Basic Information
Race: Ascended
Nationality: Natural
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Erika Linder Strength: 8 /30
Age: 202 (Longheat 108 PC) Dexterity: 15 /30
Height: 5"9 Endurance: 12 /30
Weight: 129lbs Luck: /30
Gender: error Relationship Status: error
Orientation: error Deity Alignment: error
body status: normal

Height/Build: Normal
Age based on appearance: ~26
personality chip: past warranty

Chip flaws: Naive, does not understand norms/conventions unless explicitly explained, poor short-memory
Retained Chip properties: Philosophical, well-read, never offended or scared

creation date: 108 pc tallsun

Creation Default Age: 26
Creation Willingness Data corrupted. Not available at this time
Specimens Activity: Data not available. Signal lost.



  • Type: Grey
    Optical Upgrade | Can see through god-created illusions such as the barrier around the Hollowed Grounds.

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