Nephele Amoret

Basic Information
Race: Fae
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Greatwood
Profession Botanist / Engineer
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation
Character Information
Face Claim: Holland Roden Strength: 9 /30
Age: 53 (Deepfrost 256 PC) Dexterity: 14 /30
Height: 5'0 Endurance: 12 /30
Weight: 95 Luck: 2 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Better Than You
Orientation: Demisexual Deity Alignment:
A flame encased in frosted crystal, Nephele is an autumnal rose blooming from a winter birth. Most notable upon first glance is her cascading firekissed hair, falling to her waist in curling waves. It is often braided up across her crown or twisted in extravagant designs, either by her own delicate hand or her twin's. From an angular face stares light hazel eyes, rimmed with auburn lashes. Freckles dust across her slim shoulders and clavicle, sparsely flecked over her face and down the length of her arms. They grow ever darker as the seasons change and the sunlight kisses more into her flesh.

At a slender five feet, she and her elder twin are tall for their race, with expansive wings that inversely mirror Eriadne's - translucent copper with glinting silver veins. A more reckless flier than her sister, she prefers speed over maneuverability.

Like a vixen, Nephele is equally devastatingly beautiful, mischievous, and cunning. Born in a coven of silver-tongued aristocracy, she is quite adept at twisting words and deceiving others, though often she reveals her hand to further tease them instead of maliciously watching their downfall. She is enduringly competitive against her twin sister, though after half a century their ferocity has been tamed into gentle ribbing and teasing. Nephele holds her sister in impossibly high esteem, finding her to be her only equal in all things - and similarly holds herself upon a pedestal above most others. She is fiercely and almost jealously possessive of her sister's time and attention, having only been the pair of them for so long, and has no qualms inserting herself against anyone she considers a threat to their bond.

Though scarcely without her twin, Nephele is more mischievous and playful in private than her twin. Though still self-serving, she is at times caught out by her endless curiosity of the outside world and its inhabitants. And even those within her own home. Due to her sister's relentlessly flirtatious ways, Nephele is easily flustered by compliments and flirting, and can grow defensive and snappish in her embarrassment. Boldness and bluntness are not common in the Greatwood, and it can easily become overwhelming for her to experience such sincerity.

Though it is difficult to make Nephele see you as more than a shiny bauble or interesting specimen to dissect, if you are awarded her friendship she is loyal to a fault. Though at times overly possessive and protective, her heart is always yours if she deigns to trust you with it.

The twins were born during a long, blustery winter to a devoted pair of parents. They are raised in the wildwoods, running about on bare feet and strengthening their wings as the seasons melt together over the decades. Born to the outskirts of the Sidhe Village, the girls are privy to the mechanics of its army and Delah's firm, knowledgeable grip. Minstrels more than mercenaries, the twins often spent their time in the unclaimed depths of the Sea of Branches. They spend half a century learning their race's culture and knowledge, isolated from the bubble of the barrier that they regard with trepidation and perhaps some degree of superiority.

Their paths diverge as they approach maturation, developing interest in separate arts. While Eriadne picks up the sword with which to defend, Nephele follows behind her with an interest in the art of healing and science. Neither finds trouble with these decisions, for they will always be the perfect half to one another.

As they reach the cusp of adulthood, the barrier falls. They seclude themselves for a time, returning to the side of their parents until the waves of tension calm. However with the threat of the Blight encroaching upon their woodland home, the twins begin venturing farther and farther from their homeland in search of answers, tentatively peeking in on clashes between the Outlanders and Delah, and navigating around Arduinna's wild paths. Together, they decide to begin involving themselves more - for the sake of their home and the loved ones within. Eriadne seeks to join their warforces, and Nephele...well, her curiosity about the Outlanders and her desire to heal the blight leads her forth in mysterious, winding ways.

Eriadne || Elder Fraternal Twin Sister

Nephele's name can be pronounced Nuh-fay-lee or Neh-fell, and she is content with either



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