Ronin Taliesin



Age: 25 (Longheat 283 PC)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160lbs
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Outlander
Profession Guildmaster
Primary Organisation ☆ Monster Hunters Guild
Secondary Organisation ☆ Church of Safrin
Face Claim: Colin O'Donoghue
Sex: Male
Gender: Man
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: in love with Vanya Hali
Deity Alignment: Marked by Safrin
With a build more wiry than he would like and a winning smile that screams not to be trusted, Ronin does not the typical warrior make. True, there is undeniable strength in his musculature, bunched in legs used to running and arms accustomed to throwing punches (oftentimes before the brain gives the order), but when the world tells tales of its heroes, Ronin Taliesin is unlikely to make the cut.

His dark hair is a perpetual mess, falling into or being shoved out of eyes as blue and clear as shards of the sky. His high cheekbones and pale skin betray his good breeding, something he makes every conscious effort to hide, from the day old scruff that covers his chin to the scars that silver his knuckles.

Courtesy of his upbringing, Ronin has been blessed with the skills necessary to navigate the world with perfect etiquette.

Regrettably, he has none of the personality for it.

Cracking wise and spinning lies are as natural to him as breathing, and he is as outspoken as they come (if not eloquent about it). If Ronin disagrees he’ll be sure to let you know, and if he doesn’t want to be somewhere he’ll happily bribe or trick his way out of it. He does recognise the advantage of occasionally holding his tongue, but it has been a lesson harshly learned – and easily forgotten.

His temper has a long fuse, and when he isn’t playing at deception his demeanour is largely cheerful, making it difficult to discern his true feelings. Ronin has many social masks, swapping them to suit his situation. He does, however, play to win. When the going gets tough Ronin is not beyond brutal pragmatism or resorting to violence; a noble with a ruffian’s heart, he has an unpleasant side under all that charm.


The Taliesin family, whilst of blueblood rank, would never be particularly prestigious; it was just a shame that Ronin’s parents never got the memo. His father was less fervent, being a blueblood himself. But his mother, a commoner pretty enough to have caught the eye of a noble... she had higher hopes for her sons. The younger of the two, Ronin spent his childhood living in his brother’s shadow. Bastion Taliesin was made for the military, strong and cool headed with a will of forged iron. Given that the family’s most successful ancestors had found their fortune in the army, it was not a surprise when he enlisted. No, the surprise came when Ronin was forced into joining too. Well, 'forced' being his own interpretation of events. Ronin could have easily refused, but doing so would have plunged his life into the eternal winter of his mother's cold shoulder. Choosing the lesser of two evils, perhaps, he schooled his protests in the pursuit of a gold star against the Taliesin name.

Military life was not to his taste; that much became abundantly clear all too quickly. While both brothers showed great promise in their training – Bastion in swordplay and Ronin with hand-to-hand combat, one quickly stood out as the protégé. Bastion soared through the ranks… and Ronin snuck out to brawl in the taverns.

He was one drunken tumble away from a dishonourable discharge when the 1st wave stepped through the portal, Bastion’s military talent earning him a place in their ranks. There was no love lost between the brothers, but something changed in Ronin with his brother’s departure. Perhaps it was the possibility of being the last of his family name, or maybe it was simply fear of repercussion without Bastion’s reputation to bolster his failures.

Regardless, to his superiors it appeared to be the wake-up call he needed. And for Ronin, it was a lesson to be more subtle with his vices. Whatever else he might have gotten up to in the five years that followed, he finally began to take his life in the military seriously. Lithe and cunning (and with a punch that could crack teeth), Ronin was trusted with covert operations where a weapon might, say, ‘spoil the mood’. And when the portal opened for the Second Wave, Ronin found himself selected this time to aid in the Storm Army’s forces. He shocked himself by not hating the idea.

In fact, it would be good to see Bastion again, he thought, after so long.

Only… on arrival in Northaven, his brother was nowhere to be found. Not in the Storm Army, not in the streets. Dead or spirited away, Ronin will never know.

During his time in Northaven, Ronin rose from the rank of Storm Guard to Lieutenant of the Wall and subsequently Captain of Training. The weight of this responsibility has embittered him somewhat, alongside watching the world around him grow ever more corrupt. His smiles came less easily in the days leading up to Caido, and he still finds it difficult to find rest (whether physical or psychological).

Ronin suddenly arrives in Caido!

Luckily, he did not arrive alone. Alongside his friends and his lady love, he has begun to try and puzzle out his place here - after realising, of course, that there was no way back.

Ronin has a burn scar on the left side of his neck in the rough shape of a comet; a gift from a burning building whilst he rescued a child from it.

He sports another scar on his right shoulder, though it looks like a collection of smaller marks. This is where the Spire Demon bit him in the Key Quest: Big A(spire)ations

Ronin and Vanya are expecting their first child! <3

  • Willpower (dark): Can resist 1 upgraded forms of magic
    Type: Dark | Rank: Upgraded

  • Items
  • Type: Light
    Light Conjuration Ring (Upgraded) | A ring that emits a warm light up to a radius of 30ft

  • Type: Grey
    Kinesis Bracers [Upgraded] - Stores kinetic energy that can be released at will. Gives +3 strength and +1 endurance for one post, and +1 endurance in the next two posts. Also causes a knock back

  • Type: Dark
    Snakebite | A glove fitted with blades in the knuckles. When it draws blood it adds additional poisoning damage to the victim, but also induces a rage within the user that makes it impossible to tell friend from foe until blood is drawn from the user in return.

  • Type: Grey
    Safrin Pendant | A cosmic pendant with an eye-etching in the centre. Properties unknown.

  • Type: Grey
    God Hand (upgraded) | Custom made for Ronin's hand, this gauntlet is incredibly light-weight and can create a magical shield large enough to shelter Ronin and one other (The gauntlet's shield will absorb any damage equal to or below Ronin's endurance). Against Ascendeds the shield radiates electromagnetic energy that severely harms their bio-mechanical systems. Can be used twice per thread.

    ECHO - Regular - Lobster SUGAR - Mythical - Dragon (ice breath)
  • Level: 7
    Strength: 25
    Dexterity: 22
    Endurance: 23
    Luck: 12
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