Roana Steadman

Basic Information
Level: 6
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Soldier
Primary Organisation ☆ Monster Hunters Guild
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Alexandra Daddario Strength: 24 /30
Age: 29 (Longheat 282 PC) Dexterity: 26 /30
Height: 5'8" Endurance: 24 /30
Weight: 165 Luck: 11 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Its Complicated
Orientation: Straight Deity Alignment:
Roana is one of those lucky folks who got the best of both worlds in regards to traits from her parents. She is tall and broad shouldered like her father, with a strong, muscular build and a squared jaw. However, it is balanced out by wide hips and a waist trim from her mother’s traits and her constant training and her mother’s wide eyes, long lashes and high cheekbones to ensure a decidedly female appearance. She is, in many respects, what you would expect an Amazonian to be, though a bit on the short side for a true Amazonian.
Roana is a bright, bubbly, energetic young woman. She is a ball of energy, a go-getter. Her ambition is laudable. Equally, she is stubborn, like most from the Lincolnshire line. Telling her she can’t is an issuance of a challenge for her to prove you wrong. She is loyal, sometimes to a fault, and a horrible liar. While she looks like an Amazonian, she is in personality the Energizer Bunny.
Roana is the first-born child of legendary hero Byard Lincolnshire and wife, Colette, a Blueblood woman from the southernmost part of the kingdom. She is the first of six, her siblings in order being Gabriel, Lance, Xander and Kane (who are fraternal twins), and Lorelei. She was always a little different than your typical blueblood girl. She loved her papa and wanted to be just like him! Of course, she was taught how to dance, and curtsey, and blah, blah, blah, but she loved the days papa took her to training and showed her how to hold her wooden practice sword!
However, her parents both passed while she was still young, and she and her siblings were sent to live with their Uncle Levi. She would love to tell you that he stepped in as a second father, but that would be a lie. He was almost never around and she only ever saw him at formal family dinners, and then he exclusively interacted with her brothers. But that was fine, her other uncles stepped in to her father’s shoes. Especially her Uncle Rickshaw. She spent a lot of time with him and his children, including Grey Lincolnshire.
In this family of warriors and knights she flourished, and enlisted in the Storm Guard the day she turned 16. By then she had already mastered the broadsword, but upon enlisting she began training with the Claymore, which is now her primary weapon. Her energy and strength, coupled with the legendary heritage she had, saw her quickly rising in the ranks over the next seven years. Of course, she did earn her ranks as well. She was a fierce fighter, very much like her father, and a great tactician. If she was in your battalion, you could be ensured success.
When the call was sent for people to join the settlement in the 2nd wave, she was approached to join. She was offered the position just below the Storm Captain to sweeten the deal. Despite her youth, she had enough accolades from her current career and the hopes that she would be as successful as her father. A tall order for young shoulders but she was eager to exceed expectations and signed up right away. Though she made it clear, her sights were set higher. She wanted to be a leader and would make it happen.

  • Channeling: Allows an Accepted to channel a deity during a time of crisis (1x a season)
    Type: Light | Rank: Upgraded

  • Citizenship Ability
    The world is new to you, and you to it. During PQ/PQ+/KQs/Drops, you roll with advantage on luck-based rolls and receive an extra name during drops. (In order to use this, make sure to note the ability at the bottom of each post)

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    on 11-22-2018
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