Vervain Calob



Age: 35 (Flowerbirth 273 PC)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 140lbs
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Profession Mistress of the Rathskeller
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation
Face Claim: Bridget Regan
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Married to Devrum Calob
Deity Alignment:
There are outdoorsy types, and then there is Vervain. To children it might appear that she has stepped right out of a fairy tale, her hourglass figure wrapped in furs and leathers, piercing eyes promising danger and excitement in equal measure. Her mane of dark hair falls in untamed curls which seem to stir and move with a breeze all of their own, and there is mischief in her Cupid’s bow smile; challenge even.

Her movements are fluid and precise like a dance, every footstep sure, every breath measured. In her line of work, it does not do to be clumsy. If she was dancing, however, it would be to the beat of her own drum. Vervain dresses up or down for no one, and there is a wildness in her beauty that goes more than skin deep.

Vervain (Vai to her friends) wears confidence like armour, and hers is nigh impenetrable. Where some have silver in their tongues, Vai has razors, and words are a weapon she is well versed in wielding. On the surface she is, in a word, focused. Her humour is dark and her wit cracks like a whip, but it is apparent that everything she does or says is intended to hold people at arm’s length.

For those who do find a chink in her armour (for better or for worse), Vai is fierce and passionate. She loves hard and hates harder, stubborn and prone to acting on impulse when emotions run high. Life has made her rough around the edges – Vai can drink with the best of them and food is definitely a way to win her heart. But she adores children and is remarkably good with them, though it is something that she rarely gets to show.


Vervain Rowan was a young woman full of promise, such a vast life laid out ahead of the original. While still a commoner, as a toddler she showed an affinity for elemental magic – air, to be precise. She spent her childhood climbing anything she could and dancing on the winds, and her parents (her mother an original elementalist and her father a shapechanger, respectively) jealously guarded her hand for marriage. They were both commoners, and if she were to marry anyone but another original, all that potential within her would collapse. Her proud family kept a close eye on her, of course, as she was the youngest daughter of their children and could afford to scrutinize each and every suitor that came sniffing at her feet. Vervain’s thoughts on the matter were pointedly ignored, of course. Silly girl, only sixteen, how could she know which family would bring her family higher? How could she know which she had to stay away from? She was restless, stifled, and all too eager to break away from the suffocating mold her parents sought to stuff her into - a tale as old as time.

Trusten Yla was entirely unaware of the role he would play in Vervain’s escape. A young shapechanger that worked as a horse trainer on a coast, able to turn from trainer to black stallion at will, he was a valued employee of the family business. They had dealings with people from all over Northwind, but there was one family they outright hated. The Rowan family were pointed enemies of the Yla family - an old blood feud that would never fade. Sensing the chance at rebellion, Vervain made a trip to visit the ranch. She did love horses, after all. Trusten soon became the youngest daughter’s most valued friend. He adored Vervain, and it was no secret that he was terribly in love with her within just a few months of taking her on her sunrise rides. She was one of the first originals that did not look down her nose at him, and found joy in his form of a stunning black steed. It wasn't long before he even consented to her riding him through the trails and galloping in open fields. How he loved bringing her joy, making her howl with laughter as he careened down the marketplace with her on his back and disturbing the city. She was the light of his life, and began to dread the day she'd be sold off the most eligible bachelor. Already it was a struggle to even see her with how desperately their families despised each other.

It was a star flecked morning at the top of a knoll that he asked for her hand in marriage. She cried openly, knowing what could happen, how furious their families would be. But for all she had tried to avoid it, Vervain loved Trusten with all of her heart. They married quickly and quietly, and they fled their families to find a home for themselves. Trusten established himself as a horse trainer on his own on the coast, trying to gain a foothold in a society that saw him as less than. They lived peacefully. Comfortably. He did everything in his power to provide for his wife, to give her the life she deserved. Vervain was unaccustomed to doing her own work - laundry and dishes and cooking and cleaning. These were skills foreign to her, and she was quite terrible at them. She did not complain, though, and her husband was patient. It was hardly a year into their time as newlyweds that Vervain announced herself pregnant.


The illness came on gradually, when her daughter Ashetta had been but three summers old. Vervain felt it gnawing at her, eating away at her little by little, and nothing they tried made a bit of difference. At the end she was too weak and delirious to know much about the world that marched on around her. Her life reduced to a series of hands. Tiny ones, first, her daughter’s against her cheek, then the strong warmth of Trusten’s fingers… then nothing, for what felt like a black eternity.

Her brother’s sharp slaps to her face to try and bring her around were horrific compared to the sweet sleep that death would surely bring, dragging her back from the brink. Preston was an unwelcome sight, given how long it had been and that her husband and daughter had seemingly vanished, but there was no time to ask questions. They were moving – something that Vervain would have protested if she’d had the energy. But she was bundled away like a child, and vibrant countryside bled into the slate grey bustle of a city.

The next hands on her were cool – a soothing healer’s touch – and Vervain finally felt the roar of illness begin to fade. Magic held the beast at bay, giving her room to breathe, to think. She had escaped her ordeal with her life… but not with her family. Her recovery was excruciatingly slow, something that pricked at her fiery nature, and being housebound had her watching windows and pacing the floors. She loved Preston and she appreciated everything he had done and risked for her, but as twins he had always been more level-headed. Her separation from her family – her daughter most of all – settled in her like an acute ache, and the more the days turned into weeks and months, the harder it was to bear.

She left one night, nothing but an apologetic note scribbled in her wake, and set off to find her missing pieces.

Her previous home was her first stop, but it yielded nothing. Seeing Trusten’s hard work go to waste was a guilty weight on her shoulders, but she kept her mind clear as best she could. She needed to stay on track, believing that there was still time to put things back the way they were. Only she simply couldn’t find them.

Vai spent the next few years combing Northwind for her family to no avail. When traditional methods didn’t work, she fell in with a group of outlaws-turned-hunters, thinking to take matters into her own hands. She learned the lay of the lands, to hunt and to track, and when she trained with the bow her skill with air currents lent itself to her aim. It wasn’t enough, though, and she ventured into the city to teach herself to track within the urban sprawl, too. It was whilst here that she struck gold and found Ashetta.

On a list. Of those who had been sent through the portal to the new world.

Vervain was too late.

She has been biding her her time since, keeping her skills sharp and making as much of a name for herself as she can as one who can read the wilderness, one goal burning at the forefront of her mind. The right words in the right ears - those words being the name of her second cousin Bellamy Rowan , no less - and she primed herself for a situation that could get her back to her daughter.

And opportunity at last arrived; her skills at tracking and survival in the wild (along with her more than convenient connection to Northaven's Master Chief) resulted in Vervain being approached to give new blood to the settlement. Her heart would have sung with the adventure of setting foot into such unknown territory. But first she had a long, long quest to finally finish.

And it did. Within Northaven she reunited with her long lost daughter and, even more surprisingly, found new love with a man as wild as herself.

Vai suddenly arrives in Caido!


  • Air manipulation: Can manipulate air. Must be within a 5ft radius, control is weak and unstable and requires concentration.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic
  • Base Healing: Can heal medium sized wounds and minor mental afflictions
    Type: Light | Rank: Upgraded
  • Fire Manipulation: Can manipulate flames. Must be within a 5ft radius, control is weak and unstable and requires concentration.
    Type: Dark | Rank: Basic

  • Items

    Level: 3
    Strength: 11
    Dexterity: 16
    Endurance: 15
    Luck: 8
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