Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Nomadic
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

currently does not have his horn

Character Information
Face Claim: Lee Pace Strength: 11 /30
Age: 32 (Leafchange 278 PC) Dexterity: 11 /30
Height: 6' 1" / 185 cm Endurance: 8 /30
Weight: Underweight Luck: 5 /30
Gender: Male Relationship Status: N/A
Orientation: Asexual Deity Alignment: N/A
but somewhere here in between the city walls of dyin' dreams

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Baroque Friesian x Appaloosa
He is pretty as a princess, a muscular, graceful being draped in milk white studded with black spots. Pale blue eyes sit in a straight-profiled head, and from his broad forehead spirals a bone-colored horn covered in a thin layer of frost. Striped hooves are coated by the same. As a horse, he stands at 17.2 hands at the withers.

As a human, he is neither slim nor buff, with the potential for elegance and grace, should he get used to its shape. His hair is long and white-blond, and his eyes are the same glacial blue.


d'Artagnan's bag:
An indestructible leather bag, which once belonged to d'Artagnan the Nightshade. If Mauja wears it, the crystal staff is usually jammed underneath the leather strap at wither height, and rests across his back.
Contains: a small rock, a vial of Vjanta's blood, a green glowing claw from Vjanta, Mauja's runeblade, a small black flame charm, a necklace with a small orb in it, and two diamond snowflake charms.

Diamond Snowflake Charms:
Three diamond snowflakes, on individual strings, braided into his hair, just behind his left ear.

Moon Scythe:
A tall cylinder of slightly opaque crystal. The core is filled with dark vapors, causing the entire staff to resemble amethyst. The scythe's blade is lightly curved and made of the same material as the staff.

An unnaturally cold dagger of some dark metal material. The blade is circa 25cm/10in and engraved with runes. The hilt is an additional 15cm/6in, and fits comfortably in a horse's mouth.

White Leather Armor:
A set of matching vambraces and shaffron, both made from white leather and decorated with moonstone and sapphire. Owl feathers artfully line them in key places.

Note: Mauja is not wearing any items, aside from the snowflake charms, unless mentioned in the thread.
I am not who you think I am.
You said you'd wait forever
But I blinked ... and the world was gone

Not much is known about Mauja's past; he rarely speaks of it, if ever. All that we know is that he comes from the far, far north—"the roof of the world"—and that he carries heavy burdens and bloody secrets with him.

Year One

Mauja enters Helovia, and roams the Wilds. There, he meets Psyche and lays the foundation for the Plague—a secret organization of unicorn supremacists led by the two of them. As the season wanes, he is chosen as King of the World's Edge, and takes the name "the Frostheart". d'Artagnan becomes his dearest friend, and together they journey to the Veins of the Gods, where the Earth God teaches d'Artagnan about poisons.

To seal his pact with Psyche he sleeps with her, and she conceives. The God of the Moon descends to the Edge; she is greeted by Mauja and Mirage, blessing him with icy powers and revealing that the Order of the Sun has been brought down. She fears retribution with Tallsun approaching, and Mauja proclaims that any loyal Moon-follower is welcome to take refuge in the Edge. Later, Psyche gives birth to his firstborn, Snö.

The season is merciless—Mauja just barely dodges an uprising within his own herd, only to have the God of the Sun descend and set the Edge on fire. To add insult to injury, Torasin comes to preach of the Sun's glory. He's sent out with a scar-to-be on his haunch.
Frustrated by the Sun's actions, Mauja seeks out the leaders of the other two herds—Gossamer, Indy, and Kri—and brings them to the Veins of the Gods. Earth and Moon heed their plight, and return with Mauja to heal the lands of the World's Edge. In the wake of it, Lotus lures him into her bed with her magic.
It is also in the scorching heat of the summer that Mauja meets Ophelia for the first time. She trespasses, leading to Deimos leeching the life out of her, in turn leading to Ktulu choking Mauja.

The unnaturally long Tallsun leads to a short Orangemoon, but it is considered a blessing nonetheless. Shortly after the Edge's first herd meeting, their forest burns again. This time the culprit is Keahi, a mare who feels slighted by Mauja. They chase her from their burning home. Merely days after, Lotus gives birth to Tamlin, his first son.
One day differs wildly from the rest, though. Mauja steps through a wormhole. Upon a Frostbreath Steppe from a very long time ago he is given Irma's egg, the time-lost companion who was "fated for him". In truth, it was the not-yet-revealed God of the Spark who orchestrated it.
His return is less pleasant. Mirage, and her moon-followers, had managed to unite Helovia under her banner. Their cause? Wrest the World's Edge from the grasp of the unicorns. And following a bloody battle, they succeed. The former herd elects to follow Mauja out into the northern wastelands.

Year Two

Wounded and burnt, Mauja hides away in the Frozen Arch, where Ophelia happens upon him along with a healer. Together they heal him, and Ophelia apologizes to him for her previous trespass. Against his better judgment he finds himself drawn to her, but tries to put it out of his mind, for he has more pressing concerns: the safety and future of his herd. He lays plans to keep them safe, yet in the middle of a discussion with Psyche he is spirited away from the mortal world and becomes lost in another dimension.

His time spent slipping in and out of timestreams is a frustrating, hopeless trial where nothing ever stays the same. Irma, the snowy owl hatched from the egg, is the one constant keeping him sane.
Eventually his world begins to align more with that of Helovia. He appears as a ghost to some, and shares strange, wondrous and honest dreams with both Ophelia and Psyche.
Then one day he steps out through a mirror-portal, finding that things have changed in his absence. Psyche, now known as the Dark Empress, is the leader of his former herd, which has received a patron in the God of the Spark and a land known as the Aurora Basin. It is through their mirror he has returned. He spends most of his days trying to get his bearings again and reconnecting with his herd, which leads to a romantic night spent with the loyal Faelene.

He starts off the season by becoming some combination of drunk and high with his best friend, d'Artagnan the Nightshade.
Ophelia continues to test his loyalties and his heart. Her dragon, Tinek, enlists him to help her band of mercenaries—known as "The Grey"—take over the Windtossed Foothills, but he arrives too late and merely watches the battle. Still, they share a private moment in the aftermath before Mauja returns to the north.
Shortly afterwards Psyche calls together the Plague for a meeting, and it is revealed that a mare, Angora, knows too much and needs to be handled. Mauja volunteers himself for this mission, but on the way from the meeting it turns out that another mare had eavesdropped on them. It was the last mistake she ever made, as it brought down the wrath of the gathered Plague on her.
Meanwhile, new life has been growing in Faelene and she gives birth to a mute daughter: Sielu. Mauja doesn't know how to handle it and becomes slightly distant. During one of his trips down south he comes across his patron God for the first time, who admits to being the one who put Mauja in the timestreams. Unimpressed, Mauja leaves. Later, he finds himself in the Frozen Arch with Psyche, and a strange mirror of their first meeting in that place plays out. It ends with her raising him up to Lord of the Aurora Basin.

Orangemoon brings some strange happenings to Helovia. Clones of certain individuals appear, leading to a childish and desperate "other" Mauja running around and looking for the way back home. At the same time, the real Mauja runs into the clone of a herd-mate, Delinne. She's dark and demanding and wrong, eventually provoking him into attacking her. Irma floods his mind and causes him to kill the clone, but it's not until much later that he finds out the real Delinne is still alive.
Kri the Resolute, long-time leader of the Dragon's Throat, comes up north to challenge Psyche for the release of all their prisoners. Psyche defeats her, though just barely, and in retaliation Mauja heads south with a vague plan. In a stroke of luck he meets the Throat's Chancellor, Sumati the Sinbird. Somehow she does not recognize him as Mauja, and he takes the opportunity to invent a new character for himself: Dreven, of nowhere. He charms Sumati and is invited to join the Dragon's Throat, an offer he gladly accepts.

Year Three

Yearning for the familiar he seeks solace in the north, briefly returning to the Basin. There, he is met by a snow leopard spirit who blesses him with the ability to bond to two companions. Mulling over this he wanders in the Deep Forest, where he comes across Torasin, whom he has tried to hurt on every occasion so far. Torasin's dragon, Kiba, remembers this and attacks Mauja, burning his shoulder and causing him to panic. By accident he impales Torasin on an ice spike, killing him. Shocked, Mauja flees the scene of the crime.
Some divine calamity threatens Helovia, causing the four Gods to leave the world in the care of their demi-god children. With them they take the magic, the sun, and the moon, leaving Helovia in utter darkness. Upon their shrines glows a message: STAY STRONG. THERE MUST BE DAWN AFTER EVERY NIGHT.
Mauja doesn't achieve much in the Dragon's Throat. While the darkness protects him he moves too slowly, and suddenly the God of the Moon returns. Fearing he will be discovered, now that he is so visible in the dark, he makes to leave the Throat, but he is stopped, first by Gaucho, and then by Midas. The latter reveals that he is wanted—by Mirage—for the death of Torasin. Mauja, believing that Mirage would not give him a fair trial, tries to run from them. He only succeeds with the help of his brother, Sarazheha, who has come down from the far north to bring him home. Together, they leave Helovia.
Mauja: Iluq x Frost
It's the story of a soldier from the heavy infantry, and of a cunning sergeant from the agile vanguard—of a thick, black friesian with twain horns, and of a fleet-footed fox of an appaloosa mare. Their love thrived through long years of danger, until they were too old to keep fighting, and kept thriving even as many children tried and tested their patience. Of their numerous offspring only three are still alive this day: Eldrúna, the fiery firstborn who migrated far, far away, Mauja, one of the elder brothers, and the youngest, Sarazheha, the godsblood who whispers on the wind.
In the days of the grimmöld, both Iluq and Frost fell, valiantly protecting their homeland.

Legacy: Helovia
x Psyche
Snö (f. Birdsong 1—Tallsun 6)

x Lotus
{Tamlin} (m. Orangemoon 1)

x Faelene
Sielu (f. Tallsun 2)

x Sialia
{Glacia} (f. Orangemoon 4)

x Psyche
Själ (f. Orangemoon 4)

Key: italicized means deceased.
Irma, the dragonback
Snowy Owl
150cm wingspan · Blue eyes
Hatched: 29th September 2012 (Orangemoon Year 1)
Pristine white, but with a deep, metallic blue barring instead of black. With age her scalloping has faded. Nicknamed after the dragon's head upon her back.
colfrankland @flickr

Eurasian Eagle-Owl
185cm wingspan · Amber eyes
Hatched: 23rd February 2014 (Frostfall Year 4)
Regal, majestic, and haughty.
furlined @flickr
Be Lifted Higher
February 7th 2016, God of the Moon.
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"Because there are far more spectacular ledges to chuck me off than this one."
you're the antidote to everything except for me, December 2013
"'I love you!' he finally cried after him, their last rites:
his final message to carry with him into the world beyond."
fall of the woman king, October 2015
"But his voice could create no miracles, and the love in his heart was not enough to save her."
this is the part where you look at me, November 2015
"The top was lonely, the air so thin and the fall so high."
Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings, July 2016

Character of the Year Awards
2013: Most Eligible Bachelor, Most Influential and Most Racist (via The Plague). 2013 Mr & Mrs Helovia: Mauja & Kri. 2015: Most Emotional, Most Changed and Best Use of Companion Magic
Favorite Romantic Pairing Contest
October 2012: Winner, Mauja x Monster.
March 2013: Winner, Mauja x d'Artagnan.
May 2015: Second, Mauja x Kahlua.

For the entire list of Mauja artwork, see his tracker.

Appaloosa x Baroque Frisian



IRMA - Regular - Snowy Owl DIEGO - Regular - Eurasian Eagle-owl
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