General Rules

      • CotF is a creative writing site that is meant to facilitate a collaborative environment. As such we have a very strict no OOC drama policy. Dramatic behaviour is any which distracts or detracts from another member’s ability to enjoy CotF, such as badgering, whining, hate-speech, exclusivity, inability to separate IC events from OOC feelings, or any other actions or behaviours that infringe on a member's ability to have an enjoyable roleplaying experience. This extends to our discord servers as well. The admin team reserves the right to add to, adjust and change the rules at any time if a fairness issue has been seen.
          NOTE: Given that the fantasy world of CotF is meant to allow you to investigate different tropes/personas/behaviours/etc, please be aware of how your writing might effect others OOC. This is not meant to discourage your written-investigations into what some of these experiences might be like (mental health issues, gender/sexual investigations, trauma, death, etc), but especially in places like the cbox and discord, remember that these might be some of your fellow RPers lived experiences, and conduct yourself accordingly.
      • Power Playing (controlling other people’s characters), God moding (knowing information that your character does not have access to) and Meta playing (using OOC information in IC situations) are not allowed unless the character’s player specifically gave permission beforehand. Make a note in your post if such is the case.
      • Liquid time is used, however there are a few instances where we limit your capacity to alter your timelines.
        • You may not create threads that occur before Site-Wide-Events once the event has been posted.
        • You may not create threads post/prior to the season you are currently in.
        • You may not create threads that occur post a Key Quest (given the chance of death or injury).
      • Due to the nature of the content on CotF you must be 18+ to join.

      Repeated failure to adhere to these rules will result in a warning from the admin team. After three warnings, your posting privileges will be suspended.

Account Creation

    On CotF you will have one main OOC ("out of character") account and individual IC ("in character") accounts. Your OOC account will be linked to all of your IC accounts making it easy to switch back and forth. Please make your OOC account first, as it is the one you will post your character application with.

Character Creation

  • You may join as any race of character, at any age (subject to racial requirements), and with any face claim (please click here to view used FCs).
      Note, characters do not level until they reach 16 and have weak abilities at best if they are an attuned/abandoned.
  • Your character is either an Outlander or a Natural. Outlanders are those who have 'portalled in' (either against their will or not); as Caido is on its own planet, the only way to arrive here is via portals. If you were born on the continent, your character is a Natural.
  • Your username should be your character's first name. Enter your last name into the seperate profile field; this makes tagging much easier.
  • All characters begin with 35 stat points to be distributed however you like.
  • Once you set your character's age, the system will automatically age them for you. CotF uses a 8 months of real time = 1 year of site time.
  • Every character should have its own account; you may not write two characters from the same account (unless one is an infant, or in the case of one-off NPC interactions). However we do have an NPC account you can utilize. The details can be found here.
  • We only track magical items on CotF; your character may join with whatever non-magical weaponary, clothing, and items you choose.


  • Our minimum word count is 100 words.
  • Please be respectful of posting order and confirm with your thread partners before skipping them.
  • Please mark threads as MATURE or TRIGGER WARNING when appropriate in the "Attention" line of your thread. Threads that deal with mature content and are not appropriately labeled will result in warnings issued to members involved in the thread.
  • We do not have a minimum number of posts that are required per week/month/etc. However if you are going to be away for a short period of time, please let us know in our absence board.
  • The site allows the use of posting tables. When creating your tables, please use common sense when picking colours and graphics (lime green on bright yellow is hard to read, flashing animations are obnoxious, etc). In order to upload your posting tables, log in as your character and go to user CP. Under miscellaneous at the bottom you will see a link for "posting tables". Click there to label and upload your table.

  • A character may only pray at a shrine twice a season if the thread is not being used to satisfy levelling requirements.