The Hollowed Grounds
  1. The Hollowed Grounds are where characters were trapped for 300+ years in a barrier. This barrier fell in 309 PC Flowerbirth!
  2. The Hollowed Grounds is a 'large' size area
  3. Currently all Outlanders portal-in somewhere near the Spire in the Hollowed Grounds
  4. The Hollowed Grounds can have an established leader
      The current leaders are Ronin Taliesin and Wessex Theskyra
  5. Anyone can live in the Hollowed Grounds
  6. Movement is not restricted
  7. Flora and Fauna can be found here

The Greatwood
  1. The Greatwood is a land primarily inhabited by the Fae who are generally curious about outsiders, but do not want them in their village.
  2. Only the Fae live here (exceptions can be made, speak with an admin)
  3. The Greatwood is a 'small' size area
  4. The Greatwood can not have an established PC leader
  5. Movement is restricted: you cannot get to the Sidhe village unless you know the way. If not, the forest will repeatedly spit you out (the trees will move and you will find yourself outside of the forest).
  6. Flora and Fauna can be found here