Noise Sīkòu




Age: 0 (Deepfrost 0 PC)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180
Race: Ascended
Nationality: Outlander
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation
Face Claim: Art
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Deity Alignment:
{I swear I'll fix the proportions so he doesn't have small forehead syndrome later...Just imagine proportions looks normal in the image atm.lolol Also, there's no green on his face except for the line down the middle and the dots. The extra splashes were my lame attempt at lighting.}

Mmm, slide to the left, slideee to the right, take it back now y'all. This here mass of homo sapien can hold so much repressed depression! Such strong. Much wow. Tall, big boned, and muscled with a mohawk on he was the peak of sexual attractiveness up in his time. Lights, lights everywhere! A green LED strip divided him in a jagged line down the center of his body; head to toe. "You're more than welcome to fact check that statement." he'd say with a wink. Just for the hell of it or an homage to his orphaned status the line marked where mechanics met meatsack. Not that it much matters now.

Now, what once glowed with pulsing electricity to the music is flat. Neon green tattoos replace every spot that had a visible moderation. His spine, the strip down the middle, the singular spots peppered throughout: tattoos. They lace his golden tan skin, avoiding his flat nose, before crossing his brows and traveling up the left side of his mohawk. His eyes, still arresting in color, no longer match. The left one, the fake one, isn't as bright as his right. A flaw in Ascended installation, likely brought about by conflicting technology, his vision isn't as sharp as before.

meh Still, he's got a bounce in his swagger unusual to find in the body of a 25yr old and his eyes contain a sort of dead mirth only those who've struggled might see. Some might think him to still be in his teens but if you listen to the depth of his chords you'll find something more than youth. His voice rolls out a mixed and varied tune: South African and German make brief appearances. Though you'll never be able to figure out exactly what comprises the accent its harmonious and intriguing enough that it rarely matters to most.
:: Careless :: Self-Centered :: Addictive Personality :: Obnoxious :: Loud :: Friendly :: Cheerful ::

Trauma can be a strong river, bending a person to its forces over time, merciless in its uncaring path. Such is the case for Noise. His walls are built up high and emotional vulnerability is hard to come by. Instead he smiles, nods, and bounces to the beat. Is there a party? He's there. Fun to be had? Down. Alcohol and anything else are fair play in this world he's made. Loud, proud, and personable he does his best to make others laugh.

Do mind those walls though! He may be the life of the party but he's got no time for downers, tears on his shoulder, or anything else. You think you deserve something from him? Too bad, you're not getting it. He's careless with social expectations to the point of, unintentionally, causing great annoyance at times. Just don't get too close and you'll do just fine!
Born to Great General post-apocalyptic world space esplore ded parents + sibling copes via unhealthy methods Refused to take over but did do some fighting and would occasionally help people. Floated through life, not having to work, fell through portal/was pushed. Ended up transforming into ascended here as biomechanics morphed



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