Patton Smith

Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Outlander
Profession Vagrant
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Maisie Williams Strength: 4 /30
Age: 17 (Deepfrost 292 PC) Dexterity: 14 /30
Height: 4'10" Endurance: 10 /30
Weight: 88 lb Luck: 7 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Demisexual Deity Alignment: Meh
Her human form is short and lean, maybe even a little underweight as the only thing she's eaten since arriving on Caido has been prey she's been able to hunt as an owl. She has short brown hair and blue eyes that sit against a pale complexion that is usually dirtied, though not filthy. She wears a dark grey tunic with leather trousers, boots, and a belt but otherwise doesn't have a lot of gear. She wasn't exactly expecting getting sucked through a portal when she went for a nighttime flight.

As an owl, Patton resembles a common barn owl. Though, unlike most cream colored barn owls, she sports dark brown and black feathers. Her melanism allows her even greater stealth in the darkness, which the woman uses to her advantage. Large wings and a small, light body are standard for her species.
To say the girl isn't quick to trust is an understatement. Patton won't trust or rely on anyone as far as she can throw them. She's only ever really trusted one person her entire life and she isn't interested in opening her circle. She takes everything others say with a grain of salt and won't believe a thing until it's proven. Her trust is hard won, and honestly it might be an impossible fight. Patton loves venturing off on her own, exploring what's around the bend or behind the next ridge. She's curious about the world and how it works. Especially other people, even if she doesn't trust them and would never get close, she enjoys observing them from a safe distance. Being around basically only one other person her entire life, she wants to learn what life is like beyond her knowledge of it. Being raised as a transient and taught to be careful around strangers, she's incredibly aware of what is happening in the world around her. She's very careful, especially now that she's on her own. She keeps hidden and quiet, drifting through trees like a ghost. Hyper aware and sure to keep an eye on strangers and other possible dangers, it's incredibly difficult to sneak up on Patton.

The young woman adores a good joke. A fun prank. She is happy to torture any poor soul for her own amusement. Hiding spiders and snakes in a bed roll. Crafting contraptions to drop water on passersby when they walk under a tree. Tying their boots together while they sleep. She is a complete turd and rarely notices the impact it has on others since she's usually long gone shortly after her trap unfolds. She will never set a prank when she can be see and will always watch from a distance, enjoying the mayhem as it unfolds. Growing up alone and constantly on the move, Patton is very unaware of the ways the world really works. All she knows is from her limited experience, the lessons of survival Locke has taught her, and the stories he has told her. Everything she knows came from Locke, and he has been rather selective of what he tells her. It really hasn't helped her curiousity. In spite of everything, Patton can actually be very caring, but this is exclusively reserved for her guardian, Locke. She cares deeply about Locke and is desperately searching for him, trying to figure out this new world and how she wound up here. And whether or not he's here too. If she ever grew close to another she'd likely act in a similar way.
Patton knows nothing about her origins. Only that a man named Locke found her as a baby during a blizzard and took her in. He was reclusive and kept mostly to himself, being mistrustful of others. So Patton grew up to be very much the same way. They travelled constantly, usually through the forests and mountains. Patton loved it. She learned everything there was to know about the forests and how they worked. It doesn't take her long to realize that she had a gift for changing into an owl. She adored flying, but never strayed far from her guardian, Locke. Flying made her feel free and she spent most of her time as an owl, though Locke made her return to her human form regularly. Though her owl form proved very useful when it came to spying on caravans and travelers they came across.

As she grew older she began venturing further. One day, when she returned to Locke in the wee hours of the morning, he grew furious, saying the world was too dangerous for her to be gone for so long. How could the world be dangerous? She knew nothing about it! She didn't know anything about the world other than what Locke had taught her, and that hadn't been much. Still, from then on he kept her on a tighter leash. But that wouldn't last long. Patton was growing into a young woman. She wanted to see the world. See what it was really like and learn about it. So she began going on longer excursions, seeing how long she could be away without Locke becoming angry.

Recently on one of these excursions, she was flying through the night, enjoying the cool weather, when suddenly something changed. Patton's vision when funny and she felt as though she was ripped from her form. She awoke in a place she didn't recognize in her human form. It took her a moment, but she shifted back into her feathered form, though this time it felt strange and different. She flew for days, searching for Locke. But she didn't recognize this place. And the stars were all wrong. What had happened to her? And where was she now? Only one way to find out.
Patton spends the majority of her time as a owl, traveling unnoticed by other humanoids. She often follows people she comes across, listening and spying on them to try and gather information about the world and where Locke might be. She has no knowledge of her home world or that she's even on another planet entirely.

Melanistic Barn Owl



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