Caido: A History

    In the beginning, there was... Well. More than light, of course.

    There were many things, as is the nature of creation. The beginning of this world was not the origin of all life itself - rather, this is where life began for this one small speck of space-dust whirling around a sun.

    Little is known about those early days (curiously, no one was particularly interested in writing it down, having more pressing matters to tend to).

    This is what we do know.

    Caido created this planet and all who draw breath upon it. Whether Caido did so on purpose is unknown, but it is indisputable that Caido is the only reason this world exists at all. Whether the land gained its creator's namesake out of hubris or respect is hard to say, but it has been called such for millennia.

    After Caido came Mort, Vi, and Rae. Death, life, nature.

    With Caido’s blessing, the trio created a race they would come to name the Accepted - blessed by the gods, the title was fitting. Rae, though, could not resist sneaking that bit extra - it was Rae specifically who coaxed the Attuned into being. That ought to have been enough, but - and perhaps it was due to some residual magic hurtling around the planet - the race that we now think of as the Abandoned came to be; born Accepted, their powers would spontaneously appear (in those days, this earned them the moniker of Acquired).

    Other races sprang up in time, of course, for gods are always wont to play. But it was common knowledge that the human-esque races of Accepted, Attuned and Acquired were most beloved by the trio.

    And so it was.

    Empires rose, kingdoms dotted the land, the wheel turned and turned again. Caido, though, was not pleased with its creation. Disputes between provinces often became wars, ravaging the land and soaking it in blood. Plague followed, as did poverty, corruption and violence. Then peace, for a time, before another petty rivalry cost the souls of thousands. Seeing this, Caido grew solemn and sad and, as centuries passed and nothing changed, it eventually withdrew its physical presence from the world. Having held dominion over things during this time, Mort, Vi and Rae felt more than capable of keeping the world going. (Perhaps they even made a few changes of their own, out from beneath Caido’s watchful gaze). However, not all was well.

    Without ample supervision, the Acquired grew more and more powerful, but also more and more clever. They began to unlock secrets previously only known to the gods: how to improve their physical forms; how to break and test the laws of physics; how to live forever. Naive of the brewing dissent, Mort, Vi and Rae never once considered that their creations would turn against them - until they did.

    The Acquired rose up in challenge, battling the trio for control of the world. And with decades of magical and technological advancement at their backs, they very nearly claimed victory. Indeed, some Acquired even began to claim to have "Ascended", to call themselves New Gods.

    History grows foggy at this point. It is known that the war between the New Gods and the Old Gods spanned far across Caido - no corner of the world was left untouched by its travesties. Alliances were made and broken. Racial tensions grew.

    And finally, unable to break the New Gods but unwilling to tolerate their presence any longer, Vi, Mort and Rae worked together to trap them within a barrier, imprisoning countless innocents in the process. This became the 'bubble' around the Hollowed Grounds formed, allowing no one in and no one out.

    Until now.

    From here our wonderful members have helped to forge our story, navigating the world within the Hollowed Grounds and fighting for their freedom!

    They have smashed through the barrer (literally) and begun to explore the world beyond! Please visit the plot summaries below for more information:

    i. The Spire

    ii. The Greatwood