Libbs Walzek


Basic Information
Level: 2
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Halo
Profession Lockpick
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Chloe Bennet Strength: 16 /30
Age: 21 (Deepfrost 289 PC) Dexterity: 6 /30
Height: 5'3" Endurance: 16 /30
Weight: 110 Luck: 17 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Heterosexual (TBD) Deity Alignment: Probably to the first one that gives her a cookie

The first thing people usually see on Libbs is the top of her messy head. Standing at around 5'3" and weighing around the size of a large dog; Libbs has an ectomorph body type. Her limbs are thin, and dangly, her skin painted like the color of a milk-heavy latte. Small patches of brown freckles are splashed very sparingly on the edges of her cheeks and her shoulders. Her joints, collarbones and knuckles are very pronounced, with a sleeve of a now-faded hibiscus garden tattoo on her right arm. Occasionally, the careful eye may see some raised pale skin here and there from mechanical mishaps gone wrong- but nothing too out of the ordinary.

She has a pretty bad baby face, being very round and lacking of any defining bone structure. Her nose is small, her lips a pale pink- usually chapped and dry. Her eyes are her most defining feature, wide and seemingly in a perpetual state of bewilderment. They're sable in color, their emotion heightened by a pair of thick, expressive eyebrows that wiggle with every statement she makes. That is, if you can get her to just take care of her god-damned hair. Libbs has deep chestnut locks that had highlights put into them at one point, however, lack of maintenance and understanding of how hair works had left Libb's hair in a state where it can be a slighty frizzy, multicolored mop. Usually, she just wears it down and lets her bangs decide her vision levels for that day- but when she's working or has had enough with the sneezing she will pull it up into a bandana for easy management.

Generally speaking, Libb's wardrobe has always been pretty simple. Hoodie, plus a top and some jeans. Maybe some boots or sneaks. All sponsored by ya bois at Goodwill, but with this entry into this new world, it's to be determined whether that's going to change or not.


Libbs is like a train with no conductor. A lot of energy, very simple at the core of the matter, takes some time to warm up- but no real sense of direction when it comes to where she's going with a conversation. She's the type of person to get distracted or latch on to whatever happens to strike her fancy at that moment. It also leads into very vocal and open mannerisms and behaviors. Libbs is quite friendly, and she enjoys learning and meeting about new people. This is especially true if it falls into a category that she has never seen or heard before. This fascination with the 'new' tends to make her a bit naive, and likely to trust people very easily- the first time around. Bamboozle her again though- and she'll probably just pout and give you a stink-eye.

Those who hang around will learn that Libbs is generally very laid back, open, and honest. Sometimes to a fault, as Libb's mouth will usually run before her brain has caught up. But it's all in good intentions, as Libbs is a very good-hearted person. Her commentary usually stems from a place in her that truly wishes for the best for people- even if she has little to no knowledge on a subject matter. It can lead into some pushy, helpful behavior if not countered right away.

Her interests and intelligence are very mechanical in nature. Libbs enjoys puzzles, and connections. She is curious, and absolutely must open up a black box if she finds one. In a past life, her passions were mechanisms and machines (particularly cars) and to become an engineer was once a long time dream of hers. However, while Libbs can be eccentric and innovative- she isn't inherently bright. It takes her a while to foster a knowledge on something, especially if the concept is abstract in nature. More tactile/tangible mediums tend to work best, and you'll find Libbs leaning more towards building a house then studying in a library any day of the week.

Libbs tends to get spooked by very close and intimate interactions. A combination of insecurities and self image issues; it often gets played off onto the nearest distraction she can find. Additionally, Libbs tends to have a hard time talking about her own emotions on a matter. To say an opinion is one thing- to expose a personal story or feeling she has is another. It can lead into some very interesting (usually conflicting) message signalling, as while one part of her may crave it, on another- it is absolutely afraid of damaging the very frail ego she has.

TLDR: Young, dumb, loud, eccentric, and slightly insecure


On a planet much like Earth, there existed a large city. Spanned states even, and as such was home to many a sort. A couple of blue-collared workers got married, and they had some children. Grace, Will, and Liberty. (Libbs for short!) And for a while, life was good! Her first five years or so had hazy memories of a rose tinted childhood, with a bright sun in the sky, a playground full of children. Her siblings pushing her on the swingset, screaming 'Higher higher!'.

But most good things don't last forever. A couple of bad governmental decisions. A sudden catastrophe in other parts of the world. Some new innovations, and next thing you know, both parents are out of a job. Grace had dropped out of college, and started taking up working to help ma and pa, Will was still considering dropping high school and joining the army. And Libbs? Well, Libbs was still too young to do anything. But she wanted to. Oh did she want to. Even if everyone else was telling her 'no', she was tired of being the helpless babe. She was a part of the family too, and it was her obligation to help!

Around the time she entered high school, Libbs was desperately looking for opportunities to help her family and prove her worth. Eventually, she ended up in a class for mechanics and after much nudging by friends started taking an apprenticeship in a nearby car shop. And for once, Libbs was thrilled! Underneath the program, she was consistently being taught new things, and yeah, sure they often called her for some randomly nice cars in the middle of the night.. BUT they often paid her very well for her troubles, enough to pull her family out of a tough time! And she was genuinely good at it.

But then, things got complicated. As a few more years passed and she graduated high school, working at this car shop grew a lot.. stranger. And dangerous. Nothing like getting pulled out from underneath a car and slammed against a wall for something you had no idea about. And as Libbs read reports of increasing stolen cars and their descriptions- Libbs slowly started to connect some dots together, and in horror, realized what she had been pulled into.

The first person she went to was her parents who.. did not react well to their daughter's honesty. Ashamed that their daughter had resorted to crime to earn money- Libbs was kicked out of the house, forced to stay at a nearby friend's. And while time probably would have healed their anger and helped them come to more reasonable decisions, Libbs was desperate to make things right, and on some level, absolve herself of the horrible thing she had become! A couple days of hard, emotion-filled thinking drove herself to the police department. Where she came clean, on everything, on the promise of freedom of repercussion.

It would lead to a gruesome couple of months- of court trials and testimonies, only driving further conflict within the family. And as the trials progressed on- the family would find itself coming home to fires and other nasty acts of vandalism. In the attempt to fix things, Libbs only made it worse. Eventually, as items continued to escalate- law enforcement agreed that it would be in the family's best interest to enter witness protection, and leave the city. And thus, the family that Libbs had worked hard to help and protect, was now forced to split to avoid potential tracking. And Libbs? Well.. Libbs decided to go by herself, instead of going with her siblings or her parents. It lead her to a hotel room some many miles away, by herself. And in the middle of the night as she was going to get a glass of water, her closet had an unusual glow.. and she just HAD to investigate.


Fun Facts

  • - Libbs does not remember most of her history coming into Caido. She gets glimpses of it. but doesn't quite recall too much about it.
  • - Libbs does know her real name. She does not like being called 'Liberty'. and I doubt she will ever tell anyone.
  • - Libbs has allergies. Not life-ending ones, but sneezes and such
  • - Libbs speaks Chinese. Picked it up in school. Does no good now.
  • - Libbs is a huge dog person. Which is deliciously ironic because that is one of her main triggers for allergies.
  • - When Libbs hopped into the portal to Neverland Caido- she and everything near her warped with her- including her basic tool set (wrenches, screw drivers), a jacket, and her wool pajamas. Libbs however, doesn't totally remember yet what the tools are for, other then she found out that screwdrivers are good for poking things.
  • - Libbs always wanted to visit Hawaii. Always. She loves the tropical island visual and it is the reason why she has the tattoo on her right arm

  • Channeling: Allows an Accepted to channel a lesser deity during a time of crisis (1x a season)
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Citizenship Ability
    Living in Halo means at some point you've digested a small amount of mageglass. As long as you live in Halo, you can increase one of your magics to a higher level, once per PQ/PQ+/KQ/Drop. (In order to use this ability, you must specify the magic to be increased at the bottom of the post in which it will be used.)

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