Keyes Sen


Basic Information
Race: Fae
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Greatwood
Profession Thief
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Jorge Garay Strength: 4 /30
Age: 50 (Flowerbirth 261 PC) Dexterity: 11 /30
Height: 5' Endurance: 9 /30
Weight: 96 lbs Luck: 11 /30
Gender: He/him Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Pansexual Deity Alignment: Rae/Frey

Keyes is a boyish fae, though certainly on the tall side. Incredibly lanky and slender build wise, he's not very strong physically. Speed and agility are his assets, which he flaunts happily. Flaxen blonde hair that he keeps styled like a mullet, a tail in the back and a mess of blonde all the way up front. Bright, light brown eyes, drink in and mimick the color of sap, a hot honey molasses color that he uses to charm and wink and trick.

Adorned almost always in some kind of face paint, whether that be full face or a simple tint to his lips, he loves to play with his appearance. He favors flowy clothes, whether that be billowy pants and no shirt, or a nice dress, or the frequent head scarf, he dresses as free spirited as he is. Ever at his side is his mouse companion, a sunny, big eyed creature that often nestles in his hair or on his shoulder. Hyperion, or Rio, is practically an extension of him, as they've been bonded since he was very young.

Keyes is a survivor, and that much is always present in his personality. He's chipper, sarcastic, a prankster and a trickster, and most importantly he looks out for his number one. Number one, being himself, and his very close relationships. Those include his sister Naavi, and his companion Rio, other's have yet to come and stay and burrow into his loyalty as they have. For them he shares endless love, devotion and compassion.

For others, Keyes is a wild card. He's strong willed and manipulative, a true chaotic neutral, he has very little respect for rules that make no sense. Rebelliousness and hot headedness run rampant in his personality, and vanity is a deeply struck chord. He likes to play the role of the roughish thief, the charismatic charlatan, the imp. Keyes is a mess of a boy, as flippant and kinetic as the wind and all the skies most vibrant colors.

What comes from chaos will always be chaos, and that remains true for Keyes. Keyes was born shortly after the death of his father's wife, though his father's wife was not his mother. And her death was not at all an accident, but uxoricide. Keyes's father killed her, then disappeared from Sidhe village out of guilt, out of fear, out of cowardice. Keyes's birth mother had simply been a one night stand, an affair. Though upon finding out what her fling had done she wanted nothing more to do with the baby. She brought the newborn boy to the already broken family of his older half-siblings and left him there for them to raise.

The circumstances of his birth were tragic and messy, though his upbringing was only the latter. He was practically raised by half sister Naavi, and she is the closest person to his heart. She taught him and loved him as a mother would, and it is to her that he owes everything. Despite her compassion however, he will always hold a bitterness towards the world and distrust of others. He was abandoned by his mother, born a bastard son of a killer, and the wound will always sting.

Perhaps it was a god or a kind spirit who granted him another loyal friend, but when he was 16 years old (still a child in fae years) he came across a dormouse, abandoned as he was, and nursed it back to health. Hyperion, bonded with him, not just as pets do but as a companion; his lifespan lengthened and his emotions in sync with Keyes's. Together the pair began to get in trouble together, taking out his frustrations in the form of pranks and thievery, pickpocketing and conning.

Keyes continued this behavior into adulthood, and even now on the eve of his 50th birthday, he is a vivaciously rebellious spirit, who courts excitement and lives fast. A lover not a fighter, though a bitter lover he is.




HYPERION - Regular - Mouse
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