Maea Valair

Basic Information
Level: 5
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Loreseeker
Primary Organisation ☆ Arcane Academy
Secondary Organisation

"Lost in a world full of none believers
Searching for smoke in a still water pond
A nothing queen, they called a dreamer
This is my life and I call it a song"

Character Information
Face Claim: Nastya Zhidkova Strength: 13 /30
Age: 22 (Deepfrost 287 PC) Dexterity: 17 /30
Height: 156 cm / 5'1 ft Endurance: 21 /30
Weight: 43kg / 95 lbs Luck: 11 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: with Sunjata
Orientation: Pansexual Deity Alignment: Ludo/Old Gods
Albino | Childish | Pale | Short | Skinny | Long hair | Bright smile | Good voice

So pale. So small of stature and lithe, she appears ethereal in the way she moves, as though her feet barely touch the ground at all. It is hard to see the grown woman within the childish body, but looking closer would reveal the falsehood of the assumption.

Hair, white as fresh snow and straight as an arrow fall to the small of her back. It is tied back, with a simple cord or braided to keep it out of the way, but sometimes she let it down, to fly like silk about frail shlulders. Eyes so pale that they seem void of all color struggle to make sense of a world that is casually swallowed by darkness. The light changes the hue, from purple to red, blue or gray but more often than not they are barely seen, hidden by a squint as she gazes at a world in change.

She is not strong, and never will be. But in its place there is toughness and a hardy, a persistent refusal to let physical weakness dictate her life. Illness plagued her through infancy and childhood, and still stretch poison claws after her… but still she endures.

Kind | Curious | Stubborn | Low self-esteem | Generous | Devout | Openminded | Jealous

More mature by far than she might appear at a glance, she is a woman coming into her own. Plagued by illness and used to apologizing, the girl who merely followed and thought nothing of herself is fading away. The person she becomes is still gentle, still softly spoken and generous at heart, but no longer content with standing on the sidelines. Grasping for change and eager to carve out a space for herself in a world that has no use for the helpless and weak, she challenges herself and the unspoken rules with a smile made bright by the kindness of others.

Maea has never been physically strong. She was born too early and lost her mother to a fever soon after, and spent most of her childhood fending off one illness after the other. A life of hard labor despite this has whittled away all traces of softness in her, until she has become as barren as the soil she were raised on. Raised by a much older brother and an aging father she was left to her own devices more often than not. Shunned by the other children and unable to do much to pull her weight around the farm, she found solace in the wilderness, in the roaming animals and the changing seasons. An elderly lady that lived nearby taught her to pray to the gods for guidance when no one else would, and there too did she find comfort... if perhaps not companionship, for though she poured her heart out to them, the gods never replied.

As she grew older and her health improved, Maea's fondness for the outdoors manifested into something more practical. A summer of poor harvest and a hard winter forced her to trap and kill the animals she previously had watched and admired, and though she was able to survive, something else died within her then. For a few years she was able to take work as a hunter, but as her eyesight continues to deteriorate it has become harder and harder to keep going. Growing desperate, fearing to lose her sight and her livelihood both, she has begun to look for ways to heal herself.


Ruben Valair - father, Abandoned - Died felling lumber in Woodlands
Mina Valair - mother, Abandoned - Died giving birth to Maea
Noah Valair - brother, 33 yo, Accepted
Lienna Valair - sister-in-law, 32 yo, Accepted
Ansi, Hieram, Leon - niece and nephews, aged 13, 10, 4 with one more on the way

- Maea's brother and his family disappeared during the Long Night of Deepfrost in the year 308, leaving her alone on the farm. Under her care she now has a flock of sheep, a dog name Frost, an orchard of 20 fruitbearing trees and more labor than she could ever easily manage on her own.
- After Maea disappeared, the farm was left without anyone to care for it. The animals are gone, the orchard is untended and the house has begun to rot, the roof caved in sometime during Deepfrost. It is no longer habitable.


- Has oculocutaneous albinism, which affects skin, hair and eye pigmentation. She is sensitive to glare, sunlight and has poor eyesight.
- Has progressed open-ended glaucoma, a chronic illness that gradually reduces the field of vision due to building pressure in the eye. If left untreated, Maea will go completely blind within a year.
- Eyesight restored by Ludo in Flowerbirth 309 PC
- Unable to conceive -- exchanged fertility for restored eyesight, by Ludo in Flowerbirth 309 PC

  • Magic: Wings | When combined with mastered air magic, the user can create wings from their back that give increased dexterity and speed in the air. They look like wings for all intents and purposes though are not capable of flight on their own
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic
  • Base Telekinesis: Can move small objects in a 5ft radius.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic
  • Water manipulation: Can create and control water. Must be within a 30ft radius.
    Type: Light | Rank: Mastered
  • Magic: Arcane Academy Cold Resist (Passive) | A magic bestowed upon those enrolled in the Arcane Academy, for as long as they are members, users will not be affected by cold climates.
    Type: Dark | Rank: Basic

  • Items
  • Type: Dark
    Ludo's Rags | A shawl made of pitch dark, lightweight material. The wearer will not feel cold or the effects of the cold, regardless of the temperature. You look spooky.

  • Type: Grey
    Glass Lens | A magical lens that can reveals illusions. For weak illusions it can see through them. For stronger illusions, it merely shows them as a shimmer.

  • • Joined the Loreseekers Guild, after invitation from Jigano.
    • Participated in the events leading up to the fall of the Barrier ({KQ} The Breaking Point)
    • Invited Ludo to participate in the Fiat Lux festival, as part of a bargain to restore her eyesight.
    • Attempted to take leadership over the Hollowed Grounds, but ultimately failed.
    • Disappeared at the end of Flowerbirth 309 PC.
    • Reappeared a year later, in Flowerbirth 310 PC, with no recollection of any time passing.
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