Maeve Ansel

Basic Information
Level: 2
Race: Accepted
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Torchline
Profession Courtesan

Character Information
Face Claim: Riya Alber Strength: 12 /30
Age: 20 (Deepfrost 291 PC) Dexterity: 15 /30
Height: 5'4 Endurance: 15 /30
Weight: 117lbs Luck: 13 /30
Gender: Female Intuition: 0 /3
Orientation: Bisexual Deity Alignment: None
Relationship Status: Single
The first thing people tend to notice are her eyes. Prehnite green so clear and striking they've been known to stop people in their tracks. They're one of her best features. That and her almost saccharine sweet smile. So soft and disarming. It's easy to be put at ease. She has the body of a dancer. Long limbs and lean figure. Her skin soft and pale despite the location she finds herself in. Her hair is a point of pride for her. Long, healthy, and seeming as if the ends were dipped in moonlight. She often keeps it loose or done in intricate braids.
To call her bubbly would be inaccurate. She isn't bubbly. She is, however, good at being whatever you want her to be. You want sweet? She can do that. Someone to sing your praises and worship every word you say? She can do that too. Sassy? Of course. As long as you pay her she will be whatever you want her to be. When she isn't entertaining... Well, she's sharp, witty, and sarcastic. More often than not it gets her in trouble. Some people like it. Those are the people she likes. Under it all, she's soft. Longing for something she can't even name and there are times the stars in her eyes blind her to her reality.
Maeve grew up poor. Not like that's uncommon. Most people are poor. Unless you're powerful enough to do something about it. She scrounged on the streets for years. Stealing, starving, surviving… Typically alone, but sometimes with others before they inevitably got caught. Not Maeve. She was slippery and too damn fast. That was until she wasn't fast enough. Maeve stole from the wrong person. That person just so happened to be the reason she was alive today. One of the more notorious Madame's on the island of Torchline took her in. First as a waitress and then once she was old enough, as one of the working girls. Maeve quickly earned her freedom from the Madame, but decided to stay until a better opprotunity arouse. Once Phoebe established the Halenani, Maeve joined as one of her first working girls and has stayed ever since. After all, she had a roof over her head and people who fell over themselves for her attentions for a night. Why wouldn't she?
  • Channeling: Allows an Accepted to channel a lesser deity during a time of crisis (1x a season)
    Type: Light | Rank: Basic

  • Citizenship Ability
    Torchline: Torchline has taught you to survive her weather and her terrain. Once per PQ/PQ+/KQ/Drop, you can 'shrug off' half the damage from ONE non-lethal attack. (In order to use this ability, you must put a clear note in the bottom of your post immediately following the attack you want to 'shrug off').
  • Type: Grey
    Buzzing Harmonica | When played, emits a low-pitch buzzing sound that attracts local bees

  • Halo
    • The Citadel - No thread
      • Palace - No thread
      • Snowcloak - No thread
    • Tundra - No thread
      • Sea of Glass - No thread
      • The Fangs - No thread
      • Whitebrim - No thread
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    The Greatwood
    • Sidhe Village - No thread
      • Observatory - No thread
      • The Bodega - No thread
      • Undercroft - No thread
    • The Stonesong - No thread
      • Sea of Branches - No thread
      • Whispershore - No thread
      • The Drop - No thread
    • The Wildwood - finding salvation
      • Ludo's Woods - No thread
      • Crimson Cataract - No thread
      • Mathair - No thread
      Explored: 1/12
    Hollowed Ground
    • Sanctuary - No thread
    • Ruins - No thread
      • The Underground - No thread
      • Bone Bridge - No thread
      • The Labyrinth - No thread
      • The Settlement - No thread
    • The Outskirts - No thread
      • Fields - No thread
      • Woodland - No thread
      • The Spire - No thread
        • Glade - No thread
          • Oasis - No thread
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    • City Area - No thread
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      • The Tower - No thread
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      • Pacifist Plaza - No thread
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        • The White Hart - No thread
        • Mother Molly's - No thread
      • Trinity Temple - No thread
        • Sleeping Steps - No thread
    • The Falling - No thread
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    • City Gates - No thread
      • The Righteous Road - No thread
      • The Dragon's Nest - No thread
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    The Draig Cordillera
    • The Draig Cordillera - No thread
      • Amphitheatre - No thread
      • Infinity Fields - No thread
      • Caido's Lighthouse - No thread
      • Weightless Waterfall - No thread
      • Summit - No thread
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    King's End
    • King's End - No thread
      • The Barrows - No thread
        • The Last Step - No thread
        • Meadowreach - No thread
      • Queen's Gambit - No thread
        • Eye of Fire - No thread
      • Mourn - No thread
      • Boondocks - [split] [SE] give me succor
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    Hak Etme
    • Hak Etme - No thread
      • The Furnace - No thread
        • Caravanserai - No thread
      • Boneyard - No thread
      • Sunshine Pools - No thread
      • Sea of Dreams - No thread
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    The Feverlands
    • Oerwoud - [SE] give me succor
      • Tanglefoot - No thread
        • Leap of Faith - No thread
        • The Mistbanks - No thread
      • Undergrove - No thread
        • The Peepholes - No thread
      • Brittlebone Bridge - No thread
      • Wishtide Waterways - (se) drowning lessons
      Explored: 2/8
    The Climb
    • The Climb - No thread
      • The Crust - No thread
        • Angel's End - No thread
        • Lava Pits - No thread
      • The Burrows - No thread
        • The Mountain's Roar - No thread
        • Soulfire Reach - No thread
        • Obsidian Cathedral - No thread
        • Frey's Breath - No thread
      Explored: 0/9
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