Remi Abruzzo

Basic Information
Level: 9
Race: Attuned x Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Alchemist
Primary Organisation ☆ Artisan's Guild
Secondary Organisation ☆ Monster Hunter's Guild
Character Information
Face Claim: Lorenzo Richelmy Strength: 30 /30
Age: 21 (Flowerbirth 288 PC) Dexterity: 30 /30
Height: 5'11 Endurance: 30 /30
Weight: 190 lbs Luck: 13 /30
Gender: Man Relationship Status: in love with Ronin
Orientation: Gay Deity Alignment: Wary

Remi is quite handsome, and while a good deal of this owes to his physical features, his unassuming affect and kind eyes seem to radiate a charm all their own. While he is in good shape owing to a life of being constantly on the move, Remi's body is not adorned with the sort of rippling muscles one might see from a man who works in the trades. That being said, as he does quite a bit of work with his hands, his forearms are quite strong and his hands very rough (but nice to hold). Remi does not put much effort into his physical appearance, allowing his hair to be tousled most often and his beard usually lightly grown in, but he does his best to keep himself relatively tidy in appearance. His eyes are a pale sea-glass green and are almost always free of animosity or rage.


Remi can most often be seen wearing a plain cotton button-up shirt (usually open at the collar down to his sternum) and black or brown trousers. He normally carries some sort of bag or pouch to collect any minerals that he finds along his way for later use in experiments. Typically his fingers are stained with some sort of ink from his various writings, as are his pants.

As a hawk

Remi's hawk form is a light-morph ferruginous hawk. Ferruginous hawks are the largest species of hawk, though they are only 60" wingspan weighing about 4lbs. Light-morph colouring is more of a light blonde palette rather than the standard russet/brown hawk colouring most are familiar with.

As a lion

Remi's lion form is quite a massive predator. He weighs upwards of 520lbs and stands about 1.2m at the shoulder (3.7ft) and is roughly 2.4m long (not including his tail, or 7.9ft).

As a raccoon

Remi's raccoon form is fluffy, adorable, and crafty.


hopeless romantic .::. kind & generous .::. sometimes brilliant

Remi was raised to be thankful for his position in society, rather than put off by it. Better a shapechanger with a place (albeit a low one) in society, than being forced to live on the outside as his ancestors had done. Kind and clever, Remi is almost always available to lend a hand or ear if needed. Though his simple views of the world do not always make him the best therapist, he does his best to offer genuine insight into situations whenever he can. Instead of being disgusted by the luxuries afforded to the blue bloods, Remi finds their livelihoods rather charming, and while he would likely find such a life style far too rich for himself, he often likes to watch the higher classes from afar as if they were glass figurines to behold and marvel at. If anything, he is most jealous of their access to resources and knowledge, and the time that they have which can be dedicated to learning about history.

Although Remi finds women to be exceedingly lovely creatures, he has never been sexually attracted to them. Though because homosexuality was almost wholly unknown to the boy other than its complete disregard in society, Remi had tried to stifle his urges as much as possible. This would develop into a frustrating series of sexual encounters with women that left him increasingly unsatisfied (not to say the women were, though), as well as the loss of several good male friends (Remi's decision, for he didn't feel it advantageous or fair to anyone, to secretly lust after those he considered close confidants). Thus far Remi has never indulged his forbidden desires, and prefers instead to simply keep himself busy, going on enough 'dates' so as not to arouse any unnecessary suspicion. Still, this leaves him feeling quite hollow and alone a good portion of the time.

Rarely is Remi ever angry, nor does he hold a grudge. He isn't necessarily swift to trust, though he is normally willing to extend all courtesies that he can. Remi is fiercely loyal of those he loves, and is usually quite honour-bound. Rarely would he ever break a promise, and because of his strict moral convictions, Remi often finds himself in deep crises of conscious about how to behave and act in this new world, so focused on survival.

Once Remi was boyish and bubbly, always trusting of the world, subservient to a fault, and endlessly optimistic. However for as hard as his life in Northaven was to endure, his time in Caido has been much, much worse.

Though Remi can often still be seen with a smile on his face, he is far slower to trust and is not as immediately open as he once was. Having suffered many a broken heart, though Caido is queer-friendly, still Remi is more secretive about his feelings.


Life in Northaven, a summary

Northaven both did and didn’t change the alchemist. Despite what was a corrupt and broken social and political landscape, Remi’s good nature won out in almost every instance. Always seeing the good in others, Remi continued on as he had always done despite numerous barriers that might have prompted a new course for someone with a more pregnable moral character. At least until he met Loren Launceleyn. Remi’s sexuality had always been a burden, but one that he had managed to shoulder for 20 years. Upon meeting the duke however, Remi began to experience something he never had before: love. And not just for a man; Remi never had any doubts about his orientation despite how he might try and externally obfuscate how others saw him. But over the weeks and months of working with the Launceleyn Remi’s attraction and adoration for the man grew to a point which could no longer be ignored, and the alchemist was forced to confront his feelings.

    Notable happenings
  • Was given and then promptly lost possession of the Tempest Tavern
  • Ventured outside of the Wall
    Notable relationships
  • Ashetta Valentus - friend
  • Delphine Rowan - bff from Northaven
  • Ianto Dea Arduinna - friend/first boy kiss/will start a tea shop with
  • Koel Ambray - friend (shut up, yes they are)
  • Loren Launceleyn - science partner/is in love with
  • Martha Delaney -bff from Northwind
  • Ronin Taliesen - friend
  • Vervain Calob - friend/mom

Born to two shapechangers (both species of avian), Remi's younger years were spent assisting his father who was a traveling merchant. Remi learned much on the road, and was tutored by his father during their many travels. Of course this meant that Remi's education was fairly incomplete, but being a clever child, Remi was able to supplement most of what his father failed to teach him by skulking around in alley-ways while lessons were being taught, or simply learning what he could from the world around him. His mother was taken by disease when Remi was quite young (only 5), and because his father was a rather distant (although loving) figure, Remi grew to enjoy his own company.

Remi wanted to become a shapechanger from as early as he could remember. With no lofty goals or aspirations with regards to society, and an in-grained desire to serve as it was, the boy was never overly concerned with the societal distaste of shape changing folk.

Remi's Father Enuccio had fairly strong conservative leanings, and as Remi grew into a man, this proved to be a difference that was difficult for the relationship to maintain, especially as the war on the city began. Enuccio was pleased with Remi becoming an Alchemist, but was less than thrilled with his decision to apply to go to Northaven, feeling that his son's duty was, and always would be, to Northwind. Due to his ingenuity, Remi was selected to be among those who would join the Settlement in the second wave, and he immediately agreed. Unsurprisingly this only added to the tension building between father and son. On the day that Remi was set to leave in the second wave, his father intentionally was absent from the home, and Remi was unable to say goodbye.

Now in Northaven, Remi spends most of his days seeking out new minerals and materials with which to craft new potions, poisons, or to create small machines.

Remi suddenly arrives in Caido!

    Notable happenings

    Remi slowly begins life in Caido with the understanding that he will likely never make it back to Northaven. He deals with the strange process of moving on from Loren given that he has had no closure, and tries to find a new normal in this strange world.

Deepfrost is long and strange and hard for the alchemist. His friendship with Ronin, Vai and Isla are solidified, as well as new relationships with Phoebe and Rexanna. Through an unlikely series of events, Remi finds himself in a strange but wonderful relationship with Samuel Wordsworth. However by the end of LongNight/Deepfrost, it ends in a quite excruciating series of events.

    Notable happenings
    • Ludo tries to trick Remi into killing himself again, taking on the form of Ianto in Heads on a science apart. Remi survives, and is given Ludo's mask.
    • Remi finds himself trapped in a cave-in with Samuel in Call it what you want, and learns what it's like to be bitten by an ascended.
    • Remi arranges a magical barrage against the barrier in {PQ} Quality Assurance Testing, and flies to the top of the spire in {PQ} Feathers & Fearlessness. Not much is learned.
    • Remi makes an upgrade for Sam in Restoration...maybe and is given an unsolicited reading of his personality and actions by Jigano
    • Remi and Sam go on their first date in Hot Date
    • Remi meets Safrin while helping Ronin on his quest in {God Quest} while i fish for dreams
    • In My mind is where it bent, Sam breaks Frey's curse and Remi regains his feelings that Frey had taken.
    • Remi learns that Isla has died and races out into the night to bring her body back. He meets Ludo in My sweetest friend and makes a deal with the god to have Isla's soul placed into a new body. This is how Remi gains his 'companion'.
    • Remi tells Ludo that he lost his mask in Blind as night that finds us all. As his punishment, Remi loses his memories of Loren, Ianto, Samuel, and his mother, changing his personality in quite significant ways.

Remi takes part in the Key Quest to take down the Spire demon, and though the group successfully does that, it ends with Ronin's death which shakes Remi to his core causing him to isolate himself. With no memories of Sam, in a bid to try and make things easier for Remi, the book maker decides to remove his memories of the alchemist as well, leaving Remi feeling rejected and abandoned.

    Notable happenings

LongHeat finds Remi thebouyant and bubbly alchemist that he was for so much of his life. With Ianto back in his world, Ronin alive, things start off well for Remi. However due to his misguided attempts at aiding others, Remi finds himself blinded at the hands of Arduinna in The not-lie and finds his new relationship with Ianto crashing down around him.

    Notable happenings
    • Remi sleeps with Ianto for the second-first time in hard rain
    • Remi apologizes to Ludo and vows to make LongNight safer in Mending, maybe.

Isla the unicorn

After Isla was killed by one of the LongNight monsters, Remi begged Ludo to bring her back. The god did, but instead of reanimating her as a woman, it placed her soul into the body of a unicorn.

Remi's moodboard

Random facts about Remi!

- He has an Italian accent just like his FC does; Skip to about 1:14 to hear. The accent gets thicker when he's tired, upset, drinking, etc.

- Remi really likes working with his hands (wink)

- Remi has two distinct styles of handwriting: the one in his personal journals and the one for proper discourse. Though his penmanship is surprisingly beautiful, the notes he makes in his journals can probably only be read by himself given the bizarre shorthand and the way the letters bleed together. His written-correspondence however is quite elegant.

Ferruginous hawk | Lion | Raccoon

  • Base Creation: Can create magical items (limited to 2 per season, subject to admin approval), and an unlimited number of regular items per thread limited by endurance stat.
    Type: Light | Rank: Mastered
  • Base Telekinesis: Can move medium objects, in a 30ft radius
    Type: Grey | Rank: Upgraded
  • Earth Manipulation: Can create and control the earth. Must be within a 30ft radius.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Mastered
  • Magic: Can speak telepathically with other Attuned even when not shifted
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic
  • Transmutation: Can transmutate (alter at a molecular level) non-organic magical items (limited to 2 per season, subject to admin approval)
    Type: Light | Rank: Mastered
  • Magic: Can partially shift into animal form
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic
  • Magic: Blind Sight | Can see in shades of grey. Objects/persons that Remi has a close emotional relationship with appear vibrant and in colour. Requires magical stamina to focus intently.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic
  • Magic: Creation add-on | Can create 2 additional magical items per season
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic
  • Magic: (Beastmaster) can compel any animal for assistance (6 large, 12 medium, or 20 small)
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Items
  • Type: Grey
    Safrin Pendant | A cosmic pendant with an eye-etching in the centre. Properties unknown.

  • Type: Grey
    Glass Lens | A magical lens that can reveals illusions. For weak illusions it can see through them. For stronger illusions, it merely shows them as a shimmer.

  • Type: Grey
    Warning Device | A stone that glows green until the centre of it (or its twin) is pressed, then they both glow red and vibrate (Made by Remi).

  • Type: Grey
    Diagram Parchment: Creates an illusory-3d model of whatever is drawn on it.

    ISLA - Mythical - Unicorn (Healing)

  • 308PC Leafchange

    Call it what you want; Remi & Sam

    {KQ} Bigger A(spire)ations; Ronin, Remi, Ashe, & Roana

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