Rance Grenier

Basic Information
Level: 1
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Wanderer
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: James Franco Strength: 11 /30
Age: 26 (Leafchange 284 PC) Dexterity: 13 /30
Height: 6' Endurance: 13 /30
Weight: 165 lbs. Luck: 8 /30
Gender: Cis Male Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Gay/Demi-romantic Deity Alignment: N/A
Broad-shouldered, but otherwise slim framed, fit but not muscular. Pale skin that burns instead of tans. Auburn hair, cut short and tousled. Vibrant, blue eyes set in an angular face. Prefers to wear dark, muted colors and either a black cloak or jacket, a reminder of the cloak of feathers he no longer has or needs. Both ears are pierced; a small silver loop in each lobe and a helix piercing on the right adorned with another silver ring.
‘He's 10 lbs of snark in a sexy 5lb bag’. Sharp-tongued and quick with a retort, Rance’s mouth gets him into trouble more often than it gets him out. He isn’t afraid to tell someone if he thinks they’re wrong or an idiot. The other side of that is he also isn’t shy about flirting with a man he finds attractive. Both are likely to get him in trouble, but while he can’t seem to keep a leash on his tongue, he’s not so reckless as to purposely start fights. If possible, he’d much rather run away when a fight goes too far, so long as he’s not worrying about anyone other than himself. Under the trouble-loving bastard hide a gruff introvert. He doesn’t form emotional connections easily and is slow to open up, but once he’s decided to give someone a place in his heart, he’ll be loyal to a fault. When protecting a friend, concerns about his own self-preservation go out the window completely. His interests lie in learning stories, from books and from people, and it’s in stories that he finds his peace. When he’s had enough of people, it isn’t unusual to find him tucked away in a corner of a bar or under a tree with his journal or a book, needing those moments of solitude to recharge before he can be social again. If he doesn’t get that time, or is genuinely annoyed, he’s likely to snap at anyone who comes close, his razor sharp tongue brought to bear as a weapon.
He was born a raven, hatched under a moonlit autumn sky. From the day he could open his eyes, he knew he and his parents weren’t the same as the other members of the flock they flew with. Sometimes his parents were birds, larger than normal ravens, but just as black-feathered and broad-winged. Sometimes they took off their feathers like a swirl of autumn leaves and walked around as humans. As soon as he was old enough to understand speech, they taught him home to do the same. How to turn his wings into a cloak of feathers and shrug it off in exchange for a naked, wingless form. While his parents taught him to always be careful not to reveal himself around humans, Rance found it hard to be properly afraid of them. He enjoyed everything about them, from their festivals and stories, to the way they haggled in markets and grumbled over their cups. As he grew older, he learned their language, too, and fell in love with the written word. He began to scribble down his thoughts on scraps of paper, in the dirt with a stick, or scratched out on bark with bits of charcoal. His first job amongst humans was copying documents and transcribing letters, using the coins he got to buy the first of many precious bound journals. He also learned that he very much enjoyed physical activities with humans. Dancing, fighting, and sex. The last especially, though he more often found eager men among the other fae he met than among humans. On reaching adulthood, Rance left his family and began traveling collecting jobs and acquaintances like other ravens collected shiny trinkets. He became good friends with a fae circus performer, a traveling merchant, the owner of an inn he frequently returned to, and a handful of others. He also made many more enemies, people who didn’t appreciate his unasked-for observations or sharp retorts. He learned to fight – or, more accurately, brawl – in order to defend himself after his mouth took him a bit too far. It was while stumbling out of one such bar fight that Rance fell through a portal, drunk and a bit more addled than he’d admit to. Following a road sign he didn’t remember being there before, the city he expected vanished and, from one breath to the next, a great tree stood before him….
His last name is one he came up with himself as a young adult in order to fit in with humans. He received no family name from his parents or their flock. He brought nothing with him to Caido beside the clothes on his back, his earrings, a small pack containing his latest journal, writing materials, and a few coins.

Northern Raven



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