Ashetta Yla

Basic Information
Level: 7 (lvl 3 Attuned)
Race: Attuned x Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Messenger

Character Information
Face Claim: Emily Rudd Strength: 10 /30
Age: 28 (Longheat 289 PC) Dexterity: 27 /30
Height: 5'0" Endurance: 19 /30
Weight: 100lbs Luck: 14 /30
Gender: Female Intuition: 0 /3
Orientation: Demisexual Deity Alignment: Mort
Relationship Status: Soul Bonded to Kalt Ravenshire

At a glance

  • -- Five feet tall
  • -- Black hair, kept short, often just above her shoulders
  • -- Vibrant blue eyes, now often seen with a ring of gold thanks to her wolf shift.
  • -- Very pale skin, never seems to tan.
  • -- Almost always at a partial shift, teeth and ears both extend to a point

A closer look

   Ashe is both slight of stature and demeanor, preferring to maintain an air of anonymity. It’s a skill that’s perhaps not as necessary as it once was, but it’s been a tough habit to break. With raven black hair and skin as pale as the Ascended, the pretty little thing certainly should not be short of suitors, but finds that a cold disposition and sharp glares with her unnerving blue eyes prove to be successful deterrents to most. Her lips are a shapely rosebud when not stretched into a smile or pulled into a frown, but she prefers to be without any sort of color.

Things to note

   Ashe has a considerable amount of scars scattered across her body. The most notable:

  • -- Over the left side of her upper lip, two small ones over her left cheekbone
  • -- Her hands are heavily scarred - her right hand holding a large and jagged one over the top.
  • -- She is missing the pinky finger of her left hand, wears a prosthetic made by Remi Abruzzo.
  • -- Her legs are covered in light burn scarring.
  • -- A small scar on the left side of her throat.
  • -- Her back is the most notable of all, deeply marred and entirely covered by the scars of a whip.

   Ashe is rarely seen without her signature cloak - a dark, rich royal blue. Almost always wears dark clothing.


At a glance

  • -- Clever
  • -- Perceptive
  • -- Driven
  • -- Brave
  • -- Passionate
  • -- Curious

  • -- Prideful
  • -- Mistrustful
  • -- Impulsive
  • -- Obsessive
  • -- Cynical
  • -- Intense

A closer look

   Prickly might be what comes to mind when asked to describe what Ashetta is like. She doesn’t have a warm or welcoming way of being, and most find that they don’t enjoy her abrasive  company much. She's got a dark and skewed sense of humor, and most jokes are wasted on her. She takes life far too seriously, seeing everything as a desperate fight for life. Growing up as first a beggar, and then trained as an assassin, she has fostered a personality shaped by hyper vigilance, pain, and paranoia. On the flip side of that, however, there was a bloodthirsty and egotistical nature fostered in her.

In truth, she's a deeply wounded woman with too many demons for someone so young. Abused in all angles of the term, tortured, forced to do terrible things.. and betrayed by the ones she thought loved her. She never trusted those that took her in, not truly, but the betrayal hurt all the same. It had hardened her, and convinced her that she must learn to depend on only herself. Her entire life, she has relied desperately on others to support and protect her, and she is fighting to stand on her own two feet. She does much of everything on her own now, though she has grown to fiercely love a small handful of people, and would kill and die to protect them.

Ashe is not explicitly unkind to others if they haven't given her to reason to be, but is certainly off-putting in both snark, sass, and lack of manners. In this new land, and new life, she has a hard time adjusting to lack of immediate danger to her and the people she loves, and struggles deeply with learning how to cope with life and the demons left behind now that there is no longer the shadow of her tormentor looming behind her.

Things to note

   Ashe suffers from C-PTSD, an intense mental illness that develops through continuous and repeated trauma.

   She has an eidetic memory, both a blessing and curse.

   Ashe has a few specific triggers: being underground, full face/expressionless masks, being touched with leather gloves, and absolute darkness (sensory deprivation)

A Chronicle of Ashes


   Vervain Clayborne was a young woman full of promise, such a vast life laid out ahead of the original. While still a commoner, her parents jealously guarded her hand for marriage. If she were to marry anyone but another original, all that potential within her would collapse. Her proud family kept a close eye on her, of course, as she was the only girl of their children and could afford to scrutinize each and every suitor that came sniffing at her feet. Vervain’s thoughts on the matter were pointedly ignored, of course. Silly girl, only sixteen, how could she know which family would bring her family higher? How could she know which she had to stay away from? She was restless, stifled, and all to eager to break away from the suffocating mold her parents sought to stuff her into - a tale as old as time.

   Trusten Yla was entirely unaware of the role he would play in Vervain’s escape. A young shapechanger that worked as a horse trainer on a coast, able to turn from trainer to black stallion at will, he was a valued employee of the family business. They had dealings with people from all over Northwind, but there was one family they outright hated. The Clayborne family were pointed enemies of the Yla family - an old blood feud and horse-business rivalry that would never fade. Sensing the chance at rebellion, Vervain made a trip to visit the ranch. She did love horses, after all. Trusten soon became the Clayborne daughter’s most valued friend. He adored Vervain, and it was no secret that he was terribly in love with her within just a few months of taking her on her sunrise rides. She was the first original, that did not look down her nose at him, and found joy in his form of a stunning black steed. It wasn't long before he even consented to her riding him through the trails and galloping in open fields. How he loved bringing her joy, making her howl with laughter as he careened down the marketplace with her on his back and disturbing the city. She was the light of his life, and began to dread the day she'd be sold off the most eligible bachelor. Already it was a struggle to even see her with how desperately their families despised each other.

   It was a star flecked morning at the top of a knoll that he asked for her hand in marriage, She cried openly, knowing what could happen, how furious their families would be. But for all she had tried to avoid it, Vervain loved Trusten with all of her heart. They married quickly and quietly, and they fled their families to find a home for themselves. Trusten established himself as a horse trainer on his own on the coast, trying to gain a foothold in a society that saw him as less than. They lived peacefully. Comfortably. He did everything in his power to provide for his wife, to give her the life she deserved. Vervain was unaccustomed to doing her own work - laundry and dishes and cooking and cleaning. These were skills foreign to her, and she was quite terrible at them. She did not complain, though, and her husband was patient. It was hardly a year into their time as newlyweds that Vervain announced herself pregnant.


   Ashetta was a stunning little girl, her eyes bright blue and hair raven black. Vervain and Trusten never knew they could love so much until they laid eyes on her, and Ashe believes she will never know love as pure as what her parents wrapped her in and nurtured her with. If she’s being honest with herself though, she realizes she hardly remembers her mother, with no memories at all of her beyond the age of four - no memories of the way her mother praised her baby's lightning, no memories of the way her father urged her to keep it hidden. Only vague memories of fairytales and lullabies, windchimes and sunlight on the farm they lived on, tucked into the roots of a mountain along a rocky coast.

   For you see, Vervain grew very, very ill. Her family, the Claybornes and Rowans, knew magic healers, but when Trusten approached them, to beg them to heal their daughter? To be sure their granddaughter had a mother? No, they told him, we will not. She was no longer their child, and Ashetta was no relative of theirs. Ashe’s father tried and tried and spent every penny they had trying to keep her alive. He stopped working, he needed go take care of his wife, raise his daughter. Nothing he did could save her. Perhaps a healer might have, but an unemployed shapechanger could not afford such services. Ashetta lost her mother a couple of months after her fourth birthday. She stopped using the magic her mother loved so much.

   Trusten had forsaken his livelihood to care for his sick wife, and with her gone, he lost much of his purpose and life. He did not abandon Ashe, at least. He was there for her, never brought up her missing magic and certainly never spoke of her mother anymore, and loved her more than ever... but being there for her with no income soon lost them their horses, their belongings and soon their home on the ocean. With no other choice, the family of now two abandoned their seaside farm to seek refuge and salvation in the capital city.

   Having lived rural in the mountains by the sea for a long time, Trusten never expected it to be so hard to find work in the city. He was a shapechanger whose form was a stunning black stallion - surely someone could use him as a worker? He even began to offer himself in his animal state, a horse that could pull and work and do it more efficiently than a normal horse could. It was with no avail. His late wife’s family had worked hard to spread the word of who he was, tarnishing his name and reputation. With every employer wary of hiring someone so "morally corrupt", he was turned away at every door. He and his small daughter were beggars now, and he had nothing to give her.

   Ashe never fully understood what it was that they had lost. She knew she missed her mother desperately, and cried for her often, but her father was quick to sooth away the tears. Sometimes, she would awaken to a soaking wet bed, thinking it was the blood her mother had vomited on her death bed. Sometimes she swore she could feel a snap of electricity when she was angry... but Trusten was always quick to calm her fits, never making her think it was unusual. He took her on many rides, developing her skill as a master horseback rider and effectively distracting her from the woes of street life. This could not last forever, of course, and soon hunger became a constant companion to the little girl. By the age of five, she looked more like she was three with the extent of her malnutrition, and her father seemed to have aged ten years. As time progressed into the harshest winter they’d known... It became clear that little Ashetta would not survive another one.

   Trusten had been out seeking warmth and foot for a little girl that had no strength left to walk. He bundled her up in the rich blue cloak he'd purchased with the last of Vervain's jewelry, huddled her into a street corner as inconspicuously as he could manage. He returned as quickly as he could when a blizzard he hadn't expected set in.. and he was horrified to find Ashe barely conscious, almost entirely buried in a snow drift. He was going to lose her.

   With trepidation, her father took her on another horseback ride. She curled on his back and held onto his mane with frozen fingers, and couldn't even feel the warmth of her father as he plod through an unfamiliar part of the city. ‘Papa, where are we?’ she’d mumbled, forgetting that he could only answer her with a chuff and a swish of his tail. He halted outside of massive iron gates, distinctive enough that Ashetta recognized the place from other street urchins speaking of it. Before she lost consciousness entirely, she registered that they had come to the place she heard many of the other beggars whisper of and avoid: Northwind's Guild of Assassin’s. The Assassin's Keep.

   Trusten secured employment and residency as an infiltrator and stablehand in the massive estate, but for a price. The Master of Assassins would save his daughter and give them work, a place to live, but the masked man with a warped voice demanded Ashetta herself as the price. With great regret and desperation, he handed over his five year old little girl to be trained and schooled as an assassin - sold to who might as well have been the devil himself.

   Growing up was comfortable - she had her father still, and she was given wonderful clothing. Ashetta ate delicious food, and she was taught to both read and write - something not usually available to a girl of her station. And? She learned to fight. She learned to kill brutally, quickly, and without mercy - she took her first life when she was seven. She learned to wreath herself in shadow and disappear before anyone knew where the kill came from. It wasn’t often that the guild got to mould someone from such a young age, and soon she was favored by the Master of the guild. Some called her his prodigy, something that had something snapping and crackling in her bones. Of course, her head trainers - the senior assassins - weren't particularly happy that the little whelp was currying all the favor... but being the favorite had its price too. To have Master's full attention on her was anything but a blessing.

   Ashetta trained with the most elite assassins of Northwind, was tutored with the best education money could buy. She was spoiled rotten, given gowns and jewels and pampered to keep her looking as lovely as a young girl should, allowed to shop with a bottomless purse, given an exotic horse and taken to the opera house for shows regularly. And... and she was rarely allowed to see her father. Their time together was fiercely controlled and limited, but she was at least allowed to see him, to spent time in the barn with him or he'd come and see her for breakfast or supper... And she was brutalized. She sparred until she couldn't stand, until she was bleeding so heavily her head spun - there were no dulled weapons in the guild. She was punished soundly when she acted out, often by the only trainer she had that she could trust. Master himself never raised a violent hand to her, but had the senior assassins, her teachers, enjoy that for themselves. No, his personal punishments were far more terrifying than making her bones break and skin bleed.

   Vears passed, and she grew more skilled and more sought after for contracts. She constantly had to evade the Storm Guard, but this soon became much easier as they were called away to handle the war that loomed on their doorstep. War was good for her, profitable. It would get her closer to paying off her debts, because her father’s meager wage from Master certainly brought them no closer to not owing anyone. Sometimes, she had a good evening with her father, or he’d take her on an early morning ride and she was reminded that she did love him.

   It was a few days following her seventeenth birthday that something in her snapped.

   Ashe had defied her Master before. She had been disciplined thoroughly every time. She'd even collapsed a trafficking deal once, getting her sent to the south and away for eight months before she was allowed to return to the Guild. She had gone behind his back before, thrown a knife at him before, gotten much too close to one of her trainers... but this was different.

   Ashe had been returning by carriage to the Keep, having had a nice evening blowing some of her Master's money on dresses and jewelry and delicious food. At a stop, a scantily clad woman slipped into her cart. Ashe had drawn a blade, but held back when she saw the tiny baby in the woman's arms. 'I have to leave,' she cried, tears streaming down her face. 'I've been sold to a man far more violent than your Master, you have to help me. The orphanages won't take her, they know who her father is, please, you have to take Theea! Protect her!'

   Ashe didn't even have a chance to protest before the infant was left in her arms and the nameless woman was gone. Ashe was left with a child of the man she hated and feared. She managed to sneak into the Keep undetected with the sleeping babe.. Theea. She went to her trainer, begged him for help - he hated Master as much as she did. Together they hid the infant in the cellar with the mute healer, and.. Gods, Ashe fell in love with the little girl. For months she, her trainer, and the healer took shifts in caring for Theea. They all agreed they needed to find her a safe home away from Master, but he had known the prostitute was with child. He was looking for the baby, and they needed to find a way to get her out of the city under the nose of the Master of Assassins.

   But he was the Master, and nothing could stay hidden under his nose for very long. The masked man discovered her with Theea in the cellar. She had never seen her Master so angry, and... Ashe wasn't afraid. She didn't remember much after she had set the child down behind her, taking up a defensive stance in front of the baby. She remembered suffocating heat and snapping in the air, her hair standing on end. And then?

   She was in darkness. Complete, suffocating dark. Ashe had been in this pit before, and always, it brought panic. She was in a small space, nothing more than a deep hole dug in the earth. She didn't know much time passed. Two weeks? Three? And with nothing more than stale bread and a flask of water lowered down now and then. She had been in there so long, she forgot who she was, where she was. It was insanity that frayed her mind, made her feel like her very soul was being suffocated by the earth.

   Then she was dragged out, she was covered in her own filth and mud, and blinded by the sudden sunlight. Rather than be allowed to wash and return to her rooms, her arms were strung up at the posts. She registered the sound of a whip slapping the ground. 'Twenty lashes, Ashetta.' The sound of that warped voice stirred up a deep sense of hatred in her. Where was Theea? She suddenly remembered the babe. What had he done to her? 'You will count each one.'

   The first lash came with searing pain, but she made no sound. She did not count. 'If you do not count, we will keep starting over at one.' His voice was chillingly calm. The whip swung again, and still she made no sound. By the time they reached twenty, still she did not count. They started over again, and again, and again. She shook violently, and her shirt had long since been sheared off by the whip and leaving her torso bare. The earth greedily soaked up her blood, and she could have sworn it had been steaming.

   It wasn't until one of his lashes ripped through an already slashed open wound that she screamed. He did it again, and she cried now. She didn't know what was left of her back, if it was all just bone and blood and ravaged flesh. She didn't know how many lashes there were, but she'd lost so much blood, this hell, this unending hell should have already killed her - why was she still alive? Was the healer keeping her standing from somewhere to the side? There had to be magic at work... She heard the whip slide back to strike again, and she had started to weep, but someone's murmuring stopped him. She didn't know who saved her, and never discovered it. She screamed when she was moved again, blacking out before she'd been fully dragged down the stairs and to the healer's cellar.

   She spent five weeks in that cellar, laying face down while the healer worked on her. Where that trainer she trusted so deeply worked on her. She was kept alive by that healer.. and kept on the very brink by her trainer. Her spirit, her soul, was broken more than she thought possible in that cellar, during those five weeks. Broken, and saved. Her magic manifested then for the first time, the stormclouds that gathered on the floor of the cellar, flickering and whispering with lightning as she lay chained. She thought it was a hallucination, for how far her mind had descended into madness. Between the pain and the breaking and the healing was her physical therapy, and by the end of that time down there, her body had been rebuilt, and her mind thoroughly dismantled.

   When she was allowed to return to training and accepting contracts, she never spoke of her ordeal, and her Master never did either. She was muted, less sassy and more bitter. She was interested in her newfound abilities, though. A trained assassin and a magic original? Commoner or blueblood, soon she would be unstoppable. Ashe ran to her father and begged him to take her on a morning ride. He was all to eager to agree, considering she had hardly spoken to him since the pit and the whipping - he hadn't tried to save her. He hadn't come to see her in the cellar. When they reached the outskirts of the city she asked for him to find them a secluded place. It was there that she showed him the electricity that hummed to life in the palms of her hands. She looked at him with such a grin, it broke Trusten’s heart. His daughter looked so much like her mother just then, Vervain’s stunning smile shining through the darkness that Ashetta had been forced to endure. He was proud of her, so proud of her, and he told her so. But… yes. But.

   Ashe’s smile faded, her brow furrowing as her father expressed his fear for her, how he was sure the guild would use her magic, and her newfound status as a blueblood. Well yes, of course, she thought. Of course they’re going to use my magic, they need to use me! She did not seem to understand what they would ask of her. Trusten recognized the magic she used as destructive, as dark. What else could it be? There'd been hints of it when she was a child. At first he'd thought her one of those Elementals, but lightning was not their domain. It would destroy her. In anger, she demanded he return her to the Keep. She stormed to her room and retired for the evening, but something about what he said had wormed into her head.

   Ashe was sent on another contract, leaving without telling her Master of her discovered abilities. She tried to learn and fiddle on her own, but the electricity was unpredictable and hard to control. She knew she’d need to tell her Master soon, she needed to learn. But… would she learn the right things through them? Perhaps her father could find a way to get her into a magic school without Master knowing. She never got the chance to ask him.

   When she returned home, her latest target’s lifeblood still staining her clothes, he was nowhere to be found. On an infiltration mission, they told her. Odd, it’d been a long time since he’d been sent on one of those. Ashe patiently waited for her father to return. She trained, she secretly tried to practice with her lightning. Two days passed. Four. A week. Ashetta approached her Master, demanding to know where he was. I have not heard from him. the masked man had told her. Yes, that was normal. Sometimes they didn’t hear from spies for weeks, even months. And yet something didn’t feel right. Her father was not a spy. He was a stablehand, and he occasionally helped spies get to where they needed to go. No he was not stuck on a mission. Something was wrong.

   Ashetta set to work, gathering all the information she needed on where he’d gone. She discovered that he’d been sent to a merchant’s manor, deep in the heart of the city. He was not there, nor was he anywhere close by. No, she learned with carefully, torturously, gleaning information from a guard that she would never find him. Dead, he’d panted in his wet, fear drenched voice. I remember now! Dead, buried a big black horse outside the city, gold cuff ‘n all. A certain kind of silence gripped her then. Ashe doesn’t remember much of what followed. She did not return to the Keep and murder them all, as the magic in her bones roared at her to do. She played nice until she got a chance to slip away, shaking any tails following her.

   She approached the authorities, the King, and she sold out the guild.

   She witnessed a few public executions and trials, and she knew many of her former “family” were locked deep down in the dungeons. Many, though, evaded capture. Many searched for her, for her life. She hid, desperately trying to preserve her life through whatever means she could. She knew they would kill her if the impending war didn’t, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could evade them. Finally, a chance arose. She approached her rulers and her oppressors again, reminding them of the information she gave them, and begged for passage to the new world. She would put her skills to use as a master horseback rider, run messages, and she would attend the new magic school to hone her gifts. Please, she begged. Yes, they decided. Magic blood running through her veins, she was perhaps worth saving. And so Ashe’s new life began, sent in the second wave to The Settlement, later named Northaven. Still she lives looking over her shoulder, wondering when the guild will catch up to her and seek retribution. She spends her days maintaining her skills, and trying to master this strange, unknown magic within her.


   Coming soon...


   Coming soon...


coming soon ...

A rough estimate of this character's damage potential is as follows:

HP: 1

Unarmed strike:5

Physical attack with a basic weapon/attuned shifts: 15

Physical attack with an upgraded weapon/attuned shifts: 25

Physical attack with a mastered weapon/attuned shifts: 35

Magical attack with basic magic/mythical shifts: 19.5

Magical attack with upgraded magic/mythical shifts: 29.5

Magical attack with mastered magic/mythical shifts: 39.5

Black Timber Wolf | Royal sunangel

  • Magic: Undetectable | As long as she remains perfectly still, Ashe becomes entirely invisible, though can still be heard, touched, or smelled. She will remain invisible for as long as she can remain still. Small movements, like breathing or subtle head movements, don’t appear to affect it much. Full movements, however, render her visible again.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic
  • Lightning manipulation: Can create and control Lightning. Must be within a 30ft radius.
    Type: Dark | Rank: Mastered
  • Fire Manipulation: Can manipulate flames. Must be within a 5ft radius, control is weak and unstable and requires concentration.
    Type: Dark | Rank: Basic
  • Water manipulation: Can manipulate water. Must be within a 5ft radius, control is weak and unstable and requires concentration. Can manipulate water in glasses and puddles
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Citizenship Ability
    The world is new to you, and you to it. During PQ/PQ+/KQs/Drops, you roll with advantage on luck-based rolls and receive an extra name during drops. (In order to use this, make sure to note the ability at the bottom of each post)
  • Type: Light | Style: Other | Level: Basic
    Magic Rings | These rings connect the two wearers mentally - meaning telepathically and emotionally, rendering them privy to each other's every feeling and thought when untrained in protecting one's mind. This can cover vast distances. They will only function together if they are both put on with knowledgeable consent from both wearers.

  • Type: Grey | Style: Offensive | Level: Upgraded
    Kinesis Bracers - Stores kinetic energy that can be released at will. Gives +3 strength and +1 endurance for one post, and +1 endurance in the next two posts. Also causes a knock back.

  • Type: Dark | Style: Other | Level: Basic
    Prosthetic Finger | A latex-like prosthetic with metal cables fitted for Ashetta’s missing finger. There is a button on the inside of the palm that can also magically create a small flame. The device will not wear or rust.

  • Type: Grey | Style: Other | Level: Basic
    Safrin's Pendant | An onyx-like round stone on a chain with an etching of an eye in it. Its magical powers are unknown.

  • Type: Light | Style: Offensive | Level: Basic
    Flash Bang | A flash bang that when thrown emits a blinding flash of light that will disorient almost any creature. Can be reused.

    PERCY - Mythical - Unicorn (Superspeed) SOOT - Regular - Wine Spider
  • Player Post Count: 1,553
    KQs: 4
    PQ+s: 0
    Mini Events: 3
    SWEs: 5
    PQs: 5
    Player MP: 150
    do you believe you can walk on water
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    in Shrine on 09-01-2019
    Vi, Nephele, Ronin, Loren, Remi, Ianto, Jigano, Amalia, Deimos, Sunjata, Bastien, Melita, Phoebe, Kiada, Roana, Are, Renaud, Rexanna, Wessex, Eliza, Lily, Hotaru, Arduinna, Amun, Lusea 36 Last post by Roana
    on 10-10-2019
    [PQ] meat in the flesh
    in Woodland on 08-26-2019
    Loren, Sunjata 14 Last post by Sunjata
    on 09-09-2019
    [Training] of monsters and mazes
    in The Labyrinth on 08-24-2019
    Loren 7 Last post by Loren
    on 09-08-2019
    Ghost Walk
    in Ruins on 08-21-2019
    Jigano 13 Last post by Jigano
    on 09-08-2019
    [Mini Event] Always another storm
    in Temple on 08-21-2019
    Remi, Loren, Phoebe, Deimos, Wessex, Bastien, Jigano, Melita, Kiada, James 26 Last post by Remi
    on 08-26-2019
    [SWE] Festival of Lights
    in The Wildwood on 08-20-2019
    Remi, Court Official, Loren, Ronin, Phoebe, Beatrix, Ludo, Deimos, Rexanna, Amalia, Wessex, Bastien, Samuel, Jigano, Melita, Lily, Kiada, Peter, Adam, Are, Jiao, Sunjata 24 Last post by Wessex
    on 08-31-2019
    Find My Way Back
    in Sanctuary on 08-06-2019
    Kalt 9 Last post by Kalt
    on 09-06-2019
    [KQ] change the tides
    in The Spire on 08-06-2019
    Remi, Court Official, Ronin, Deimos, Amalia 53 Last post by Court Official
    on 08-21-2019
    Give me tomorrow & I’ll take your hand
    in Ludo's Woods on 08-03-2019
    Remi 13 Last post by Remi
    on 09-08-2019
    tomorrow we fight.
    in The Settlement on 08-01-2019
    Amalia 12 Last post by Amalia
    on 09-05-2019
    gunmetal bones and wolf's teeth
    in Ludo's Woods on 08-01-2019
    Deimos 19 Last post by Deimos
    on 09-10-2019
    a word that i can't forget.
    in Domiciles on 08-01-2019
    Phoebe 16 Last post by Phoebe
    on 08-25-2019
    the wheel has come full circle
    in Monster Hunters Guild on 07-28-2019
    Ronin 18 Last post by Ashetta
    on 08-23-2019
    Table for Three
    in Woodland on 07-27-2019
    Jigano 26 Last post by Ashetta
    on 08-23-2019
    oh this thread, it's red, it's red
    in Glade on 07-24-2019
    Mercutio 8 Last post by Ashetta
    on 07-31-2019
    rattle the cage
    in The Settlement on 07-24-2019
    Kiada 31 Last post by Ashetta
    on 09-04-2019
    bury me low
    in Woodland on 07-23-2019
    Cera 10 Last post by Cera
    on 08-22-2019
    all exits look the same
    in Monster Hunters Guild on 07-22-2019
    Remi, Ronin 12 Last post by Ronin
    on 07-26-2019
    [Mini Event] I and love and you
    in Fields on 07-22-2019
    Remi, Ronin, Vervain, Rory, Phoebe, Roana, Safrin, Deimos, Rexanna, Amalia, Wessex, Bastien, Samuel, Jigano, Melita, Adam, Are 48 Last post by Remi
    on 07-27-2019
    [PQ] smiling out of fear
    in The Outskirts on 07-18-2019
    Remi, Random Event, Amalia, Jigano 25 Last post by Ashetta
    on 07-22-2019
    Light Up, Light Up
    in Sanctuary on 04-18-2019
    Kalt 3 Last post by Kalt
    on 04-20-2019
    the future's blurry, but the past is a trap.
    in The Outskirts on 04-18-2019
    Killian 8 Last post by Killian
    on 04-21-2019
    a visit from starboy
    in Domiciles on 04-14-2019
    Ronin 5 Last post by Ronin
    on 04-20-2019
    in The Spire on 04-13-2019
    Ronin, Kalt, Safrin 13 Last post by Ashetta
    on 04-13-2019
    all that we are
    in Woodland on 04-13-2019
    Vervain 14 Last post by Vervain
    on 04-20-2019
    [DROP] Teine ​​is fortan
    in The Stonesong on 04-11-2019
    Remi, Random Event, Ianto, Rory, Phoebe, Kalt, Deimos, Amalia, Wessex, Jigano, Lily, Lucas, Caiside, Arthur, Maea, Adam, Are, Eliza 49 Last post by Random Event
    on 04-18-2019
    legends never die.
    in Shrine on 04-09-2019
    Kalt, Mort, Safrin 16 Last post by Mort
    on 04-12-2019
    listen when there's no sound
    in Atheneum on 04-06-2019
    Kalt 5 Last post by Ashetta
    on 04-06-2019
    a big black dong in the sky [OPEN]
    in The Outskirts on 04-05-2019
    Ianto, Roana 10 Last post by Ianto
    on 04-21-2019
    [SWE] The Core and the Voice
    in The Spire on 04-03-2019
    Edrei, Rory, Zariah, Kalt, Desmond, Deimos, Wessex, Samuel, Jigano, Kiada, the VOICE, Lucas, 108, Are, the CORE 23 Last post by Samuel
    on 04-07-2019
    [KQ] The Limit
    in The Spire on 03-27-2019
    Court Official, Samuel, Edrei, Aedion, Zariah, Wessex 34 Last post by Ashetta
    on 04-03-2019
    [PQ] His Dying Wish
    in The Spire on 03-20-2019
    Roana, Are, Edrei, Vervain, Random Event, Rory 19 Last post by Edrei
    on 03-27-2019
    CANUS Novus
    in Glade on 03-18-2019
    Caleb 5 Last post by Caleb
    on 04-13-2019
    i've been trying to sleep
    in Shrine on 03-17-2019
    Safrin 14 Last post by Safrin
    on 04-03-2019
    a line at the edge
    in Monster Hunters Guild on 03-17-2019
    Remi 22 Last post by Remi
    on 04-23-2019
    clinging to the edge
    in Domiciles on 03-16-2019
    Vervain, Kalt 11 Last post by Vervain
    on 03-24-2019
    Oh Captain, My Captain
    in The Spire on 03-16-2019
    Kalt 4 Last post by Kalt
    on 03-16-2019
    [KQ] Bigger A(spire)ations
    in The Spire on 03-11-2019
    Remi, Court Official, Ronin, Roana, Safrin 41 Last post by Roana
    on 03-15-2019
    [Training] bone shaker, dominator
    in Domiciles on 03-09-2019
    Kalt 5 Last post by Ashetta
    on 03-14-2019
    hurting but not helpless
    in Woodland on 03-08-2019
    Random Event 8 Last post by Random Event
    on 03-11-2019
    [SEASONAL EVENT] belladonna
    in Woodland on 03-05-2019
    Vervain 18 Last post by Ashetta
    on 03-17-2019
    Music of the Night {Seasonal Thread}
    in Woodland on 01-23-2019
    Kalt 2 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-24-2019
    [PQ] Quality Assurance Testing
    in The Outskirts on 01-19-2019
    Remi, Random Event, Edrei, Vervain, Zariah, Kalt, Archebold, Jigano 38 Last post by Remi
    on 01-28-2019
    Mine? Yours.
    in Domiciles on 01-09-2019
    Kalt 10 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-20-2019
    Madness Remains
    in Ruins on 01-08-2019
    Kalt 2 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-09-2019
    [Mini Event] just the way of things
    in Temple on 01-08-2019
    Remi, Edrei, Isla, Ronin, Rory, Phoebe, Roana, Zariah, Kalt, Alistair, Archebold, Deimos, Rexanna, Amalia, Wessex, Jigano, Melita, Kiada 33 Last post by Ronin
    on 01-19-2019
    [OPEN] it's always me i fight {Seasonal Event!}
    in Woodland on 01-07-2019
    Ronin 6 Last post by Ronin
    on 01-22-2019
    Feel That Fire
    in Shrine on 01-07-2019
    Kalt, Frey 8 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-19-2019
    blood on the ice {Seasonal Event!}
    in Woodland on 01-06-2019
    Kalt 7 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-20-2019
    Poking the Bear
    in Woodland on 12-30-2018
    Devrum 7 Last post by Devrum
    on 01-14-2019
    My Cup of Tea
    in Rathskeller on 12-29-2018
    Vervain, Kalt 17 Last post by Vervain
    on 01-22-2019
    What the #?*!
    in Domiciles on 12-28-2018
    Kalt 16 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-13-2019
    [Training] [OPEN] Polishing the Family Silver
    in Woodland on 12-27-2018
    Jigano 18 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-20-2019
    A Gourd Game of Fetch {SEASONAL EVENT}
    in Woodland on 12-26-2018
    Kalt 16 Last post by Ashetta
    on 12-31-2018
    Hey, Pumpkin {SEASONAL EVENT}
    in Domiciles on 12-26-2018
    Kalt 19 Last post by Kalt
    on 12-31-2018
    [OPEN] run run rebel
    in The Outskirts on 12-21-2018
    Celosia 5 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-06-2019
    A Hunter's Domain
    in The Settlement on 12-19-2018
    Kalt 6 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-23-2019
    Shattered Windows, Broken Locks
    in Domiciles on 12-19-2018
    Kalt 20 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-03-2019
    Paradise Found
    in Oasis on 12-17-2018
    Kalt 16 Last post by Ashetta
    on 01-06-2019
    Tongue tied in this situation
    in Sanctuary on 12-17-2018
    Remi 11 Last post by Remi
    on 01-21-2019
    It's just the trauma talking
    in The Settlement on 12-16-2018
    Ronin, Safrin 22 Last post by Ronin
    on 01-07-2019
    Use Your Words!
    in The Spire on 12-16-2018
    Celosia, Archebold 7 Last post by Celosia
    on 12-26-2018
    Catch that gourd! {Seasonal Event}
    in Glade on 12-15-2018
    Kalt 10 Last post by Kalt
    on 12-17-2018
    firing across the sky [OPEN]
    in Temple on 12-10-2018
    Kalt 19 Last post by Ashetta
    on 12-19-2018
    [DROP] No time like the present
    in Bone Bridge on 12-07-2018
    Remi, Random Event, Edrei, Ronin, Vervain, Celosia, Vanya, Kalt, Devrum, Alistair, Archebold, Kaladin, Desmond, Deimos, Rexanna, Attraes, Bastien 55 Last post by Ronin
    on 12-16-2018
    in Woodland on 12-04-2018
    Attraes 8 Last post by Ashetta
    on 12-18-2018
    i can't save the world if i'm not happy anymore.
    in The Underground on 12-04-2018
    Kalt 13 Last post by Ashetta
    on 12-12-2018
    You Sweet Fool
    in Woodland on 12-02-2018
    Vervain 21 Last post by Vervain
    on 12-30-2018
    [SWE] The Festival of Lights
    in The Outskirts on 12-01-2018
    Court Official, Remi, Wessex, Vervain, Amalia, Rexanna, Ronin, Bastien, Deimos, Desmond, Asavvi, Devrum, Archebold, Jorseval, Alistair, Tae, Edrei, Celosia, Kalt, Sarya, Rory, Koel, Loren, Elyna, Ludo 66 Last post by Rory
    on 01-07-2019
    We drink to forget (Ashe)
    in Woodland on 11-27-2018
    Kaladin 10 Last post by Ashetta
    on 12-28-2018
    in Woodland on 11-26-2018
    Alistair 2 Last post by Ashetta
    on 11-27-2018
    On the loose
    in Skyport on 11-18-2018
    Celosia 2 Last post by Celosia
    on 11-18-2018
    Do you believe that you can walk on water?
    in Skyport on 11-17-2018
    Random Event, Alistair 8 Last post by Ashetta
    on 11-25-2018
    Chasing Scars
    in Woodland on 11-14-2018
    Kalt 10 Last post by Ashetta
    on 12-17-2018
    You Can’t Take Me
    in Skyport on 11-13-2018
    Kalt 16 Last post by Ashetta
    on 11-16-2018
    [PQ] I'll Drink to That
    in Rathskeller on 11-08-2018
    Remi, Vervain, Devrum 17 Last post by Vervain
    on 12-02-2018
    [KQ] Big A(spire)rations
    in Skyport on 11-06-2018
    Mimora, Moses-Joel, Court Official, Ronin, Koel, Roana 23 Last post by Court Official
    on 11-15-2018
    [SWE] Where Angels Fear to Tread
    in Skyport on 11-04-2018
    Court Official, Edrei, Elyna, Ronin, Remi, Isla, Vervain, Koel, Loren, Mimora, Moses-Joel, Feirsanbrus, Amaya1, Celosia, Delphine, Kalt, Enigma, Zariah, Roana, Phoebe, Vanya, Beatrix, Edera, Devrum, Dodge, Alistair, Archebold, Sarya 71 Last post by Sarya
    on 11-22-2018
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