Dee Ashenheath


Basic Information
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Natural
Profession Hunter / Gatherer
Primary Organisation
Secondary Organisation

Character Information
Face Claim: Marie Avgeropoulos Strength: 9 /30
Age: 23 (Leafchange 286 PC) Dexterity: 12 /30
Height: 5'8 Endurance: 12 /30
Weight: 63kg Luck: 2 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status:
Orientation: Bisexual Deity Alignment:
Dee is a tallish height and athletic in build; her dark brown hair, if not tied up in braids like it normally is, wisps around her shoulders messily. She looks as wild as she is, although beautiful, she doesn’t take much stock into her appearance, which is apparent in the callouses on her hands from drawing back a bow for so long. On her right hand shoulder blade is a strange tattoo, depicted in odd looking swirls, an echo of an old language and said to mean ashen. Her eyes are an old mossy green.
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There is a will to do good in Dee that is both helpful and harmful to her and those around her. Her intense moral compass, to help those in need and meddle in business that isn’t her own, often disregarding her own wellbeing, has the capability to land her into sticky situations. She is not shy amongst strangers, but doesn’t go out of her way to make friends, happy enough in her own company. When it comes to passion Dee has ample, she takes great pride in her small achievements and has the determination to see things through, but this comes with a quick temper and an irritable disposition. She says what she feels and sometimes without thought, much like Faolan, landing her in troubled waters often.
Dee has a loving relationship with her weapons, her old bow is well looked after, arrows fletched and neatly stored, and her stilettos glisten in the sun.
Quiet Beginnings
Dee doesn’t know much about her parentage, only that her parents had never been around and her Grandfather saw to it that she was fed and washed. The rest, well, was up to Dee. Faolan, Dee’s delightful Grandfather, had been a hunter for a long time until the arthritis in his legs made him slow and grumpy. He said nothing of the past and Dee knew better than to press him on it. She wasn’t interested anyway. Whatever had happened had nothing to do with her now, that was the way she saw it, this hollow shell of the world she lived in had echoes of a past she couldn’t even imagine.
One day Faolan died, a peaceful natural death, leaving Dee to quietly mourn him and bury him amongst the Glade. Dee had long taken up his mantle as hunter and she continued to scour the Hollowed Grounds for game, living in a makeshift home in the Domiciles, a trusty old bow on her back and two short stilettos at her side, she had little, but she knew nothing else. Faolan had gone, left her to this world—alone. Or had he?
Caido 308 PC

  • Earth Manipulation: Can manipulate the earth. Must be within a 5ft radius, control is weak and unstable and requires concentration.
    Type: Grey | Rank: Basic

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