Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Natural
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation
Character Information
Face Claim: Strength: /30
Age: 1 (Flowerbirth 0 PC) Dexterity: /30
Height: Endurance: /30
Weight: Luck: /30
Gender: Relationship Status:
Orientation: Deity Alignment:



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ask and ye shall receive
in Launceleyn Manor on 07-22-2019
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on 07-22-2019
Failure to Report - Feral
in Domiciles on 07-13-2019
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on 07-15-2019
Failure to Report - Ezra
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Failure to Report - Caiside
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on 07-19-2019
Failure to Report - Jigano
in Loreseeker's Guild on 07-13-2019
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on 07-13-2019
[Mini Event] Greet Your Queen
in Temple on 07-05-2019
Zariah, Edrei, Peter, Rexanna, Emmett, Bastien, Deimos, Amalia, Ronin, Jigano, Melinoë, Kiada, Remi, Melita, Eli, Phoebe, Roana, Are, Sascha, Niambh, Rory 47 Last post by Zariah
on 07-12-2019
Renovation in Progress
in Loreseeker's Guild on 06-28-2019
N/A 1 Last post by NPC
on 06-28-2019
bible black (OPEN!)
in Whispershore on 06-22-2019
Random Event, Court Official, Rexanna, Lucas, Vynter 25 Last post by Rexanna
on 06-29-2019
tit for tat
in Woodland on 06-22-2019
Wessex 5 Last post by Wessex
on 06-27-2019
A Formal Army for the Birth of a Nation
in Temple on 06-18-2019
Remi, Ronin, Rory, Deimos, Amalia, Bastien, Melita, Lucas, Peter, Adam, Are, Nate, Sascha, Niambh, Arick, Eli, Vynter 36 Last post by Nate
on 07-05-2019
Peaceful Protest
in Launceleyn Manor on 06-13-2019
Zariah, Emmett 9 Last post by Emmett
on 06-25-2019
A message from the Shadows
in Temple on 06-12-2019
N/A 1 Last post by NPC
on 06-12-2019
on humbled, bended knee
in Woodland on 05-03-2019
Wessex 5 Last post by Wessex
on 05-19-2019
On the Run
in The Settlement on 03-22-2019
Phoebe, Adam 9 Last post by Adam
on 04-08-2019
Forging the Future
in The Settlement on 03-02-2019
Jigano, Caiside 22 Last post by Jigano
on 03-14-2019
[RE] Decisions
in Rathskeller on 02-14-2019
Remi, Random Event, Vervain, Samuel 13 Last post by Vervain
on 02-15-2019
For forever and a day
in Sanctuary on 02-09-2019
Remi, Samuel 31 Last post by Samuel
on 02-11-2019
Make the most out of no time
in Woodland on 02-04-2019
Remi, Samuel 45 Last post by Samuel
on 02-06-2019
To whom it may concern
in Domiciles on 01-31-2019
N/A 1 Last post by NPC
on 01-31-2019
Gone, gone, gone
in The Underground on 01-25-2019
Remi, Ronin, Roana 20 Last post by Ronin
on 02-10-2019
in Woodland on 01-25-2019
Ronin, Remi 44 Last post by Ronin
on 01-28-2019
Call it what you want
in Bone Bridge on 01-09-2019
Remi, Samuel 63 Last post by Samuel
on 01-21-2019
Simple Gifts
in The Settlement on 01-07-2019
Jigano 16 Last post by Jigano
on 01-28-2019
The First Unicorn
in Glade on 12-30-2018
Kalt 9 Last post by Kalt
on 12-30-2018
The Notice Board
in Temple on 11-18-2018
Remi, Court Official, Edrei, Isla, Ronin, Vervain, Phoebe, Roana, Zariah, Deimos, Amalia, Wessex, Bastien, Jigano, Lily, Maea 43 Last post by Remi
on 08-21-2019
Taking The Fields By Storm (Open)
in Fields on 11-06-2018
Koel, Edrei 20 Last post by NPC
on 12-05-2018
[PQ] Basics of Life
in Glade on 11-05-2018
Mimora, Vervain, Remi, Kalt, Random Event 26 Last post by NPC
on 12-16-2018
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