Meriel Iarralei

Basic Information
Race: Attuned
Nationality: Outlander
Primary Organisation
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Character Information
Face Claim: Diane Kruger Strength: 8 /30
Age: 23 (Flowerbirth 287 PC) Dexterity: 12 /30
Height: 5'6" Endurance: 10 /30
Weight: 135 lb Luck: 5 /30
Gender: Female Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight (?) Deity Alignment:
The most notable feature of Meriel Iarralei is her long, golden hair that flows down her back in silken waves. Her hair is one thing in which she prides herself immensely, and she long ago begged her servants to teach her how to do her own elaborate hairstyles so that she would always be able to take care of her own appearance, no matter what happened. These long, luscious locks frame a square face with angular cheekbones and a strong jaw. She has a straight nose that hooks down ever-so-slightly at the tip above full lips. Her eyes are a brilliant, pale blue with long, curved lashes.
At five foot six inches and 135 pounds, Meriel is of average height and weight. Her body is not particularly athletic or fit, giving her the appearance of one who needs protecting. She is not particularly voluptuous, though she does have some modest curves that can be accented by various types of clothing. Overall, her body proves her to be the epitome of the soft noblewoman.
Meriel generally prefers to be dressed in light, airy colors and fabrics. She loves dresses of all kinds and has many that will fit a variety of occasions. On a typical day, she wears a light linen dress, fitted to accent her waist, with a modest neckline. She has dresses in all colors, many of which are accented with embroidery from her own hand. For special occasions, she has several silk dresses with more low-cut, daring necklines and a tighter waist that requires a corset. These may be accented with silver- or gold-threaded embroideries. Though she prefers to go without, she can also commonly be found wearing a sheer veil. She prefers lighter colors to darker, though she has a particularly love of deep, sapphire blue.
Above all else, Meriel is a remarkably intelligent woman. She loves to read, and can often be found in a remote corner of whatever building she is in (she prefers window seats) with her nose in a book. Rather introverted, she gains energy from the time she spends alone, and her books offer a window into worlds that she could never imagine on her own. Even in public, she often carries a book in a pouch sewn into her cloak so that, given the opportunity, she might continue to pore over whatever tome currently has her attention. She is particularly drawn to fiction, though local legends, lore, and history also tend to hold her attention.
In social settings, Mere is a woman that you tend to love without really knowing why. She has a kind, gentle spirit that is evident in her soft voice and inviting eyes. Despite growing up at court, she resisted the push to turn into a plotting, conniving noblewoman and, at home, was known to be one of the few trustworthy women occupying the King's castle. She is a skilled diplomat and is quite good at turning even awkward social situations into positive experiences. Her reputation is flawless; she has always wanted to be the perfect young noblewoman, and she has, in many ways, succeeded.
Because of her easy upbringing, Mere has never known hardship. She has always lived a comfortable live and may find the new land that she finds herself in challenging. Never having found herself among other social circles, it is likely that she will find it difficult to fit into this new world. She will treat everyone with kindness and respect, likely attracting both steadfast friends and those who would take advantage of her innocent mind.
Meriel was born to a noble family in a faraway land and raised in the lap of luxury. From a young age, her parents instilled in her the importance of compassion and honesty. She had a more or less perfect childhood - the perfect family, the perfect home, the perfect life. She was privately tutored in the typical disciplines as well as "charms," which taught her the art of being a noblewoman. She was the perfect student and the perfect daughter. Indeed, it was an easy, pleasant life that she lived.
At fifteen, as was proper, Mere was presented at court and was accepted as a lady-in-waiting to the queen. Her marriage to one of the princes, second in line for the throne, was secured by her sixteenth birthday, and she was married soon after, becoming Princess Consort. Her life with her husband was uneventful; she attended parties, ran his household, and otherwise did her duty. The one thing that she could not give, however, was a child. Unbeknownst to them both, it was he who was infertile, but they did not conceive, and this drove a rift between them. Eventually, she found out that he had allegedly sired several bastard children (who, of course, were not really his, seeing as he was infertile, but no one knew that).
Despite her comfortable life and that she was well-loved by most of the court, Meriel fell into a deep depression. She could not give her husband the one thing that she must give in order to be the perfect wife, and this had caused him to be unfaithful, to turn from her. Despite her stellar reputation at court, the rumors began, and she had no way to counter them. Even if they were not intended to be cruel, it hurt her to know that she would never be what she should have been, and she began to withdraw more and more, losing herself in her books and spending less time at court.
And then, a stroke of fate, or destiny, or luck - she woke up in a new land, a new world, with no one from her old life to follow her. Suddenly, the future looked bright again.

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