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Wishing Wagon Mini-Event!
Ianto Dea Arduinna

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The will-o-wisps gathered in droves about the Wishing Wagon, casting it in a merry (ghoulish?) light that was only complemented by the moon and the stars hanging above. The evening was just drawing in when it had appeared as if by magic, torches scattered here and there to mark its place on the Outskirts before the scorch line of the barrier.

Ethereal music echoed from within, promising further wonders and excitement, and for those who gathered, they would not be disappointed. Flinging open the shutters to reveal a polished wooden countertop and rows and rows of delights for the taking, Ianto Dea Arduinna flashed a golden grin out to the waiting customers.

"Welcome all, to the Wishing Wagon!" He greeted them all as if this were a show - and as a merchant, it very well might be. "Tonight I bring you glorious items from across the Greatwood and even beyond!" Probably, he didn't know. "Interested? Of course you are. All you need to do is make me an offer I can't refuse on the item of your choice." He tipped them a wink and propped an elbow on the counter, waiting expectantly.

Welcome to the Wishing Wagon mini event! The items currently available for sale are as follows:

Cool Whip
Shrunken Skull
Lucky Rabbit's Foot
Safety Pin
2 pieces of parchment
Bone Dice

If your character is interested in any of the items, please make Ianto an offer of something in exchange. ;D It does not necessarily have to be an item or coin, etc. (though you can use those if you like). Ianto may consider anything - a song, a story, a promise, a secret, a lock of hair, a love letter... anything you can think of that he may find useful or interesting.

You may make an offer on only ONE item.

If multiple people bid on the same item, Ianto will definitely succumb to bribes and/or favouritism.

If Ianto isn't interested, you may not haggle. However, that isn't to say he won't try to haggle with you...

Enjoy! You have 72 hours to make your offers.

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