Delta Ngata


Basic Information
Level: 2
Race: Mermaid
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Torchline
Profession Explorer
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Natalia Dyer Strength: 10 /30
Age: 19 (Longheat 291 PC) Dexterity: 13 /30
Height: 5'4 Endurance: 13 /30
Weight: That's rude Luck: 14 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: ??? Deity Alignment: Old Gods
Delta has shoulder length brown hair with gray eyes and almost always a smile on her face. She seems like your average human from the waist up, but the other half of her body is a lion fish. Due to living under water, she does try to keep her hair tied up in some way, almost always intricately and with clear care taking into account. She also has taken up to wearing jewelry that she has found underwater, may it be lost from a sailor or something she created herself, she will almost always be seen wearing some kind of bracelet.
One of the most obvious things about Delta is that she is adventurous. Not one to shy away, she is constantly searching for answers to- well- everything! It doesn't really matter what it is, she is constantly trying to learn more. This means that she is an incredible listener, always ready to hear what another person has to say. Because she lives a very optimistic life, she also believes strongly in the idea of people deserving some sort of redemption and that she shouldn't judge someone based on their appearance. This also means that she tends to be very naive at times and can most likely be easily persuaded or convinced of certain ideas. She is unfortunately gullible at times and due to not knowing a whole lot about the world outside of the water, she also may believe almost anything said to her about the surface world.
Still, she tries to believe that everyone deserves to speak and that any story is an opportunity to learn. Oh yeah, she's also the daughter of the leader, something she doesn't really see as a big deal or something to mention. Since that's just normal and all the merfolk know it.
Like any other merfolk, Delta grew up from an egg. The usual. She is just your average merperson, save for the fact that she is the daughter of the leader, Maru. Otherwise, yeah, she is totally normal! So far, Delta has met quite a few mouthbreathers! Some fun, some boring.

Lion Fish

  • Water manipulation: Can manipulate water. Must be within a 5ft radius, control is weak and unstable and requires concentration. Can manipulate water in glasses and puddles
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Items

    CLIFFORD - Regular - Hel
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