Aurelia Murlow

Basic Information
Level: 4
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Torchline
Profession Smuggler
Organisation(s) Smuggler's Guild

Character Information
Face Claim: Alexa Davalos Strength: 16 /30
Age: 24 (Flowerbirth 288 PC) Dexterity: 16 /30
Height: 5'7" Endurance: 20 /30
Weight: 132 lbs. Luck: 18 /30
Gender: Female Intuition: 0 /3
Orientation: Bisexual Deity Alignment: None
Relationship Status: with Milo
A woman of fine stature; Aurelia is tall without being lanky and athletic without being built like a brick shit-house. She's made for adventure; for the fight and the flight - and she knows it. She makes an effort to keep her body in its peak condition, avoiding unhealthy habits or laziness. Morning runs and spars are the 'secret'. She's not one to sit still for very long... unless it's to sleep. She is an avid believer in the power of cat-naps.

As far as appearances go, she'll usually wear clothes geared toward exploration or work, while still offering her plenty of mobility. Her mess of curls will likely be pulled lazily out of her way. Aurelia feels no shame in hard work, or reflecting it in her outer appearance. Her hands are calloused, nails are often broken, and her skin is likely to be blemished by the odd bruise or scratch. Speaking of blemishes, she has many scars from her previous life and she wields all of them like badges of honor. Her lighter green eyes and softer facial features stand out against this rough-and-tumble look.

(4th image depicts Aurelia's main scars, though it's by no means all of them)

Aurelia has a tough attitude paired with the heart of a survivor... and she's bound to find some way to prove it. Trouble has no problem finding its way into Aurelia's life, oftentimes bringing it upon herself. But she is not a bystander to her own destiny; she will grab the horns of any bull that dares to rear its head at her. Figuratively or literally. Though a healthy fear of death, above all else, keeps her from being just too reckless.

She has grit and spirit but, within her strength, there are soft spots. She knows what it's like to live a hard life, for things to never quite go the way they should. She empathizes with those who are less fortunate, who struggle, or who're simply underdogs by nature. Privileged assholes don't garner much respect from her. She'd rather attach herself to those who are worth their salt. Beneath all of that, too, she can be childish, mischievous. Growing up, her life didn't have much room for the lighter things in life. Now that everything is different and she doesn't have to live that way anymore, she tends to soak up the moment and opportunities. She wants to make a better life.

Aurelia has a dog-like loyalty to those she calls friends or family, forming strong attachments if she opens herself up to them. She doesn't give up easily on those who matter to her. There is even the small hope that someday she'll reunite with her sisters. Some way, somehow.


Before Caido


Bounty Hunting

Order of the Black Flame

For a record of more recent events, visit Catalysta's tracker.
When Aurelia was cast under the archmage's paralyzing spell, she was also significantly weakened by a curse. This was to reflect her stats as a new character, in spite of her prowess as a bounty hunter, but it will fade away over time (as she levels).

A hunter does well to know their prey. Aurelia has a basic understanding of the different types of magic.

  • Fire Manipulation: Can create and control flames. Must be within a 30ft radius.
    Type: Dark | Rank: Mastered
  • Air manipulation: Can manipulate the air. Must be within a 5ft radius, control is weak and unstable and requires concentration.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic

  • Citizenship Ability
    Torchline: Torchline has taught you to survive her weather and her terrain. Once per PQ/PQ+/KQ/Drop, you can 'shrug off' half the damage from ONE non-lethal attack. (In order to use this ability, you must put a clear note in the bottom of your post immediately following the attack you want to 'shrug off').

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