Basic Information
Level: 0
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Natural
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds

Character Information
Face Claim: none Strength: /30
Age: 4 (Flowerbirth 0 PC) Dexterity: /30
Height: Endurance: /30
Weight: Luck: /30
Gender: everything Intuition: 0 /3
Orientation: everything Deity Alignment:
Relationship Status:
Has no fixed physical characteristics: appears as a the pinnacle of whatever the viewer finds more sexually attractive. Feelings of overwhelming desire and lust accompany Frey. They usually appear naked.
Herald of Rae.

A rough estimate of this character's damage potential is as follows:

HP: 1

Unarmed strike:0

Physical attack with a basic weapon/attuned shifts: 10

Physical attack with an upgraded weapon/attuned shifts: 20

Physical attack with a mastered weapon/attuned shifts: 30

Magical attack with basic magic/mythical shifts: 10

Magical attack with upgraded magic/mythical shifts: 20

Magical attack with mastered magic/mythical shifts: 30


Citizenship Ability
The world is new to you, and you to it. During PQ/PQ+/KQs/Drops, you roll with advantage on luck-based rolls and receive an extra name during drops. (In order to use this, make sure to note the ability at the bottom of each post)

Player Post Count: 2,629
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The Greatwood
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Hollowed Ground
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The Draig Cordillera
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King's End
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Hak Etme
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The Feverlands
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The Climb
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    Explored: 0/9
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amorphophallus titanum
in Shrine on 05-16-2022
Flora 3 Last post by Flora
on 05-17-2022
Simple Gifts
in Shrine on 05-11-2022
Talyson 5 Last post by Talyson
on 05-17-2022
looking back it’s all the same
in Shrine on 05-10-2022
Sunjata 13 Last post by Sunjata
on 05-15-2022
What might be
in Shrine on 05-02-2022
Lilliane 3 Last post by Lilliane
on 05-12-2022
focus, look down, focus
in Shrine on 04-18-2022
Noah, Deimos 3 Last post by Frey
on 04-22-2022
At long last
in Shrine on 04-04-2022
Ray 3 Last post by Ray
on 04-08-2022
vague shapes in dirty mirrors
in Shrine on 03-01-2022
Hotaru 6 Last post by Frey
on 03-13-2022
what we reaped is what we sowed
in Shrine on 02-20-2022
Sunjata 11 Last post by Sunjata
on 03-02-2022
[Mini Event] matters of the heart
in Wishtide Waterways on 02-14-2022
Mildew, Lena, Chrysaora, Mateo, Everest, Darkeye, Hotaru, Locke, Maeve, Edmund, Sah, Sunjata, Azrael, Nate, Falke, Amun, Noah, Evie, Bartholomew, Enzo, Nikolai 25 Last post by Everest
on 02-19-2022
in Shrine on 01-07-2022
Alex 7 Last post by Alex
on 02-01-2022
screamin' peaches
in Shrine on 01-02-2022
Hotaru 14 Last post by Frey
on 01-18-2022
above and beyond
in Shrine on 12-29-2021
Neron, Morgan, Sah 8 Last post by Sah
on 01-16-2022
Blooming in adversity
in Shrine on 12-29-2021
Ray 5 Last post by Ray
on 12-29-2021
making friends with all my sins
in Shrine on 12-04-2021
Sunjata 27 Last post by Sunjata
on 12-17-2021
the feeling you're never far gone
in Shrine on 11-08-2021
Mildew 10 Last post by Frey
on 12-21-2021
to new heights
in Shrine on 11-01-2021
Noah 5 Last post by Noah
on 11-05-2021
Lilies for the war
in Shrine on 09-04-2021
Ray 3 Last post by Ray
on 09-07-2021
Sprouts and Starts
in Shrine on 06-30-2021
Phoebe 7 Last post by Phoebe
on 07-02-2021
[RQ hand in] mountains outta concaves
in Shrine on 06-14-2021
Morgan, Noah 6 Last post by Frey
on 06-20-2021
Nights out in Babylon
in Shrine on 06-08-2021
Locke 9 Last post by Locke
on 06-12-2021
[split] i've seen this room, i've walked this floor
in Shrine on 06-01-2021
Remi, Hotaru 32 Last post by Remi
on 06-10-2021
break the fever
in Shrine on 05-26-2021
Finn 5 Last post by Finn
on 05-26-2021
i exist through my need to self-oblige
in The Tower on 05-13-2021
Finn, October 43 Last post by October
on 05-22-2021
to build a home
in Shrine on 05-03-2021
Maeve 7 Last post by Maeve
on 05-07-2021
i need you right now
in Shrine on 04-14-2021
Noah 11 Last post by Noah
on 04-23-2021
anything you need, you got it
in Shrine on 03-22-2021
Morgan, Aisha, Chulane 9 Last post by Aisha
on 04-02-2021
in The Peepholes on 03-17-2021
Phoebe 11 Last post by Frey
on 03-19-2021
loose lips can do more than sink ships
in Shrine on 03-14-2021
Raza 13 Last post by Raza
on 04-06-2021
take the weight off your mind
in Shrine on 12-20-2020
Morgan, Deimos 4 Last post by Morgan
on 01-01-2021
double vision in a rose blush
in Shrine on 12-14-2020
Remi 8 Last post by Frey
on 12-28-2020
yours until the mountain crumbles to the sea
in Shrine on 09-30-2020
Loren 20 Last post by Frey
on 09-30-2020
nature and nurture
in Shrine on 09-28-2020
Amalia 9 Last post by Amalia
on 10-30-2020
hope wandering into my mind
in Shrine on 09-15-2020
Morgan, Chulane 8 Last post by Chulane
on 09-28-2020
[SWE] From Dust We Rise
in The Wildwood on 08-18-2020
Nephele, Zephyr, Mabel, Juniper, Alina, Bastien, Azrael, Chulane, Evelyn, Vervain, Raza, Oliver 21 Last post by Raza
on 09-01-2020
I touch the fire and it freezes me
in Shrine on 08-17-2020
Loren 14 Last post by Frey
on 09-12-2020
[PQ+] there's gold in the dirt
in Apopo on 08-16-2020
Remi, Random Event, Ronin, Phoebe, Zephyr 40 Last post by Random Event
on 09-10-2020
Winds of Change
in Shrine on 07-24-2020
Phoebe 14 Last post by Frey
on 09-04-2020
aim to be lionhearted
in Shrine on 05-06-2020
Rexanna, Amalia 12 Last post by Frey
on 05-25-2020
[God Quest] what if one night is never enough?
in Shrine on 04-22-2020
Hotaru 9 Last post by Hotaru
on 06-08-2020
[God Quest] like you know what it means
in Shrine on 04-20-2020
Loren 12 Last post by Frey
on 04-24-2020
[PQ] Love Shack, Baby
in Haulani on 04-18-2020
Remi, Ronin, Phoebe, James, Harper, Lirsi 26 Last post by Ronin
on 05-07-2020
[God Quest] Here Kitty-Kitty
in Shrine on 04-05-2020
Phoebe 14 Last post by Frey
on 04-23-2020
there's magic in the air
in Shrine on 04-03-2020
Lily 5 Last post by Lily
on 04-10-2020
Hit me with your best shot
in Shrine on 04-02-2020
Joshua 10 Last post by Frey
on 04-07-2020
[God Quest] growing hearts fixing hurts
in Shrine on 02-11-2020
Phoebe 24 Last post by Frey
on 03-31-2020
[God Quest] take my heart and make it strong
in Shrine on 01-29-2020
Loren, Delphia 15 Last post by Delphia
on 01-29-2020
oh i didn't just kiss her
in Shrine on 01-09-2020
Hotaru 5 Last post by Hotaru
on 04-02-2020
[Mini Event] why do our hearts choose lovers that make use suffer
in Oasis on 01-04-2020
Loren, Phoebe, Rexanna, Jigano, Melita, Lily, Maea, Adam, Sunjata, Hotaru, Oliver, Harper, Oia'i'o 49 Last post by Loren
on 01-09-2020
only shooting stars break the mold
in Shrine on 01-02-2020
Oliver 8 Last post by Frey
on 01-08-2020
Where the Wild Things Are
in Shrine on 01-02-2020
Delphia 8 Last post by Frey
on 01-21-2020
pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?
in Shrine on 12-23-2019
Lily 15 Last post by Lily
on 02-06-2020
Teachings of the Divine
in Shrine on 12-11-2019
Phoebe 10 Last post by Frey
on 12-23-2019
can we always be this close forever and ever?
in Shrine on 12-11-2019
Loren 19 Last post by Loren
on 12-19-2019
can I go where you go?
in Shrine on 11-11-2019
Loren 21 Last post by Loren
on 11-12-2019
a perfect day to pray to frey
in Shrine on 11-07-2019
Kaimana, Oia'i'o 12 Last post by Kaimana
on 12-02-2019
So Very Fine, So Happy Together
in Shrine on 10-03-2019
Peter 12 Last post by Frey
on 10-09-2019
Catchy Title
in Shrine on 09-24-2019
Phoebe 44 Last post by Frey
on 10-11-2019
matchmaker, matchmaker
in Shrine on 09-20-2019
Random Event, Loren 32 Last post by Loren
on 09-23-2019
holding the torch
in Shrine on 09-07-2019
Loren 9 Last post by Loren
on 09-09-2019
A hunch and nothing more
in Shrine on 08-25-2019
Phoebe 12 Last post by Frey
on 08-30-2019
sweating all your sins out
in Shrine on 08-06-2019
Sunjata 8 Last post by Frey
on 08-09-2019
Discoveries Start Small
in Shrine on 07-23-2019
Phoebe 19 Last post by Phoebe
on 07-31-2019
Nature's Gift
in Shrine on 07-10-2019
Phoebe 16 Last post by Frey
on 07-11-2019
[PQ] palm to palm is holy palmer's kiss
in Domiciles on 07-08-2019
Edrei, Rexanna, Bastien, Lily, Lucas, Ezra 36 Last post by Frey
on 08-09-2019
fanning the flames
in Shrine on 07-08-2019
Edrei 10 Last post by Frey
on 07-25-2019
Friendly Questions
in Shrine on 06-21-2019
Phoebe 16 Last post by Frey
on 06-24-2019
one way or another
in Shrine on 06-08-2019
Lily 7 Last post by Lily
on 06-20-2019
[God Quest] Princesses Don't Need Knights
in Shrine on 05-29-2019
Phoebe 9 Last post by Phoebe
on 06-03-2019
I would sell my soul for a soul worth keeping
in Shrine on 05-09-2019
Nate 4 Last post by Frey
on 05-13-2019
I Pray I'm Not Awake
in Domiciles on 04-22-2019
Phoebe 13 Last post by Phoebe
on 04-30-2019
The Honeysuckle Princess
in Shrine on 04-18-2019
Phoebe 6 Last post by Frey
on 04-26-2019
[SWE] Fiat Lux
in Fiat Lux on 04-06-2019
Court Official, Maea, Deimos, Melita, Phoebe, Lily, Jigano, Remi, Rory, Eliza, Ludo, Emmett, Kiada, Rexanna, Amalia, Vervain 43 Last post by Frey
on 05-07-2019
Olympus Has Risen
in Shrine on 04-05-2019
Gaia 6 Last post by Frey
on 04-20-2019
sound the bugle now
in Shrine on 04-05-2019
Amalia 19 Last post by Amalia
on 04-10-2019
the nature of things
in Shrine on 03-23-2019
Vervain 11 Last post by Vervain
on 04-05-2019
A Better Deal
in Shrine on 03-05-2019
Bastien 10 Last post by Frey
on 03-10-2019
[God Quest] The Rice Dance
in Shrine on 03-04-2019
Phoebe, Emmett 36 Last post by Emmett
on 03-16-2019
So, About That Funeral...
in Domiciles on 03-01-2019
Rexanna, Bastien 19 Last post by Rexanna
on 03-08-2019
Interlude with Myth
in Shrine on 03-01-2019
Caiside 12 Last post by Frey
on 03-05-2019
My mind is where it bent
in Rathskeller on 02-16-2019
Remi, Samuel 18 Last post by Remi
on 02-18-2019
[SEASONAL EVENT] A Palmer for Long Night
in Fields on 02-14-2019
Phoebe, Emmett, Random Event 66 Last post by Phoebe
on 02-21-2019
[Mini Event] Masquerade
in Church of Safrin on 01-14-2019
Bastien, Jigano, Edrei, Alorhea, Rexanna, Attraes, Remi, Lucas, Edden, Lily 38 Last post by Frey
on 02-12-2019
Feel That Fire
in Shrine on 01-07-2019
Ashetta, Kalt 8 Last post by Ashetta
on 01-19-2019
Knocking on Fates Door
in Shrine on 12-21-2018
Kaladin 4 Last post by Frey
on 12-30-2018
tiger teeth
in Shrine on 12-14-2018
Rexanna 9 Last post by Rexanna
on 12-18-2018
in Shrine on 11-30-2018
Phoebe 6 Last post by Frey
on 12-04-2018
the crooked kind
in Glade on 11-26-2018
Remi, Random Event, Rexanna 24 Last post by Rexanna
on 12-12-2018
Through Heaven's Eyes (Open)
in Shrine on 11-07-2018
Remi, Celosia, Phoebe 22 Last post by Remi
on 12-05-2018
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