Celosia Ayelet

Basic Information
Level: 3
Race: Ascended
Nationality: Outlander
Profession Scout
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Luca Hollestelle Strength: 8 /30
Age: 24 (Deepfrost 285 PC) Dexterity: 19 /30
Height: 5' 5" Endurance: 18 /30
Weight: 115 Luck: 9 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Taken
Orientation: Bisexual Deity Alignment: Does NOT like Frey
Celosia is a pretty, young lady with fiery red hair that reaches the middle of her back when it is let loose. Her skin is naturally pale, littered with faint freckles, especially on her face. Her jaw is firm, while her other facial features are on the softer side. Her eyes are usually a lovely hickory with intense energy, though when she gets passionate about something, they almost take on a crimson hue. Her smile is contagious and makes her eyes turn into little rainbow arches, though it isn’t often someone draws that girly giddiness out of her.

Her clothing, while once was frequently countless dresses, is now quite durable and style for maneuverability. She will always be wearing durable boots so she doesn’t have to constantly repair them. She usually wears black, but will sometimes mix it up for some kind of flash. Cel always has her satchel with her that holds her flint, steel, and some kindling, as well as her ruby cloak and her father's sword.

She has tattoos on her, though she keeps them hidden almost all the time. One is the orange outline of a small fire on the left side of her chest, and the other (which takes up most of her back) is of two wispy phoenixes. The red one dives from her right shoulder, while the blue one rises from her left hip, and they meet in the middle of her back. The phoenix tattoo reminds her to keep herself balanced.

As well as her tattoos, she has a large section on the outside of her right thigh to the lower portion of her hip where there is significant scarring...which could have only been caused by fire. The disturbed flesh could have been gotten rid of by a healer, but she kept it as a reminder of her magic's power; a way to remember just what damage it could cause to someone.

Passion and balance run her life above anything else. Celosia is a wild and creative person with a sparkle in her eye at almost any given time. She has a very difficult time stepping down when she’s told to, especially when it’s for speaking her mind. If she has a thought about some matter of importance, you had better believe that she will make herself known. Because of this, people either absolutely love her or absolutely hate her. Rarely is there an in-between, as she isn’t fond of people who sit on the fence. When she starts something, it’s both feet in or don’t bother starting.

Celosia has never had an issue when it came to fitting in. People seemed to naturally gravitate towards her, or they were completely repelled, which she was absolutely fine with. If people didn’t want to be with her, she didn’t have a problem with that. Of course that didn’t mean they wouldn’t hear her when she voiced her ideas in society. Regardless, she is still polite and highly sophisticated when it comes to socializing. If she dishes out an insult, it will be said in a way that the person would have to think twice about. She's accepting of everyone, though if you openly disrespect her, don't expect any niceties to be directed in your direction.

She's extremely intelligent and picks up quickly on anything she studies, be it in magic or academia or anything in between. If she's given the skills necessary to complete a task, Celosia will do it and go even further with her own ideas. Humility is important to her and she isn't overly fond of people who thinks themselves above everyone else, but she knows how to stroke the right egos to get what she wants when she wants.

There is a side of her that she rarely ever lets anyone see, and that side is the one where her insecurities lie. Celosia is a confident, young woman in the midst of a political environment, so she doesn't like when people see the secretly unsure side of herself. This sensitive, quiet side is the one the gives her the freedom to play music on her several instruments, as well as - on even rarer occasions - allows her to sing. Cel has taught herself to play the gemshorn, the flute, the vielle, and the citole. She has a lovely voice, even though hearing it is rarer than seeing a dolphin walk on land, but she'll only sing when she plays the citole.

For generations going back further than anyone can remember, the Tolin family bloodline has exclusively been made up of powerful arcanists who specialized in enchantments and conjurations. The men and women were revered with equal measure and served as both powerful sorcerers and wise scholars, depending on their field of expertise. The relatively recent appearance of elementalists threw the family off slightly, always subconsciously worrying that their perfect arcanist bloodline would be tainted by the presence of an elemental magic user.

Upon the birth of their first child – or rather, children – Eleanor and Patrick, the youngest married magic originals in the family, celebrated with the other family members. Twins were rare, so Eleanor and Patrick viewed it as a wonderful sign that their marriage would continue to be bountiful, though things quickly changed.

About a month after the birth of Krista and Celosia, Krista developed an extreme condition. She seized multiple times in a day, then passed away while she slept. The heartbroken parents turned all of their attention to Celosia, making sure she was in perfect health and happiness. Granted, the girl was a bit spoiled, but she was an only child after her only sibling died.

When she was four years old, her magic began to manifest. Celosia was sitting with her mother by the hearth, as her mother read her a bedtime story. As a commoner skilled in illusion magic, Eleanor would make the characters come to life - at least in the eyes of a young child. It was a fantastical story about mystical creatures and knights, which the little girl got very excited about. She pretended she was a phoenix and flapped her arms like wings near the fire. Getting a little over-excited, she waved her hands at the flame, making some of the fire jump from the hearth and into the house. Her mother quickly suffocated the flame and hugged Celosia to keep her from crying, but secretly was in a panic over what to tell Patrick, who was a strict blueblood and enchanter.

For the next few years, her magic went untouched. She was forbidden from being anywhere near fire, and her father – or anyone else – never found out about the ability. From a very young age, she was taught to fear her ability. If it was something like earth or water magic, she wouldn’t have been told to fear it, but fire was seen as a terrifying and destructive force in her family, so she had to pretend her abilities didn’t exist. Her enthusiastic and passionate nature started to dwindle over time, and she actually became very sickly. Celosia easily fell into depressive states and was constantly weak and inattentive in her lessons. She didn’t want to do anything, and it was difficult to get her to socialize with new people. The girl became almost a complete shut-in.

Her only outlet in that time was music and art. Though she was never too great at painting or sketching, her music skills grew at an exceptional rate. She was taught to play the flute and the vielle from tutors, but she took it a step further and began teaching herself the gemshorn and the citole. Cel was forced to sing for her parents and tutors, though there was always some kind of criticism and correction after the performance, which made her extremely insecure about her voice. Her father would spend time with her and taught her how to carve her own flute, so she created a small collection over the years.

When she was eight years old, her father forced her to go with him to the blacksmith. Celosia watched the blades coming out of the fire and being hammered into the proper shape. Then, she watched the boy – who couldn’t have been older than thirteen – magically reignite the dying fire. Slipping away from her father, the girl quietly watched the boy, curious as to why he wasn’t afraid that his magic would be out of control. He saw Celosia watching and smiled, showing off a little bit with a few simple tricks. Not only was she fascinated, but she actually felt a certain liveliness return to her, as though he had reignited part of her when he did the fire. Her father, oblivious to the truth of his daughter’s situation, asked if she could watch closer. The boy nodded, though Celosia protested, saying that ‘mommy will be mad.’ That was when the truth came out.

Patrick was furious with his wife for keeping such a thing secret from him, and he explained the necessity of an elementalist being near his or her element for the caster’s health. Eleanor was still scared of the truth, but she allowed Celosia to be near fire again, as long as the girl didn’t practice magic near her. Since the child was able to be near fire on a daily basis, her spirit returned to her, and she was able to grow into her true, spunky self.

As she grew up, her mother started slowing pulling away from her. Celosia became very close with her father, as he was the only person in her family to not turn his back on his ‘impure’ daughter. Since she was taught to stifle her magic for the years when she would’ve learned to understand it, she really didn’t have very good control over her abilities. Her father worked closely with her, even enlisting the help of the blacksmith boy, James Ayelet, who had reawakened Celosia’s spirit.

Celosia and James eventually worked together daily, as he taught her the fire could be used as a creation element, as much as it can be destructive. He showed her the water droplet necklace that he wore as a reminder that the world works through balance. When she was sixteen, he made her one that was identical to his. The next year, when she was seventeen and he was twenty-two, they were married in a small, intimate ceremony.

Their life together was prosperous, though unfortunately, it was cut very short. Celosia was extremely vocal in the political scene, while James was able to open another blacksmith shop, as well as begin a teaching career in swordsmanship, his best student being his own wife. By the time she was twenty, the young woman was pregnant with their first child. Unfortunately, before he got the news, James had signed up to be part of the Storm Army. When his training was complete, he was sent onto the front lines and died. Because of her husband’s death, Celosia fell into a state of depression, only furthered when she lost the baby shortly after.

Celosia, with nothing left in Northwind but a family who hated her, began to look into traveling through the portal. She wanted to start anew in the Settlement and surely there would be good use for a fire elementalist. The young lady had a long line of strong genes from a powerful family, so she was the kind of person who could make a good addition to that new world. She saw it mostly as a way to escape her old life and have a fresh start in a new place. So, when she was twenty-one, Celosia went through to the Settlement.

Since arriving, the girl kept her head down, but listened to everyone. She got herself a job working under the Chancellor as his political assistant, which was thankfully the leg in that she needed to start again in politics in Northaven. Celosia still uses her music as a relaxing outlet, and she's even started mixing her magic with her music, as well as using the music as a way to relax after political stresses she encounters during the day. Though she has only just begun truly speaking up regarding her political beliefs, but she has a lot to say and all the time in the world to say it.

While in Northaven, she met and fell in love with Archebold Cobb, a bloodfiend captain. Before arriving in Caido, she was secretly sired by Archebold and lost her magic in the process.


  • Magic: 20% Sunlight Resistance
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Items
  • Type: Grey
    Magic Anal Beads | When the user puts these beads up their butt, they are able to feel sexual pleasure for one night only. At dawn, the beads will disappear. NOTE: Please inform the admins after use.

  • Type: Light
    Auditory Translation Chip | This chip allows the user to comprehend foreign languages.

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