Peter Pikely


Basic Information
Level: 4
Race: Ascended
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Torchline

Character Information
Face Claim: Iwan Rheon Strength: 11 /30
Age: 31 (Deepfrost 283 PC) Dexterity: 18 /30
Height: 5’3” Endurance: 18 /30
Weight: 118lbs Luck: 14 /30
Gender: Male Intuition: 0 /3
Orientation: Flexible Deity Alignment: None
Relationship Status: Married to Adam
Peter is strange looking, in a nutshell. Pale, and with dark features, he is what some people would call striking, but he himself just believes he just looks a mess. Parts of him are handsome; his high cheekbones, wide blue eyes, slim nose and long face; but none of his face works nicely together, resulting in a look that is more weird than anything. He’s short and slim, almost gangly. He has a wiry strength, coming mostly from his career of climbing into and around places he shouldn’t. His hair is thick, black, and short to try and keep it from being a mess. He most often wears whatever he can find that fits him, all at the same time, giving him the look of a particularly crazy vagrant. His hands are covered in scars, some thin and white, some thick and ropy. They are worst on his palms and the backs of his hands, and they continue up his forearms until around his elbows. Some of the causes of them are obvious, rope burn from being restrained, shiny burns, one that spans the length of his palm from trying to catch a blade, but most of them are impossible to tell. The rest of him is scarred up as well, but not to the extent of his hands.
Peter is quiet, keeping as much of himself as he can close to his chest and hidden away. Trust comes very slowly with him, and more often than not someone's first impression defines his opinion of them forever. He can be pushed out his shell or backed into corners easily, but the resulting outburst is usually just anger, or whatever will get the offending party away from him fastest. He has confidence only in himself, and doesn't like to ask for help unless there is no other option, and even then he would prefer to overextend himself to try and do it anyway. Overall, he comes across as rude, especially when his poor communication skills are taken into account. Despite everything though, he doesn't want to be alone.
When he was young, he was traded by his father, the only remaining family he had left, to pay off a gambling debt. The next ten years of his life were spent in servitude to a bandit king called Rocksalt, who trained Peter and groomed him to be a perfect tool. Being so close to the man left him vulnerable to the whims of his temperamental moods, and after nearly a decade of being beaten down and tortured in every imaginable way, Peter escaped, though not how he had imagined.
A raid on Rocksalt's camp saw him captured, and arrested by the army of the Sainen, a nearby city state run by a tyrannical man who sought to control all he could get his hands on. Instead of serving a traditional sentence, Peter was used as a test subject for biological weapons and enhancements. He was coming to the end of his usefulness, waiting in a cell waiting to be disposed of when the building he was being kept in was attacked by a local rebel group, and he was given the opportunity to escape.
Feeling indebted to them, and not knowing what else to do with himself if he wasn't being ordered around, Peter their cause, wanting to be a part of something good and useful. The leader didn't trust him, but saw ways he could be useful, and kept him isolated, only sending him out to complete small tasks before returning to the rooms he'd been allowed to stay in. Peter worked with them for five years, completing bigger and bigger missions and becoming more and more trusted until he was given what was to be his final mission. A final push to take down the leader of Sainen was planned, Peter's role simple- plant bomb's throughout the leaders home, set them, and escape. He was never told it was meant to be a suicide mission, that setting the final charge would activate each one he had placed.
It was luck that opened a portal before he was blown apart, but it would be difficult to convince Peter that anything lucky had ever happened to him.

A rough estimate of this character's damage potential is as follows:

HP: 72

Unarmed strike:5.5

Physical attack with a basic weapon/attuned shifts: 15.5

Physical attack with an upgraded weapon/attuned shifts: 25.5

Physical attack with a mastered weapon/attuned shifts: 35.5

Magical attack with basic magic/mythical shifts: 19

Magical attack with upgraded magic/mythical shifts: 29

Magical attack with mastered magic/mythical shifts: 39

  • Magic: 20% Sunlight Resistance
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Citizenship Ability
    Torchline: Torchline has taught you to survive her weather and her terrain. Once per PQ/PQ+/KQ/Drop, you can 'shrug off' half the damage from ONE non-lethal attack. (In order to use this ability, you must put a clear note in the bottom of your post immediately following the attack you want to 'shrug off').
  • Type: Offensive | Level: Upgraded
    Nested Blade Bionic Upgrade | A lightweight but strong blade is embedded in both forearms. When activated, articulates out and can be used offensively or defensively.

  • Type: Offensive | Level: Upgraded
    Oxygen-Depletion Upgrade | Can emit a dense cloud of molecules from his skin, that suck the oxygen out of the air in a 10ft radius. Creatures with respiratory issues will find themselves almost immediately suffocated, while those with regular respiratory systems will be unable to breathe.


  • Player Post Count: 4,183
    KQs: 2
    PQ+s: 2
    Mini Events: 6
    SWEs: 2
    PQs: 8
    Player MP: 87
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