Deimos Ignatius

Basic Information
Level: 4
Race: Abandoned
Nationality: Outlander
Citizenship: Hollowed Grounds
Profession Soldier / Mercenary
Primary Organisation ☆ Artisan's Guild
Secondary Organisation
Character Information
Face Claim: Jason Momoa Strength: 16 /30
Age: 25 (Deepfrost 283 PC) Dexterity: 16 /30
Height: 6'4" Endurance: 19 /30
Weight: Luck: 12 /30
Gender: Male Relationship Status: In love with Amalia
Orientation: Heterosexual Deity Alignment:
Blue eyes.
Skull tattoo on the back of his neck.
Large, tall figure - broad, meant for war.
Typically wears armor and/or a long trench coat.
Unattainable and unreachable, he lived in the denizens of cold malevolence, thriving in the poisonous abyss and daze of rancorous ardor, fixated in the malignant, vicious essence of entropy – fueled by hostility, vengeance, crooned corruption of manipulative Gods. Love, affection and warmth had forgotten him in the avaricious gleam of callous, perennial villains, slipping from his virile frame, leaving feral indignation, infernal exposition in its foul wake. A weapon does not cherish, a blade does not care, a scythe does not adore, locked in its scabbard, a pariah to emotion. Too tirelessly invoked by fervent derision, too ruthlessly fixated by the breadth of revolution and too heedlessly trapped in the sanctimonious plunge of monstrous animosity, they scream animal acrimony and neglect veritable virtue. Delusion and desolation, an isolation of the cruelest nature – for what is a being that cannot feel? What is a soul void of sentiment? What is an existence without compassion? Barbarous, remorseless, and cold-blooded angels fallen from the ash of venomous rapture. They had no chance to conquer, bound to the forsaken, renounced, abandoned and relinquished. Death at the front door.

Carved from abhorrence and drawn from stone, he was demonic art and Tartarean guile brought to life, a seething maelstrom of fiendish incantations molded into marble Mephistopheles. Allured danger and finessed forbidding, inveigling iniquity on cryptic conceit, unfurling, uncurling into the hedonistic elation of antagonistic prose and poise. Damnation purred condemnation, layered ire in hardened, primitive enmity, until whimsical weavers arched detachment, iron, and intimidation into fine sinew. Each undulation of nefarious muscle breathed heathen brushstrokes, penetrating, piercing, a searing fervor of hushed furor. Diabolical insurrection in the sun’s haze, unholy sedition in the moon’s clarity, immersed amongst the serrated blades of anarchy, glacial, frigid mayhem and Stygian immorality, he was the devil’s creation, a satanic opus, stained, vile, deplorable, horrible. Nefarious, enigmatic, statuesque depravity seething in abhorrent disdain absolved licentious credence and murmured primordial treachery, slinking in the bows of meticulous raptorial predilection. Serpentine, sinuous machinations coiled the silken thread of predacious grandeur, carnivore splendor, in each winding motion, a wound twist of savage temptation and heinous danger, wild, fierce, feral, rampant decadence. A poet’s macabre glee, a bard’s lamentable devastation, lacquered in argent domination, simmering contemplation, smoldering havoc amongst the feverish melancholy of Eden’s distorted debauchery. Potent puissance hummed in the aching gallows of his treacherous considerations, the lingering movements beneath the enveloping veil of shade, arcane, reticent rapier howling silent chords of unsung violence, the endless carnage of unholy possession. He devoured discord and harbored strife, impassively resolute in the archaic canon of stoic scheming. He spoke not with words, but with power, brawn, might and dominion, controlling each taut, minute motion of his frame with bestial brutality, savoring the meticulous, hot grind and scrupulous, fierce friction of scintillating annihilation. An ethereal ruin and bedlam destruction in the heated, consuming fire of rigid, possessive supremacy, ravenously poised to plunder and pillage. With strength came the unreadable, indiscernible countenance of guarded arrogance, imperious recherché and immobile reserve amongst the slated promise of fatal intrigue. With hushed reticence came the unforgiving reel of impending menace, formidable, chilling, sinister terror in the severe clarity of an overwhelming, eldritch titan. With minatory enticement came the resolution of a hollow, desolate and forlorn heart.
Simplistic, at first - brief intervals of a boy turned soldier, warrior, and mercenary - and eventually the fall, a succumbing of hope. Anguish and despair steadily lingered and coiled into rage and vexation, into frustration, and into gifts of corruption and domination.

  • Base Life Drain : Can negatively influence the life force of living things within 30ft
    Type: Dark | Rank: Upgraded
  • Base Creation: Can create medium to large non-magical items (up to 3 in a thread)
    Type: Light | Rank: Upgraded

  • Items
  • Type: Grey
    Bag of Holding | A bag that can hold an infinite number of items, so long as they fit within the bag's 3ft x 3ft opening. The bag always feels nearly weightless, but always looks about 75% full.

    ZURIEL - Mythical - Unicorn (Healing)
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