8 /30
Gender: Man Relationship Status: In a relationship
Orientation: Bisexual Deity Alignment:
Saiden is handsome and he knows it. His skin has a bronzed sheen from long hours in the sun; he keeps his luxuriously curly brown hair slightly longer than most men; and his eyes are a beautifully dark hazel, changing color slightly in the sun, but always containing a mischievous and alluring light. His features are strong without being harsh or dominating, and he uses them to good effect, often complimenting them with a crooked smile or wicked grin that transforms him from good looking to downright dangerously attractive.

He is tall and muscular, and moves with the grace of someone long used to balancing on unsteady decks and flexible rigging. On his ship or the beach, he can usually be found shirtless and shoeless, though he knows how to dress to impress when the occasion calls for it. Often, he compliments his natural attractiveness with jewelry, rings, bracelets and necklaces mostly. On land, while he’s not quite as dexterous as on land, he still moves lightly on his feet, despite his large and strong frame. Overall, he cuts an imposing and almost magnetic figure.

Saiden is, in almost everything, calculating to a fault. He never says or does anything unless he feels he will gain something from it. While he’s not cruel without reason, he is selfish and does look out for himself above all others; the only exception to this rule is his family, who, even when he disagrees with them, he’s loyal to. Often, he’s loyal to them to a fault, as they’ve gotten into — and out of — many adventures and scrapes together that probably would've caused most people to jump ship. Still, other than caring for his family, Saiden only cares about himself, his status, and how he can improve both. If the benefits don’t outweigh the costs or the risk is too high, he’ll cut his losses and live to fight another day. He's also an opportunists, willing to take advantage of basically any situation if he feels it won't get him in trouble.

Despite his cautious personality, he can come across as charming, even a little cocky. He knows he’s blessed with good looks and a winning personality, and he uses both to get what he wants. Often, what Saiden wants is the ladies, and he’s quite popular among them, as well as quite flexible as to where the evening goes. He’s quick with a quip or a jest, especially if it comes at someone else’s expense. While he knows that other people can find his antics annoying, it’s a defense mechanism against the world so that he can feel like he’s in control. That doesn’t mean he’s not supremely self-confident, since he knows how amazing he is, but much of his behavior comes from a place of insecurity as he's afraid other people won't recognize it.

In fact, among his siblings, Saiden feels that he is the one who received the least love and most abuse from their father, and he is terrified of feeling unloved or unwanted. This drives him to always seek power in his relationships, so that he isn’t the one who gets abandoned or mistreated. Any hint of betrayal from someone he cares about or trusts makes him reject him or her before he can be hurt. This makes him appear aloof, which strangely just seems to make people want to get to know him more.

While he’s the ship’s cook — and good at it, often making delicious meals even within the confines of the small kitchen he has to work with and the danger of fire spreading — he’s also quite the sailor. He and his family have spent their lives on the waves, and he often finds himself not even needing to speak with them in order to get the job done. For those unfamiliar with how close they are, it can be a little uncanny to see how well they all work together. Other than his work as a chef and a sailor, Saiden is also responsible for brewing up anything else the family might need for their plots. Beyond that, Saiden loves the water, often found swimming or floating when he has spare time.

His father, Cephas Hali, is a shapechanger taking the form of a shark, and worked as a sea merchant for Northwind. He has connections with Warren Swanson , a land merchant, and they have worked together on occasion.

He married his first wife, Isolene, and had Xenos and Vanya, then she left him for a pirate.

He married his second wife, Galene an original, and had Saiden. She was lured by the call of the sea and Cephas’ good lucks and charms, but unfortunately didn’t enjoy them for long before she died in childbirth. Because of this, Saiden grew up without his mother, and his relationship with his father suffered. Cephas’ was alternately cruel and neglectful of his second son. Saiden grew up feeling unloved and resentful, and though he was close to his half-siblings, he always felt as if he were set slightly apart from them. Saiden was born with the power to wield elemental water magic, though he didn't do much with it until he was much older. Still, Saiden likes to think his mother would've loved her son's gift.

Cephas then married his third wife, Aquila who is a blueblood original (baroness), when Saiden was less than 2 and she was essentially the main mother figure for the children. She was also selfish and money loving and taught the girls to be feminists, not conforming to what is typically expected of women, especially blueblood women. She was also a sex addict, which even came out among the Xenos and Saiden as they got older. She birthed Gideon and Zephira.

Cephas started to participate in polygamy with his fourth wife, and Aramis was born shortly after that. Their father was never committed to either her or Aquila. He had given up on love and was more committed to gaining money and jewels.

Eventually he took his fifth wife (3rd at one time), Jezebel, and she is the devil incarnate. Her machinations drove them apart and she convinced their father to purchase more ships and the children were split between them. Split by religious differences, Xenos and Aramis went together on one, then Vanya and Gideon went on another, and finally Zephira and Saiden on the last ship. During his time apart, Saiden and Zephira grew close, especially bonding over their shared magic, and Saiden developed leadership skills as the captain of his own vessel, no matter that it was small and unimpressive. It was here that Saiden really came into his own as a person and as a mage.

Then after they are split for a few years, their father called them back because he’s got a job and he needed them all. They all return to the Siren’s Call with just the six children and their father and they ended up in the middle of a naval battle they hadn’t expected when they went of course for personal reasons. They all managed to survive except for their father, Cephas. Saiden was the last person to see their father alive, and he told his siblings that their father fell in battle.

Not that long after they reunited on their beloved ship, the Siren’s Call, a giant storm struck. They had to pull together to survive it, and even with all their skill, the ship was damaged and they barely made it. Aramis was thrown overboard, but his life was spared. They feel like the storm was punishment from the sea for the naval battle. Through the trial of the storm they grew even more closely together and really learned how much they trust and depend on one another while at sea, regardless of their personal relationships.

Shortly after that, they were contacted and asked to go to the new world. Northaven, which apparently it's now called, has recently lost their only ship and many of their dockworkers and sailors. The Hali's family reputation made them a front-runner to replace them along with their ship, the Siren's Call.

A portal is opened straight into the ocean and they sail the Siren’s Call through to the new world in the first mini-wave. The family lives on the ship together. It is large enough that it can’t come all the way to the docks so a rowboat is needed to reach the ship.


  • Water manipulation: Can manipulate water. Must be within a 30ft radius. Control is excellent
    Type: Light | Rank: Upgraded
  • Air manipulation: Can manipulate the air. Must be within a 5ft radius, control is weak and unstable and requires concentration.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic
  • Lightning manipulation: Can manipulate lightning. Must be within a 5ft radius, control is weak and unstable and requires concentration.
    Type: Dark | Rank: Basic

  • Items
  • Type: Light
    Magic Cauldron | Saiden has come into possession of a magic cauldron that produces potions with a variety of effects. Every day the type of potion randomly changes and the previous day's potions become inert. When consumed, the effect for each day is chosen by a random dice roll, 1-4. There is no way to determine the effect of the potion without ingesting it. The effects are as follows: +1 to Dexterity and +1 Endurance for the rest of the thread, +2 to Luck for the rest of the thread, truth potion, hallucinogenic potion. The effects of the potion dissipate at the end of a thread, and other individuals can consume potions.

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