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RE: [SE] flying black star - Deimos - 12-28-2023

He couldn’t help the range of laughter again as she admitted to council work; perhaps because he’d been mired in it for years now, and it seemed nearly an unescapable void for their family. [say]“Kiada in a government position,”[/say] he snickered and smirked, a very boyish overture sprung from his rumbles. He might’ve inclined an elbow into her ribs for good measure. [say]“Suffering with the rest of us,”[/say] and he winked, because despite the teasing notions, she’d probably do quite well, churning her ambition into necessary fronts rather than chasing down wrong gods. [say]“Bring it up to him and see? I think you would find yourself very successful,” [/say]and he pressed his lips to the crown of her head, supportive and assured.

And if they should’ve gone on the rest of the day in remarks about the future, at least it was something positive out of the dreary squalls.

{FIN <3}