Kheelan Raine


Basic Information
Race: Fae
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Greatwood
Profession Guard / Music maker
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Edward Bess Strength: 5 /30
Age: 243 (Leafchange 67 PC) Dexterity: 12 /30
Height: 5' (152cm) Endurance: 6 /30
Weight: 146 (66kg) Luck: 12 /30
Gender: Male if any at all Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Pansexual, everybody is beautiful in their own way Deity Alignment: Rae/Caido
His hair is mahogany with golden strands glistening in the sun as he moves, it reaches just below his behind and is thick like a mane. If he doesn't have it all flowing free, he has a complex set of braids in his hair, sometimes with leaves or flowers or what other things he might find fitting for the moment.

His eyes are hazel-teal and seem to change color depending on his mood.

His body is well trained but yet slim with muscles seemingly to make him flow in every motion he does. Standing 5' above the ground he's on the taller side of fae yet, also shorter than many other races.

Kheelan is often calm and collected, he can have a conversation and would rather speak than fight even though he has skill in both. He's one who studies and watches people to get to know them better, not always in what they say, but in what they do.

Depending on mood he can also be insidious with a sweet charm that only the fae possess. He is however one that doesn't like too crowded areas and can come across as shy at times even though he is not. He has a long way to anger unless someone attacks his friends or loved ones. He's weary but unafraid of things, he however do have a common sense and a good sense of when he should be careful or not.

Kheelan was born a long time ago, a lot longer than many think, yet, he is not the oldest creature there is. His young appearance might fool many that are not custom to fae and might find themselves stuck in a trap only when it's too late to get out.

Kheelan's childhood was a hard one from a fae point of view. He was trained in the arts of attack and protect the great forest even though he wasn't that interested in it but he did what he was told. If anything he managed to get a high dexterity in avoiding weapons being aimed at him a lot more than he managed to hit targets with his own weapon of choice. It seemed luck was on his side several times over, something he came to rely on along with his keen hearing and good eyesight and sense of smell and taste.

Having parents that work as warriors he had no real choice in the matter. One parent being a fighter, the other being a diplomat as well as having a grandfather that's very skilled in the art of singing and the art of music, Kheelan got a bit of all of them which he's very thankful for.

If he is to follow his heart, he'd rather sing and play instruments than fight, but he'd of course fight to protect too if he has to. If there is no other choice than to fight when words don't reach, he will lift his weapon. He's skilled at bow but rather uses his stealth and a well aimed dagger if he can. He also rely a lot on his luck when it comes to situations and troubles he might get into.

Kheelan once had a wife and a beautiful baby daughter which he loved dearly. They were both taken by outsiders when they had realized that the two were in fact fae and not human. Kheelan has lived alone ever since and rarely speaks of it. He still has a piece of jewelry which was his wife's as well as he has his daughter's paintings at home in a small wooden box where all things that he care dearly for is hidden. He had joy and happiness in his life for a few years at least. They say that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all - something not everybody agree on, neither does Kheelan. Heartache of that magnitude is not for anyone's heart to carry. A heart should never have to break into that many pieces at once.

Some of this pain is reflected in his playing no matter what instrument it is, usually it's either flute or panpipe (pan flute). Perhaps that's why people say he's a soul singer, his pain reaches the hearts of others and touch their inner most precious feeling. Kheelan however, is very good at hiding these things and the sadness he feels inside. The day he lost his wife and his child, he was never the same. He worked more, smiled less inside and pretended everything was like they were okay on the outside. Very few people have seen him cry. In fact, he rarely cries at all since that day.

A few fae still remember that day, the day Kheelan's world broke asunder. At least the fae who work as guards or scouts. Kheelan was the one finding his wife and child murdered in the woods. That scream of utter terror did not leave many people untouched in the team of fae that went looking for them. Now days only elves that are considered well grown (70 years or more) lives to tell the tale of when Kheelan's world shattered around him. The day he completely emerged himself in work. He didn't play instruments at all for weeks on end. After a year, he picked up a flute on the day of his family's death and played his sorrows out. According to the tales of this event, even the sky cried with him as he played. However that is true or not, no one can say.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Today Kheelan works as a guard to protect the forest of the fae and to try to give his life some kind of purpose, he does it darned well too. On his free time he loves to explore when he's not playing instruments, unless he does both and play wherever he finds himself at the moment. He also enjoys making different kinds of instruments, everything from flutes to string instruments, all depending on what his mind comes up with. He has however earned the title of master flute player and is very skilled in bow and dagger. Everything that keeps his mind occupied is a good thing to do. Always keep yourself busy so you won't have to think or remember. (on the yearly day of his family's death he will however be either unusually silent, or unusually snappy where he should be calm and collected).

He is very good at singing and has a voice that many say sounds magical and might make most people stop in awe while listening to him. It's nearly outer wordly where he can take high notes most other people have barely heard of (Youtube: Dimash).

He also enjoys playing the flute and violin with so much passion that even the Fae sometimes say he opens his heart and pours it out in the music he creates. Even animals tend to stop by and listen to his very soul that takes place in his music. In Fae society he's called "The soul singer" due to this phenomenon, no matter if it is through an instrument or song that the tones reach the air, it's still in its own way, magical to most who listen to him play or sing.

Rumors say that many non fae has heard music in the forest, got lured in but never came back out. Whether this is Kheelan's doing or the actual forest guards nobody knows and nobody probably never will. His grandfather had the skill of forcing non-fae to dance until they died when they had angered him, something that Kheelan has an aim for. It's very rare to see him without a flute or a violin in tow.


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