Basic Information
Level: 2
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Primary Organisation ☆ Loreseeker's Guild
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: avatar & profile img by BreezyCheezy Strength: 15 /30
Age: 18 (Deepfrost 292 PC) Dexterity: 14 /30
Height: 5'7" Endurance: 20 /30
Weight: ~120 lbs. Luck: 10 /30
Gender: nonbinary Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: questioning Deity Alignment:
Underweight for their height, with brown skin, brown eyes with long, dark eyelashes, and stringy, ragged brown hair that goes almost to their shoulders. If you look closely, you can see freckles, and there's a small black beauty mark near their right eye. Their red shirt is their pride and joy, the only thing they have that's not brown. They have a rope for a belt. Overall, a fairly generic Fields-hand, young and full of energy. Their resting face carries a very slight smile, always making Quanil seem friendly, approachable, and, most of all, hopeful for the best.

Quanil has more curiosity than wisdom, but that's hardly surprising for a young scrap of a thing barely 17. It's been true their whole life though: they've always wanted to know the whys and hows of things, always wanted to learn more, to find out and discover. When the Loreseekers Guild was formed, Quanil was still too young to join, and their parents have been trying to protect them from running off ever since they turned 16. "It's safe here," they told them, but Quanil believes you're safer learning about the threats, figuring out how to defeat or overcome them.

Quanil can't help but be optimistic. There's so much out there in the world, so much to learn and know. They're excited to discover it all, and to use that knowledge to help people. Sometimes, Quanil gets overwhelmed at the thought of it all; their babbling has driven their parents to distraction more than once. But when it comes to a task, Quanil buckles down and does it, even when people tell them it's impossible (that just tends to make Quanil stick with it). Their neverending curiosity and determination to be a Loreseeker has ruled their life; that doesn't look to be changing any time soon.


Quanil was born in Deepfrost; some people claim they were born on LongNight, but if that's true, their parents aren't fessing up to it. They were raised in the Fields, and, when they were young, their mother made what both parents now consider to be a crucial mistake: she began asking passing merchants to help Quanil learn to read. She'd taught them the basics, but she was a poor hand at math and could easily get flummoxed by a smooth-talking salesman using big words. It was meant to make the child a better haggler with the merchants, to keep them out of the trouble she had.

But then Quanil started learning more than just letters and numbers. Tales of other places, rumors of life before (and beyond) the barrier, the workings of Gods (both Old and New), stories even of people from other worlds! And they were hooked. It was inevitable, but both parents blame Mom's insistence on their child learning more than they knew.

Quanil helped in the fields, liking the animals better than the plants, but always coaxing all living things to grow strong and tall and... and flavorful. Please. Their dad began to wonder if the kid wasn't daft, trying to talk plants into growing. Maybe it was just their imagination, but Quanil swore it helped, that the food tasted better. Dad shrugged and let the kid do what they wanted; wasn't hurting nothing, and at least they were out there tending to everything.

Eventually, they had two more children - Freina, a daughter, and Kedran, a son. Mom tried to be more careful with them, but Quanil would tell them stories and teach them their letters and numbers. Each time, the parents would be scared, but each time, they had nothing to worry about; Freina and Kedran loved hearing the stories, but considered them just that: stories. They learned their letters and numbers well enough that Freina has become the scourge of every merchant who crosses her path, with adorable Kedran melting hearts with his big eyes. The two of them score discounts in a carrot-and-stick method (Kedran's definitely the carrot; Freina's insistence on good prices and not getting cheated is the stick), and the family's doing well enough, all things considered. Neither of the younger children has any desire to leave the Fields.

Quanil's family are the type of people who hide under tables when scared, who close their eyes and pray it goes away; Quanil was the type to open the door, to peer out into the dark and confront. Mom and Dad wonder how this can possibly be their child, but they were both there when they were born, Mom adamant she never consorted with anyone else. Maybe the kid is cursed? They don't know.

Then two things happened that sealed their child's doom (in their eyes): the barrier came down and the Loreseekers Guild was created. That was all Quanil talked about ever since: I want to be a Loreseeker! Mom and Dad have done everything they can to keep their firstborn out of the Loreseekers' hands. Quanil will go off on some "adventure" and never come back! It's just too dangerous out there!

But telling Quanil they can't do something just makes them want to do it all the more.


  • Channeling: Allows an Accepted to channel a lesser deity during a time of crisis (1x a season)
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Items

    Flowerbirth 310
    Longheat 310
    Leafchange 310
    Deepfrost 310
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