Olavi Heskin

Basic Information
Level: 1
Race: Mermaid
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Torchline
Profession Bodyguard
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Miguel Ángel Silvestre Strength: 15 /30
Age: 34 (Leafchange 276 PC) Dexterity: 13 /30
Height: 6'0" Endurance: 12 /30
Weight: 13.5st Luck: 5 /30
Gender: Male Relationship Status: Dating Nerissa
Orientation: Heterosexual Deity Alignment: ?
Dark brown eyes underneath a sharp and often-frowning brow, Olavi is often scowling. His hair, mid-length on the top of his head and shaved on the sides is often messy from the water and he usually has stubble across his chin.

Olavi cuts an intimidating figure: tall and broad at the shoulder, he has the physique of someone that spends a lot of time trying to be big and scary. Muscular and with a sharp jaw and large, scarred hands, he isn't afraid of manual work and labour. His tail, that of a Grey Reef Shark, continues his threatening appearance down to the last detail; some of his fins have chips from past fights.

On his right arm, he has a cuff tattoo. He has several smaller tattoos around his body, for example shark teeth surrounding his left elbow and some black rings/skulls on his fingers.

He has a scar on his top lip cutting upwards and several scars and old marks on his torso from past scuffles and misadventures. Usually, to prevent too much further injury, he wraps his fists in tough seaweed-woven bandages.
Olavi is, in a word, a hardass. He knows how to shut off his own empathy and sympathy and compartmentalise for later and how to position and present himself to induce the maximum fear he can in those he faces. With a curse-ridden way of speaking and tendency to glare automatically, he isn't what most would consider 'friendly'.

However, this man is not entirely a brick wall. Most obvious in his relationship with Nerissa, wherein he becomes a willing servant, lover and friend, Olavi can be a loyal companion when he respects someone enough to let them in. Those he loves can be guaranteed protection til the end of their days and he will unquestioningly help with most issues.

Less beholden with traditions and more with his own interests and opinions, Olavi does not share values with the majority of Mer, his beliefs a mix of the old and new in Caido. If something benefits his and Nerissa's empire, he doesn't give a fuck who it came from or what it wants.
It's a family business.

Since Olavi was small, he was raised to be a protector: his father, his mother and siblings were all bodyguards or muscle for some organisation or another and it was just what they did. As his father used to put it: 'we hit hard so the rest of the ocean can live in peace'. While his upbringing was often tough and difficult, there was love in the family and an understanding between them all: in his years since leaving his home he's learnt some important lessons about love and gentleness, but still returns to his family reguarly.

Sometime some years ago, he met Nerissa. Love at first sight might have been more poetic, but at first he found her difficult to get along with and not that attractive: seeing the woman work though, how she could sidle and barter and get what he wanted...love certainly wasn't far behind his first impression and since he has become her shadow, ready to defend her whenever the need arises.
Olavi's tail/shift is a Grey Reef Shark.

Grey Reef Shark

  • Base Illusion: Can create minor sensory effects within a 5ft radius
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic

  • Citizenship Ability
    Torchline: Torchline has taught you to survive her weather and her terrain. Once per PQ/PQ+/KQ/Drop, you can 'shrug off' half the damage from ONE non-lethal attack. (In order to use this ability, you must put a clear note in the bottom of your post immediately following the attack you want to 'shrug off').

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