Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Freelancer
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Strength: 13 /30
Age: 26 (Deepfrost 283 PC) Dexterity: 13 /30
Height: 6' Endurance: 10 /30
Weight: 200lbs Luck: /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Asexual? Deity Alignment: -
She is built and born for a life in motion, constantly moving, constantly doing.

Her limbs are long and muscled from a life of action, sporting soft edges that come from a fondness of snacks and social drinking. Bottom heavy with densely built thighs and calves, Pap is relatively close to flat-chested, though the evidence of a body's ability to handle a hammer or scaling the cliffs of her homeland is plainly evidently. Perhaps she is not the strongest, but she does not need to be.

She is warm and vivid with dark olive complexion and a penchant for things that catch the eye. Color, gold, gems - when she is not working, she wears her wealth in bangles chains and rings, bright swaths of cloth and whatever else catches her fancy. Despite the undeniable fact that her sense of fashion is quite over the top and, dare we say {i]gaudy[/i}, there is a sense of rhyme and reason about it - order and matching. Papillion knows exactly what she's doing and clearly does not believe in dimming one's candle to let another shine brighter or avoid being the target of robbery.

Dark hair, bleached by sun and salt - Dark olive complexion - Steel gray eyes - Really thinks jumpsuits are radical
Always smiling, Pap is at first glance the very definition of a friendly face. With a go get 'em attitude and seemingly boundless reserves of energy "no" doesn't really strike one as being a main pillar of her vocabulary. Fairly easygoing, she makes conversation easy, though sometimes appears naive with the consequences ranging from comedic to potentially dangerous. Stupid or oblivious, nothing seems to ding that stainless grin of hers, sometimes not even the thick of a fight. It's then you realize a smile doesn't always make a face a friend. It isn't that Pap is cruel or even bully - she simply likes to fight, almost as much as she likes to look so shiny.
Born to a small family living by the seasonal landmarks that defined their mountain range home, Papillion craved freedom from an early age and sought it following a merchant band across an ocean where she found herself stranded and penniless at a young age. She worked various jobs, for a time a courier and for a time a thug, though she found a she best liked running errands for the local smiths, craving the heat of the forges that reminded her of the desert cliffs she'd once been born to.

With war stirred up, Pap found her avenues of commerce slowly wilting away until it became evident by her twentieth birthday she was denied license as a trades person of the city based largely on citizenship. Pap turned back to message running as a means of sustaining herself, earning quite the living by blade and fist. Unable to hold property and not entirely interested in it, either, Papillion amassed her earnings in gold and luxury living a life of mild infamy, putting down no roots so that when she stepped through a back alleyway door and never stepped back, nobody particularly missed her or thought twice about it.
Pap is the GOAT.

Nubian Ibex



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