Beatrix Launceleyn

Basic Information
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Halo
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

I'm Queen Bea, and you are?

Character Information
Face Claim: Zendaya Strength: 10 /30
Age: 18 (Leafchange 292 PC) Dexterity: 10 /30
Height: 5'5" Endurance: 10 /30
Weight: 125 lbs Luck: 5 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Lesbian Deity Alignment:
Beatrix has a light brown complexion, with eyes and hair that are near-black in color. Her hair is often braided tightly to her head, so that it is out of her way, or she allows it to stay loose and natural. When her hair is loose, and in its natural state, it's wild and uncontrollable, unless she's taken time to tame it. She stands at five feet and five inches tall.
Beatrix is a traditionalist when it comes to the Launceleyn views. How could she not be, being that she grew up underneath Zariah's teachings? She is loyal to herself and to her brother, Jace, as everyone else in her family was never really there for her.

She has a careful control over her emotions, and takes great pleasure in causing fear, though she knows when she should do this. You see, it's not right to make everyone fear her or hate her, that wouldn't serve her purpose.

Beatrix does not believe in love, she identifies as aromantic but is great at faking. Especially if faking will get her what she wants or needs. Romance makes zero sense to her; what is the purpose of such actions? She realizes other people prefer romance, and has learned to mimic it, but she does not appreciate being the person who is receiving romantic motions.

Everything Beatrix does has a calculated risk, an outcome that she's thought of prior. How does something affect her, and the name she's trying to rebuild? How does it affect Jace? If the answer is negative, it is something she will not do unless she has too. If whatever she's doing does not affect Jace or the family, the outcomes do not matter.

The facade she gives those who do not know her is that she is sweet, and kind unless they betray her. Charm and a silver tongue will get her far, if she uses it right.

Beatrix is the biological child of Cyton and Celeste Launceleyn. However, upon her mother's death, she was adopted by the head of her family clan as her father was a complete, utter mess and died not long after. Beatrix is vaguely aware of her real parents, though she doesn't remember them, as far as she is concerned her mother is Zariah Launceleyn. In her home of origin, she had loving uncles and aunts as well, though since coming through the portal, her memory has been fuzzy. Beatrix was but 3 when she went through the portal with her mother. When they reached the other side, she was suddenly 9 years of age.

The magic of the portal had an adverse effect on her, aging her significantly. She has no recollection of the time change, or aging process, and little memory of the previous world. She only knew her mother and brother, Jace, who only aged a little. It has made the transition to this world particularly hard on her, but as her mother says - she is made of tough stuff and will persevere.

During LongNight 310, after Beatrix's family fell to pieces, she disappeared into the darkness. Somehow surviving, she returned older--with no memory of how she came to be as old as she was. Once again, her memory has suffered a great deal, as she aged from 12 to 18. She vaguely remembers what happened, that Neron is the reason Jace had to go away, and that her family was in shambles, but... other than that, her memories are hazy. She does not remember how she aged this time either.


  • Base Disintegration : Can break apart people-created solid matter of small-to medium-sized objects within 5ft
    Type: Dark | Rank: Basic

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