Nathaniel Sterling


Basic Information
Level: 1
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Hunter
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Adam Driver Strength: 14 /30
Age: 31 (Deepfrost 279 PC) Dexterity: 9 /30
Height: 6'3" Endurance: 16 /30
Weight: 195lbs Luck: 6 /30
Gender: Man Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Gay Deity Alignment: -
Dark Hair | Dark Eyes | Dark Clothes | Often Tired
A large man with a long, rectangular build. He was obviously quite lanky in his youth, but has since filled out. Lean: ropy muscle and long limbs. He looks at home outdoors, among the trees. Inside, he does not seem quite to know what to do with all of his limbs. Dark haired, usually a little shaggy. Most of his clothes are well-worn but obviously well cared for, a collection of dark colors. As if he does his best to melt into the background.
Anxious | Weary | Isolationist | Blunt
There is something wild about him: a jagged edge turned inward from the outside world. He prefers to keep to himself. He would say this is easier if you asked him. Easier maybe because he never knows just what to say to anyone else, or how to relate to them. He's grown, but doesn't always feel that way. As if he learned the wrong things growing up. Things about how to survive, how to avoid looking certain monsters in the mouth, how to keep standing up when a heavy blow catches you sideways in the jaw. He doesn't want to know other people. He would prefer if others assumed him misanthropic, but he usually comes off as too genuine. In truth, he worries about everything all the time. One more moment of violence, one more drop of blood, feels like it might shatter him. He is, nonetheless, reliable in a pinch. Easy for him to feel nothing in the moment, and let the worst thoughts break him apart in the aftermath.

He is deeply distrustful of gods and outlanders both. The gods because they are powerful, and the outlanders because they are not.
It was dark the morning he took his first breath. Nate was born in the middle of Long Night, the first and only child of a disintegrating marriage. Certainly his parents were in love once, but he never knew them that way. A thousand little fractures had opened between them by the time their son was born. His presence, loud in the sheltered dark of their home, did not heal them.

Nate remembers this about growing up: hunger, worry, raised voices in small rooms, the exact places where the floorboards squeaked. He snuck out often. Not always to any particular place: just away, though he could never go far. Always trapped by the confines of the great, invisible cage around them all. He wanted very badly to please his parents, but seemed very seldom able to accomplish this. Something about him enraged his father. He found better company with the neighbor kids, or even the dogs. He was aware, at some point, of his parents looking forward to another child, but it never happened. Nate wished they could have been happy with him.

Eventually, he spent more time away from his home than in it. He felt a terrible resentment toward his parents, but also toward himself. He wasted time throwing rocks into puddles and at birds. Trying to set fires in the woods. Watching stray dogs fight at the edge of the settlement. Eventually, a childless neighbor got tired of seeing him with nothing better to do, and took him on as an apprentice. The old man had been living off the land a long time, fur trapping and butchering animals for the neighbors, tending to his own small garden and menagerie. It was here Nate learned the only things of worth he would ever know. He grew to love the old man like the grandfather he'd never had. When the old man passed away, Nate remained in his home, caring for the animals left behind and grieving in his own, quiet way.
>>. He lives at the edge of the woods with a handful of chickens and one very large dog. His house is entirely full of potted plants.
>>. Likes: being alone in the cold air just before dawn. Being up high, such as on a rooftop or the edge of a cliff. The sound ice makes when he steps on it, like the breaking of bones. Dogs. Fishing. Any slow, methodical work. The smell just after rain. Planting seeds, watching them grow.
>>. Dislikes: making small talk, warm weather, most fowl. Having to kill anything. Having nothing to do with his hands. Overly sweet food.

  • Base Healing: Can heal 10 pts worth of minor wounds per post
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

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