Cameron Davis


Basic Information
Level: 2
Race: Ascended
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Artist
Organisation(s) Art-isan's Guild

Character Information
Face Claim: Strength: 13 /30
Age: 27 (Deepfrost 286 PC) Dexterity: 17 /30
Height: 5'8" Endurance: 15 /30
Weight: Luck: 8 /30
Gender: nonbinary (they/them) Intuition: 0 /3
Orientation: aro ace Deity Alignment: The Voice
Relationship Status: single
Awkward, pale; androgynous in a sort of shapeless way -- usually wears loose clothes, especially shirts, to accentuate this, though they don't like dresses or skirts. Short blond hair with bangs and blue streaks/tips. Brown eyes. Wears glasses: squarish frame, half-rimmed, blue-washed metal. Their neutral expression tends to look rather worried, even when they're fine.
Cameron is an artistic type who's wandered through life with their head in the clouds, always more interested in their art -- photography and digital illustration -- than the hard and cold facts of the world around them. They have a history of depression, anxiety, and disordered eating, which is not so much treated as manageable with medication. While they're friendly and pleasant to other people, they have trouble getting close to people -- sharing more than surface information with others. Their favorite way to connect with others is from behind a DM's screen -- they love Dungeons and Dragons -- and/or online. Since they tend to ramble and trip on their own words, they prefer text-based communications, where they can take their time to think through what they want to say.
In high school, Cameron decided to lean into their well-earned reputation as a huge nerd, which got them a few friends and more or less ignored by most of the student body. They lost contact with those friends when heading to college; struggling to complete their degree in journalism, they fell in and out of school due to bouts of depression. Finally, they finished college -- only to end up in a dead-end job that they hate, taking and editing photos for soulless advertisements. They're keeping themself sane by drawing and playing D&D as much as they can, but it's taking a huge toll on them, especially as their campaigns keep falling through.

A rough estimate of this character's damage potential is as follows:

HP: 30

Unarmed strike:6.5

Physical attack with a basic weapon/attuned shifts: 16.5

Physical attack with an upgraded weapon/attuned shifts: 26.5

Physical attack with a mastered weapon/attuned shifts: 36.5

Magical attack with basic magic/mythical shifts: 17.5

Magical attack with upgraded magic/mythical shifts: 27.5

Magical attack with mastered magic/mythical shifts: 37.5


Citizenship Ability
The world is new to you, and you to it. During PQ/PQ+/KQs/Drops, you roll with advantage on luck-based rolls and receive an extra name during drops. (In order to use this, make sure to note the ability at the bottom of each post)
  • Type: Other | Level: Basic
    Healing Upgrade | Can heal ascended at basic level. The injured body part must be within arm's reach.


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