Basic Information
Level: 1
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Halo
Profession High Priestess of the Citadel
Primary Organisation ☆ Loreseeker's Guild
Secondary Organisation

I'm not beaten by this yet.
You can't tell me to regret.
Been in the dark since the day we met.
Fire help me to forget.

Character Information
Face Claim: (Shown is GAN-generated face from Strength: 8 /30
Age: 22 (Deepfrost 287 PC) Dexterity: 10 /30
Height: 5'6" Endurance: 13 /30
Weight: 130 lbs Luck: 17 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Beer
Orientation: Also beer Deity Alignment: Caido (Old Gods)
Ingrid's long tresses contain every shade of her former blue roan coat, and she often wears her hair in a ponytail, ironic as that may be. Anyone who remembers her from Helovia or The Rift will know her by her deep scarlet eyes. She stands a little taller than average, and her build is lean. In Halo, you will find her bundled in about as many layers as a croissant has. That said, whenever travelling to warmer climates, she likes to take full advantage of her fleeting wardrobe freedom, so you will definitely be seeing her bra. Got a problem with that? She'll bite you. Horse manners.
Ingrid is still the boozing, smoking, crass priestess-to-be you know and love. A devoutly religious delinquent, Ingrid is reckless and high-strung, and she swears like a sailor. Still, she’d much rather learn about legends and gods than fight in battles. She’s a tad vain, and she doesn't think scars would look very good on her. She's matured some since the RP-verse last saw her, so she's now a tad more likely to keep her thoughts inside her head. However, she retains her rebellious spirit and her tendency to refer to even the most esteemed of nobles as “m’bitch” with enough whiskey.


Ingrid was born in the kingdom of New Rheven. Found in the woods as a filly with her brother, she was raised in a monastery. She and Raziel had spend ages learning the name and legend of each god in their land. One day, the king had handed down a punishment to Raziel for a crime he hadn't committed, and Ingrid, being who she is, gave the king a piece of her mind. For that, she was cast into exile.


Ingrid came to Helovia fairly young and almost immediately joined The World's Edge. She joined the ranks of the Wise Ones, and began became somewhat close to the other knowledge seekers. She was thrilled by the divine grace of the Goddess of the Moon, the herd's patron deity. She was especially close with a mare named Akumi, and she even befriended Rikyn, the Aurora Basin leader who shared her cheap wit. She was just starting to feel at home when it was all ripped away from her.

"As the God of the Earth and the Goddess of the Moon's body exploded in a fit of rubble and starlight, the shimmery magic cast onto the portal by the Gods began to waver."


Ingrid regrouped with Akumi on the other side of the portal, feeling lost and without place in the world. She attempted to gather the others unsuccessfully as she saw her people scatter across the lands, herdless and aimless. At the very least, she found a few of the Wise Ones again. Then, one day while exploring the outskirts of Riftean territory, she vanished without a trace. Unbeknownst to everyone, she had fallen through a portal and found herself in Halo, 309 PC, in a human body.


Ingrid arrived in Halo about a year ago from The Rift. She was still brokenhearted about the loss of her Lady Moon, but The Citadel presented her with a simple choice: move forward or die. So, she adapted, learned how to cope with her human form, and started learning about the gods all over again. It did not take long for her to decide that her allegiance rested firmly with the Old Gods, but she resists becoming an attuned. She views her channeling as a connection to the divine, and she doesn't want that connection to be severed. Before the portal came back online, she'd never seen another Helovian transfer, so meeting anyone from Helovia will come as quite a shock.

While Ingrid has decided to devote herself to all the Old Gods, she has also always been the type to pledge herself to one deity more than the others. She finds herself praying most often to Caido, knowing full well that her prayers will never be answered by the absent creator. Instead, she hopes that some way, somewhere, the god is able to hear her gratitude for this world that caught her when she needed it most. She tries her best to carry out what his will may have been and strives to be a peacemaker. She is also sterile due to a congenital issue.

  • Channeling: Allows an Accepted to channel a lesser deity during a time of crisis (1x a season)
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Items

    Champion kegger. She has also spilled enough beer to win a few wet t-shirt contests
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